B-Safe BPN4001 Lifeline System Manual


Product Code: BPN 4001

This manual is intended to meet the Manufacturer’s Instructions as recommended and outlined in this instruction manual.

This product is part of a fall arrest system. These instructions must be provided to the user of this equipment. The user must read and understand these instructions or have them explained to them before using this equipment. The user must read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each component or part of the complete system. Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed for proper use and maintenance of this product. Alterations or misuse of this product or failure to follow instructions may result in serious injury or death.


If you have questions on the use, care, or suitability of this equipment for your application, contact Bunzl Safety. Before using this equipment, record the product identification information from the ID label into the inspection and maintenance log in section 9 of this manual.


Typical B-Safe Horizontal Lifeline System Configuration


DESCRIPTION The B-Safe Horizontal Lifeline System is a temporary horizontal lifeline system that retracts into a housing for easy storage and portability. 1.0 APPLICATIONS 1.1 PURPOSE: The B-Safe Horizontal Lifeline System is designed for use as an anchoring means for one or two personal fall arrest systems (PFAS). Use the Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) where horizontal mobility and fall protection are required.

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