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AMESSAGE FROMCEO FRANK VANDERSLOOT The “Recipe” for Success with Melaleuca

Converting your home may mean you have to give a product presentation to other family members in order to include them in the decision. Teenage daughters who have their own favourite brands are often the most difficult to convince. You might hear, “Who made Dad an expert in cosmetics, or Mum either, for that matter?” One successful strategy that some parents use with teenagers is that if they insist on using competitor’s products, they must pay for them themselves. Even with that policy, you will have to be able to explain to them the advantages of using Melaleuca products as compared to what they are currently using. Your best and most convincing product presentation may need to be to your own family. Without question, converting your household is essential. Your “Why” As you envision your future, what do you see? Ask yourself how a long-term Melaleuca business will impact your life. What would life be like with and without that business? Establish your “why”! What is it that will continue to drive you forward even when things get tough? It might be the concept of being totally without debt and having all your credit cards, the car, and even the mortgage paid off. It might be your determination to help your kids get a university education, or that you have had the wisdom to find out what you will eventually receive from Social Security and that you cannot imagine trying to scrape by on that amount. Or it could be because you have always wanted the financial freedom to go places and do things. Whatever your “why” is, remembering it is essential to your success. We have all heard the statement, “When you are up to your ‘neck’ in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your primary objective was to drain the swamp.” There are times in our lives when the trials of life itself get in the way of our goals. It’s important to not only have our life goals written down, but to also write down the reasons why it is important to us to reach our goals. If we don’t write them down, when the alligators show up it is all too easy to rationalise that the original goal was not all that important to us after all. Those who do not have their “why” written down often spend their entire life fighting alligators.

So you have decided to build a successful Melaleuca business! Congratulations! Deciding is the first step! The next several steps are just as simple, but, quite frankly, take a lot more work. I have seen literally thousands of people achieve their goal of building a great Melaleuca business. They all have a few things in common that I think would be helpful for you to know in order to help assure your success. I will try to tell you about a few things that I have learned over the last 30 years. The Decision First, let’s take a look at your decision to build a business. How firm is your decision? What is it based on? How much resolve is there behind your decision? How much time and energy are you willing to invest? What kind of success are you thinking about? Have you decided to dabble or to really get to work? Assuming your decision is that you are really going to get to work (that’s the only decision that will produce any significant results), let’s move to the next step. The Product The key to Melaleuca’s long-term track record of success over the years has been our superior products. Those who purchase our products month after month desire healthier, more vibrant lives and want not only to live longer, but also want to enjoy life and good health, even in their old age. They become lifelong customers and they refer other customers. They are the lifeblood of our company! Those who are serious about building a Melaleuca business should convert their homes to Melaleuca products. A fun way of doing that is to go through the house and box up all your non-Melaleuca products and then take the box over to a neighbour’s house and announce that you are getting all the harmful chemicals out of your house and that the neighbours can have them if they would like them. Many great stories have come from that process. It quickly opens a dialog with the neighbours about the value of Melaleuca products. Regardless of whether you give your old products to your neighbour, converting your own home to Melaleuca products is an essential step to building a healthy Melaleuca business.



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