Premier Physical Therapy - July/August 2017

July/August 2017

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My Daughter Heads to High School

This time last year I wrote about going to my 30-year high school reunion with my family. But as summer 2017 draws to a close, it’s my daughter’s high school years that are on my mind. That’s because in August she’ll be a freshman at Fletcher High, which is also where my wife teaches (Go Senators! Go Purple Pride!). It’s one of those moments where you realize what’s happening, step back, and go, “Whoa!” It seems like a short while ago she was just a kid. But when I really think about it — and about the young lady she’s becoming — I realize that those days are definitely in the rearview mirror. Danielle is a rock star, and I couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments these last few years. She just got back from her third year of church camp, and now she’s talking about wanting to be

have them both in my life, and I look forward to seeing what this year brings. I know there will be challenges ahead, but there will also be good times with family. I’m glad we had this summer to enjoy with the family. With my wife teaching and my kids in school most of the year, it’s been nice to see them get a well-deserved break to regroup and recharge. We went up to North Carolina for a while and did some camping. We saw waterfalls, visited Asheville, and had a good time. That said, the Kopp household is ready for the next big thing!

a counselor there in the future. She’s very involved in National Honor Society. Her involvement in our church is growing, and she’s excited about doing more there as well. High school will bring a lot of great opportunities, and she’s entering it with a solid group of friends that she grew up with, particularly the girls on her soccer team. I grew up in the same town my entire childhood, and I’m happy to say that my daughter and my son have done the same. This consistency has really allowed them to know where they’re headed and to hold on to some tight relationships with other “kids” they’ve known their entire lives. The same is true of my son as well, who’s in his last year before middle school this fall. He is on the safety patrol, involved with honor society, and excelling like my daughter. I feel blessed to

See you at a Senators football game this year,

Chris Kopp PT

“ I grew up in the same house my entire childhood, and I’m happy to say that my daughter and my son have done the same.

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