En bref / briefs No bouquet of orchids for woman Although some say growing plants can be therapeu- tic for one’s health, throwing one might land you in trouble as a local woman learned.The 63-year-old was arrested on July 5 after it was reported that she engaged in a verbal argument with a neighbour, which escalated to her throwing some vegetation at her neighbour. The plant hit her on the back of the neck. The woman was charged with Assault with a Weapon. She was released to appear in court on August 6.The neighbour did not sustain any injuries as a result of the assault. The woman’s name is not being released in order to protect the identity of the victim. – Francis Racine Augmentation des tarifs de péage Bien que le nouveau pont soit moins massif que son grand frère, qui disparait graduellement, les tarifs de péage eux seront plus élevés. En effet, la Corporation du Pont international de la voie maritime, Ltée (CPIVN), a annoncé que les tarifs pour traverser la structure augmenteront dès le 1 er août prochain. Les automobilistes, qui autrefois devaient débourser 3,25 $, devront dorénavant payer 3,50 $. Les frais pour les autres véhicules n’ont pas encore été dévoilés. – Francis Racine Plus de transparence, dit Towndale Le conseiller municipal Justin Towndale sou- haite plus de transparence au sein de la scène politique locale. C’est pourquoi le jeune politicien a proposé l’inauguration d’un record de fréquen- tation, publié sur le site de la Ville, couvrant les réunions du conseil, les réunions budgétaires et les réunions spéciales de la Ville et des comités du conseil. Si l’idée de M. Towndale est acceptée par ses collègues, elle sera intégrée d’ici le 10 août prochain. – Francis Racine


July 28 provincial court session in Cornwall. The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS) investigated a June 29 complaint in St. Regis, QC, concerning two suspicious per- sons dropped off by boat. Officers located the two people and took them into custody. Po- lice alleged that the couple, WilliamEugene Keenan, 55, and Margaret Ann Keenan, 52, both of the United Kingdom, had crossed the St. Lawrence River with the goal of getting themselves smuggled into the United States. The AMPS turned over the couple to the CRTF and the Canadian Border Services for further investigation.The couple is charged for nowwith conspiracy to commit an indic- table offence, and William Keenan is also charged with obstruction for giving police a false name when he was arrested. The day after Canada Day, CRTF officers patrolling the St. Lawrence River spotted a large vessel headed east in an area known as a route for smuggling contraband.The vessel was intercepted.There was no hull number on the boat and the police report noted that it had an oversized Evinrude 300hp outboard engine driving it. Both the boat and motor were seized under Customs Act regulations. Investigation continues to determine if any charges are pending.

Half-ton illegal tabacco seized

Twomonths of surveillance and stakeouts on the St. Lawrence Seaway have paid off for police.They seizedmore than half a ton of illegal tobacco along with blackmarket cigarettes and have also arrested three people involved in a smuggling operation. The case began May 4 when Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) officers were patrolling the seaway near the Québec border. They spotted a boat believed to be carrying illegal tobacco, heading east in the channel and later pulling in to shore. Police followed in too and, after a search, seized 66 garbage bags containing 869 kilograms of fine-cut tobacco worth more than $78,000. The two people seen on board the suspected smuggler’s boat had already left the area. On May 29, just after midnight, CRTF officers were doing surveillance on the St. Lawrence River when they spotted a «duck» type of boat with three people on board heading east at high speed and with no navi- gation lights showing. The boat headed off the river into Lac St-Francis on the Québec side and then was seen making a U-turn in the water and heading west. Police turned on their emergency lights and prepared to pull up alongside the boat. As they were approaching, the three people in the boat began throwing bags into the water while still heading west at high speed. Police went back to the drop site in the Penville Bay area and retrieved 20 garbage bags filled with about 260 kilograms of flavoured fine-cut tobacco, worth about $23,400. Inmid-June, police received a phone call about two garbage bags full of tobacco which had washed up on shore near a boathouse on Montreal Road in Cornwall. After col- lecting the bags at the scene, police found inside each bag 50 Ziploc bags full of light cigarettes, worth a total value of $2,200. So far police have no suspects in any of these three tobacco smuggling incidents on file. CRTF officials working in the Bainsville area on June 15 saw a red van back up to the shoreline on a piece of private property on County Road 2. They watched a person move items on the shore over to the van and place them inside. When the van left the site, police followed and stopped it. A search of the vehicle turned up garbage bags contai-

ning 591 kilograms of contraband tobacco worth more than $53,000. William Carrubba, 28, of Repentigny, QC, is now charged under the Excise Act for contraband tobacco and also under the Criminal Code for breach of probation.The 2007 Chevy Uplander van he was driving was seized, and Carrubba is scheduled for the

Un gros cadeau de la part des Colts

Professional Live Theatre in Morrisburg, Ontario


Les Colts de Cornwall ont offert à chacun et à chacune des petits frères et petites sœurs de l’organisation Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), un billet de saison pour la saison régulière 2015-16. « Nous voulons remercier les membres de cette organisation pour leur bon travail tout en nous assurant que les petits frères et petites sœurs auront la chance de profiter de divers événements, a déclaré le propriétaire des Colts Ian MacInnis. En photo, à l’avant, Ian MacInnis, propriétaire des Colts et David Murphy, aumilieu, Tiana, Savanna, Trinity et Desirée et, à l’arrière, Amanda Brisson, directrice exécutive de BBBS et Danielle Brisson, travailleuse sociale.

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