Curriculum Document

Teacher Performance Development

At Christ’s College, the process for performance development is aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning, and as a consequence, improving student outcomes. Performance Development is the process of identifying, evaluating and developing teaching through coaching, so our goals and objectives aremore effectively achieved,while at the same time benefiting staff in terms of recognition, receiving feedback, catering for professional needs and offering support.Teaching staff will aspire to excel in the six teaching criteria as set by the Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research (CTER).This process is led by the Heads of Teaching & Learning and will be conducted on an annual basis. Developing teaching through coaching Coaching at Christ’s College is a method in which to develop the principles of awareness and responsibility, through goal setting, experiential learning and one on one reflective dialogue. Process Three formal coaching sessions minimum per person.Teachers can request additional coaching as per needs for support Session 1: Goal setting Teachers come with reflections from 2018 and class specific planning for 2019. Teachers can come with pre-planned goal or work through together in the session Where am I at? Class challenges?

Session 2: Halfway point

Where am I at with my goal? What have I tried? How did it go?

What did I learn? How successful? What next?

Session 3: End of year reflection How did I go with my goal? What did I learn from the process?


• Two observations by Head of Teaching & Learning (HTL) per staff per year • One observation by HoD per staff per year • Feedback against the six standards • Written feedback will be given to staff and kept by HTL • In person debrief • Pre-arranged times for observation • Drop-ins will continue on a casual basis. • Staff are encouraged to invite HTLs to pop into classes to see anything relevant to their goal.

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