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Attention Pain Sufferers!

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Do You Know Someone Who Is Suffering From Vertigo?

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• Decrease their dizziness • Increase their strength • Increase their activity level We can help:


• Increase their confidence • Improve their health • Get back to living





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    I no longer feel dizziness while walking.    “After an acute episode of an earache, I experienced dizziness for 3 years. It was difficult for me to walk down the street without feeling afraid of tripping and falling. It was quite debilitating. But now I can walk the streets with confidence & no longer feel dizziness while walking. Dr. James is very knowledgeable with vestibular problems – he inspires so much confidence.The entire staff is very professional and very friendly, and I especially love Casey! I have already recommended CPR to others!” – Adrienne C.       KWWSVXGRNXFRP Qr/HYHO+DUG         

Expiration Date: 3/30/20

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SIDELYING TRUNK ROTATION While lying on your side with your arms out-stretched in front of your body, slowly twist your upper body to the side and rotate your spine. Your arms and headshouldalsobe rotatingalongwith thespineasshown.Followyourhand with your eyes. Hold for 20 seconds repeat 3 times on each side.








The rules of the game are simple: each of the nine blocks has to contain all the numbers 1-9 within its squares. Each number can only appear once in a row, column or box. n° 328411 n° 34003



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