Pittman_ Is it back pain or sciatica?

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I don’t know about a lot of you, but this summer has had me in the car way too much. I have been driving all over the south for sports, conventions, conferences and vacations. I have driven for up to 8 straight hours in the car. I am like many of you with regards to the effects of those long car rides. (I am almost 45). My back hurts. My left butt cheek aches and the pain goes down to my knee. Heck evenmy right toes go numb on occasion. Unlike many of you, though, I know what these symptoms mean and what I need to do about it. The internet is filled with all kinds of misinformation and doctorisms that tell you what to do about that ache and pain. Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all. We are all unique. I have seen a lot of people get worse from doing internet/web MD medicine without an assessment of their individual condition. Last year, my daughter Sophie, who many of you know that she is a dancer, had an injury to her right hip that put her on the injured reserve. We did all of the traditional treatments with no luck. Fortunately, her daddy doesn’t like to lose. We tried a few, what I would call, crazy techniques that got her back on the floor. This taught me an invaluable lesson. Just because it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it might be rabbit season. Happy Fall! Pittman Update


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