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BounceBack Program This program is part of Centra’s initiative to improve the way low back pain is treated. Early intervention is key. With direct access, you can come in with or without a physician referral. When back pain happens, think Physical Therapy first. Manual Therapy for Back Pain Manual therapy is a specialized treatment for low back pain that requires a therapist have a detailed understanding of the human anatomy. Evidence shows that hands-on therapy techniques are typically the best intervention for people with low back pain. Your detailed evaluation and follow up treatments will be performed by a licensed therapist. In manual therapy, practitioners use their hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints in an attempt to decrease back pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and joint dysfunction. Following the evaluation of your symptoms and movement screen: L ife i s G ood W ithout NECK PAIN Neck pain can b a constant ache or sharp pain with movement, stopping you from enjoying life’s activities. Neck pain is very common affecting approximately 2/3 rds of the population at one point or another. People with neck pain suffer mainly from one of the following con itio s:

neck. However, it may spread from the neck into the upper back or to the outside of the shoulder in some cases. Radiculopathy Pressure or irritation on or around the nerves of the neck can affect the nerves’ electrical signals. The pressure or irritation can be felt as numbness on the skin, weakness in the muscles or pain along the path of the nerve. Weakness in the spine muscles can cause abnormal pressure on the nerves and increased chance of radiculopathy. If you are suffering from neck pain, our SPINE Program is ideal to quickly relieve your pain and prevent it from returning. From long-term neck pain, to recovering from a complicated surgery, we can relieve your pain quickly, returning your natural mobility and strength. Our treatments are designed to help ease pain and to improve flexibility, strength, posture and function. We even teach you how to protect your neck in the years ahead. Look inside to learn more about our SPINE Program and say good-bye to that aching neck!

1. The therapist will target a specific region of the spine or pelvis with a series of graded, physical movements. 2. This is then followed by exercises focused to strengthen the Degenerative Disc Disease The discs are the fluid filled sacs between the bones of your neck. The normal aging process shrinks the discs and dries them out. Repeated stress and strain also weakens the tissues that make up a disc. When this happens, the disc loses its ability to absorb shock. In turn, this causes rubbing and changes in the shape of the joints in your neck, which can be painful. Muscle Strain W en there is an i jury to the neck or you overuse the shoulder and neck muscles, a strain can occur. When this happens, the neck uscles may go into spasm to help support and protect the sore area. Mechanical Neck Pain Mechanical pain usually starts from changes in the neck joints. As discs start to collapse, the space between the neck bones narrows, and the joints may become inflamed. The pain is usually chronic and is typically felt in the middle part of the back and upper body, improving overall stability. 3. You will receive a detailed home exercise program in addition to your clinic visit. In many cases, these techniques allow return to full physical function in just a few visits. Depending on circumstances, you may feel symptom relief within hours of treatment. For a location nearest you or to make an appointment, please call 434.200.2102. MyKaywaQR-Code Scan for website.

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