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Residents concerned with road conditions, prompting a petition


The residents of Rockland named road conditions as their main concern during a town hall meeting held by Clarence- Rockland ward 1 councillor Jean-Marc Lalonde on Thursday, August 24, at the arena bearing his name. More specifically, residents are mainly concerned with the conditions of St. Jacques Street and Cam- peau Crescent, which they feel are both crucially in need of repairs but have been neglected by the city. A petition with over 200 signatures is now circulating. Lalonde called this town hall meeting, only the second one he has called since the elections in 2014, to provide a status update on projects that have been completed thus far in 2017, and to collect residents’ priorities for the budget of 2018. Mayor Guy Desjardins was also present alongside the councillor. As main items for the 2018 budget were being discussed, residents were calling for a more proactive approach from the city rather than a reactive one when it comes to road repairs. The repaving of St. Jacques Street was initially estimated at a cost of $1.7 million. After the necessary study was done, the cost estimate almost quadrupled, as the entire road would need to eventually be recons- tructed instead of simply being repaved. However, both themayor and the council- lor acknowledged the ‘terrible’ state of both St. Jacques Street and Campeau Crescent and vowed to fight for their repairs. “When you are the councillor of a ward, you have to work for the development of the whole of the municipality and this is what I have been doing,” said Lalonde. “But sometimes, we need the support of all of

Les résidents de Rockland ont nommés les conditions des routes comme leur principale préoccupation lors d’une réunion tenue par le conseillermunicipal de Clarence-Rockland, Jean-Marc Lalonde, le jeudi 24 août à l’aréna portant son nom. Plus précisément, les résidents sont concernés principalement avec les conditions des rues Saint-Jacques et Campeau, qui, selon eux, nécessitent des réparations essentielles, mais ont été négligées par la ville. Une pétition avec plus de 200 signatures circulent présentement. —photo d’archives

Découverte de la dépouille de Gary Foster

you when we are fighting at council to get something going.” Lalonde’s suggestion was for concerned residents to get a petition going and bring it to council, increasing the ward’s chances at receiving additional money for these repairs. Although the estimated $6.4 million re- construction job for St. Jacques is not in the books right now, there is an approximate $600,000 allocated for its paving. “We haven’t forgotten you, we are going

to try to find a solution to pave a section of St. Jacques this year, not just patch it up,” said Mayor Desjardins. “If you come and see my road, it needs a lot of patch work,” he said. “But I will not fix my road, before I fix other people’s roads. We are working on St. Jacques and we are coming, be patient.” The mayor assured that if this project cannot be finished by the end of the year, it will be done by next year and also reiterated the impact a petition can have upon council.

La police amis fin à sa recherche de Gary Foster, un homme de 78 ans du canton d’Alfred-Plantagenet, dont la disparition a été signalée le 15 août. Les chercheurs ont trouvé le corps de Foster près du village de Curran le 29 août. L’unité canine de la Police provinciale de l’Ontario a trouvé le corps de M. Foster au milieu de l’après-midi le mardi 29 août. Il était situé Mardi. lors d’une recherche d’une zone boisée dense près du village. Des représentants du Bureau du coro- ner en chef se sont rendus sur les lieux. Un post-mortemétait prévue pour déterminer la cause du décès.

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The search for Gary Foster has ended after a police K9 team found his body in a wooded area near the Village of Curran. A post-mortem examination is scheduled to determine cause of death. —photo archives


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