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What Do Roundup and Baby Powder Have in Common?


Recently, I was speaking to a woman who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She’s going through a hard time, and while we were talking, I asked a question that must have

“We often hear about class-action lawsuits on television commercials, but few people think they apply to them. ”

seemed out of the blue to her.

“Have you ever used talcum powder or baby powder?”

“Yes,” she said, understandably confused. “I’ve been using talcum powder for decades.”

that the company knew their herbicide causes non-Hodgkin lymphoma and hid the risks. Three of these cases have gone to trial in California, and the courts have ruled in favor of the plaintiffs each time. One case involved a couple who were both diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after years of using Roundup on their property. The jury awarded them $2 billion. The plaintiffs in these cases have largely been groundskeepers or gardeners who used Roundup on the job every day for decades. Here in Naples, we have a lot of people who are greenskeepers on golf courses, workers at lawn companies, or farmers who have used herbicides for years. If you have a jug of Roundup in your garage that you’ve only used sparingly, you’re probably okay, though I recommend changing to a safer weed killer. But if you have worked with Roundup for a long time and were diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, you may have a case. Most people know me for my work with auto accidents, but I handle other kinds of personal injury cases. I’m proud to be handling this case for my client against Johnson & Johnson, as well as other lawsuits of this nature. To give my clients the best possible result in their cases, I have teamed up with an attorney who spent his entire career doing class-action lawsuits. He’s one of the best in the nation, and I look forward to co- counseling with him to make sure we get as much as possible for our clients.

That was when I recommended she bring a case against Johnson & Johnson, the company being investigated over concerns of asbestos in its talc-based products. There was proof the company was aware this dangerous ingredient has been

linked to higher risks of cancer. In recent months, many people with ovarian cancer

or mesothelioma have come forward after using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder for years. Last July, a jury ruled against the company and awarded 22 ovarian cancer patients and their relatives $4.7 billion. Now the company is facing a class-action lawsuit. Since taking on this client’s case against Johnson & Johnson, I have been thinking a lot about the big class- action lawsuits happening right now. There are major lawsuits against IVC filters, hernia meshes, 3M earplugs, and Ensure, just to name a few. These kinds of class- action lawsuits can affect almost anyone, but a current major lawsuit I believe is very applicable to our area in Naples is the lawsuit against the weed killer Roundup.

We often hear about class-action lawsuits on television commercials, but few people think they apply to them. Right now, with all the major lawsuits in motion, I encourage you to take a closer look. If you’ve been harmed due to the negligence of these major companies, you could have a case on your hands. -Marc Shapiro

Over 13,000 plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against Monsanto, the company that makes Roundup, alleging

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