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Valentine’s Day Polar Plunge


back to the Island Park Community Centre to take a warm shower and get into some dry clothes.The event starts at 2 p.m. sharp, and it’s pretty much all over by 2:20 p.m. When all is said and done, the whole gang, along with a bunch of on-lookers, gather at the Atlantic Pub to laugh and talk and warm up a little more. “The first year it was really cold,” said Jeff Dorn, one of the jumpers. “We do it to support our community and to show a little cooperation within our community. This is when all of the sports teams get together for the good of the community. It’s for the sports complex and that’s for everyone.” Hayley Cholette jumped for the first time on Sunday, with the encouragement of her friend, Amanda Hope, who was also jumping for the first time. “It’s for a good cause,” said Cholette. “We’re crazy together. We wanted a

The weather didn’t stop 26 people from jumping into the water at Island Park, in Alexandria, Sunday. All for a good cause, jumpers suited up and jumped into the ice-cold water on Valentine’s Day, to raise money for the Glengarry Sports Palace, including North Glengarry Mayor Chris McDonell. Rodney Shepherd, organizer for the event, said it always seems to fall on the coldest day of the year. “We have 26 people this year. Our biggest so far,” said Shepherd. “It’s all in good fun.” Lifeguards are on hand just in case, however, to date, there have been no incidents. Jumpers have someone waiting with a warm towel, and then they book it

SD& G Warden Jamie MacDonald and plunge organizer Rodney Shepherd take the plunge February 14.

challenge and it’s for the fun of it,” saidHope. SD&G Warden Jamie MacDonald has been a regular jumper from the beginning. “It’s to help support the town and for fun. I am not as nervous as I was the first time, but it is pretty chilly out there!” laughed MacDonald.

SD&G Councillor Trevor Bougie and his girlfriend Laura Wheeler were on their third jump. “It’s a big shock to the system when you first jump in,” laughed Bougie. “Everything gets really tight. It was colder last year, so it should be OK.”

Jeff Dorn and Brian Dunham tried to do a cannonball into the water, but it was a little slippery and a lot cold Sunday afternoon.

The before shot for Hayden Cholette and Amanda Hope . The two friends encouraged each other to take the plunge Sunday.

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Counties write off ticket debts

pute it in court, and what deadline applies before it becomes a provincial offence debt in arrears and is then turned over to a collec- tions agency to handle. Local governments like the UCPR do regular reviews of their Provincial Offences accounts receivable file to determine which debts get marked as write-offs and so removed from active collection effort. Counties council approved a finance department recommendation to write off 11 Provincial Offences accounts, totalling $25,149, after trying two different collec- tion agencies, without success, to recover the money. The finance department report stated that the write-off is an accounting housekeeping matter and does not mean those convicted of a ticket offence no longer have to pay their fines. Crown debts remain active debts on record until paid.


There are a few provincial ticket debt ac- counts that the United Counties of Prescott- Russell (UCPR) will stop chasing after, but that does not mean the people or compa- nies owing themoney can continue ignor- ing their debts. Counties finance department officials presented a report for writing off some of the accounts receivable outstanding in the Provincial Offences file. People receiving tickets for traffic offences, like speeding and other provincial offences, are supposed to pay them at a designated site within the municipality where the offence occurred. There are guidelines to follow for how long a person has to pay a ticket fine or dis-

Le Centre de la petite enfance (CPE) La puce à l’oreille de Grenville faisait également partie des CPE qui ont fait du piquetage le matin du lundi 15 février dernier. « Nous voulons sauvegarder la qualité des services et les prix abordables. Nous voulons aussi conserver les emplois », a expliqué la directrice générale du CPE La puce à l’oreille, Sylvie Roy. – photo Alexandra Montminy

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prix * Buy 1 and get the second one of equal or lesser value at 1/2 price * Achetez 1 et obtenez la deuxième de valeur égale ou moindre à 1/2 prix





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