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WHERE SHOULD I GET A DOG? 3 Reasons to Adopt From Your Local Shelter

SHOWING UP FOR THE HUMANE SOCIETY John and Remi Head to Strut Your Mutt

Strut Your Mutt is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the Humane Society of Richland County, and it took place for the 17th year in a row at the Richland County Fairgrounds this August. People and their furry friends from all breeds and all walks of life came together that day at the fairgrounds —where they took part in a costume contest, dog trick contest, and several raffles — all in an effort to raise awareness about what the Humane Society does to find homes for the pets in their care. As a member of the Humane Society’s Board of Directors, our attorney John went to support the cause and have some fun with his best furry friend and our resident canine, Remi. The efforts of the Humane Society mean a lot to John. “It’s important work. There isn’t another organization

So, you’ve decided to get a dog. Maybe you think your kids could use a new playmate, or maybe you and your spouse want someone to join you on morning walks. Whatever the reason, the next question is where to get them. Instead of paying exorbitant amounts of money to a breeder for a purebred puppy, why not check the local shelter or humane society? October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and, if you’re looking to get a dog, here are a few reasons to check the shelters first. It’s Cheaper to Adopt Adoption prices include the upfront expenses, such as spaying, neutering, and vaccinations, that you wouldn’t get from a breeder or pet store. Some shelters even include the cost of microchipping in their fee. If you adopt from a shelter, you’re ensured a healthy, happy dog. With some shelter dogs, you may also save on housebreaking and training costs. Lots of Choices Is there a specific breed you’re looking for? Chances are you will find it at the shelter. Shelter dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some organizations rescue specific breeds, and with a little research, you may find one near you. Even if you don’t find the breed you’re looking for, you may find an indispensable companion in a breed you weren’t looking for — and you never would have found them if you didn’t check the shelters. Great for Your Kids Having a dog can be great for your kids, and getting it from a shelter can be even better for them. Dogs encourage kids to play outside and be more active, and kids gain a friend who loves them unconditionally. Plus, if you adopt, the act of giving an unwanted animal a new home can teach your kids empathy. If you still haven’t checked your local shelter for the newest member of your family, what are you waiting for? Find a furry friend you and your kids will love today!

[besides the Humane Society] that looks out for the care and welfare of neglected animals,” John says. “The Humane Society takes animals that have been neglected, abused, or surrendered EMPLOYEE S

Meet Remi!

As our resident canine, Remi may just be the most popular team member at Rinehardt Law. At 12 years old, he may not be as spry as he once was, but you can bet he still greets his humans just as enthusiastically as he did in his youth. Remi loved to hike with Hillary and John when he was a pup. Mostly, he wanted to go everywhere his humans did. He once jumped into a pond to follow them before remembering he couldn’t swim (don’t worry; his humans came to his rescue). These days, arthritis limits him to shorter walks, but that doesn’t mean he’ll let you take the lead. He likes to be the leader, and he’ll show you the way.

Why Hillary and John won’t let him be more involved with cases is still

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— animals who have had hard lives — and places them in loving homes with people who really want them.”

Education is a big component of the event. There’s information about what the Humane Society does and how the shelter works. “If someone adopts through the Humane Society’s shelter, they essentially sign a contract saying they’ll care for the animals properly,” John says. The Humane Society has a number of measures in place and does their due diligence to ensure each adopted pet is placed in a home that will be the perfect environment for them. There were many sweet pets at Strut Your Mutt, including those still looking for their forever homes. Each year, the Humane Society brings adoptable dogs to Strut Your Mutt and a number of them get adopted by people who will provide them the love and care they deserve. For John, the experience is about community and overcoming differences with a shared mission. “To me, the coolest thing about it is that you have people who love their animals and you get to see dogs of all shapes and sizes and ages,” John says. “It’s amazing how it brings people together and bridges the divides we sometimes feel.” From all of us at Rinehardt Law Firm, we appreciate the dedication and kindness of the Humane Society, and we hope next year’s Strut Your Mutt is just as successful as this year’s.

Canine-Friendly Pumpkin Truffles

Inspired by DalmatianDIY.blogspot.com

It’s the season of costumes and candy! While there are plenty of canine costumes to choose from, dogs should stay well away from the trick-or-treat bucket. Fortunately, you can still treat your dogs to a Happy Howl -oween with these tasty and dog-friendly truffles.


OTLIGHT a mystery to Remi. Sometimes he gets to be there for trial prep, listening attentively from under the conference table. Other times, he has to stay upstairs and can’t greet all the other humans who visit. He just wants to love on them! That said, he’s learning that sometimes, he wants to provide love before people are ready for it. That’s okay — he’ll wait. When it comes to food, Remi has refined taste. His favorite is toast, but it can’t just be any subpar loaf. He prefers high-quality sourdough. If that’s not available, he’ll settle for anything he can get his paws on. Above all, Remi is just a fun-loving, love-giving dog who’s eager to give humans as much love as they can handle. Just don’t tell Remi that the FedEx truck is here. That thing is suspicious! He knows they’re up to no good.

• 1/8 cup coconut oil

• 3/4 cup canned puréed pumpkin ( not pumpkin pie filling)

• 1 teaspoon turmeric

• 1/2 cup coconut flour

• 1/4 cup ground flaxseed

• 1/4 cup Panko bread crumbs


1. Warm coconut oil into liquid, then combine with pumpkin puree in a medium mixing bowl. Mix in turmeric, then add coconut flour incrementally. Mix thoroughly to create a sticky dough.

2. Roll dough into bite-size balls.

3. Combine flaxseed with bread crumbs in a small mixing bowl, and then coat truffles in mixture.

Favorite Song: “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by Baha Men

4. Refrigerate treats until firm.

Favorite Quote: “Some days you’re the dog. Some days you’re the hydrant.” –Anonymous

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Compassion in Action

Reasons to Adopt Dogs From Shelters A Look at the Humane Society’s Strut Your Mutt Event Employee Spotlight

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A Special Howl-oween Treat

Amazing Cat Tales

Mythical Cats of the World TAILS FROM THE PAST Most owners will tell you their cats act like

beneath the tree just before a bolt of lightning struck it down. The lord’s life was saved, and to this day, the Maneki-Neko (the beckoning cat) is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. Freya’s Skogkatts — Norway In Norse folklore, the goddess Freya had a unique means of travel: a chariot pulled by two cats. These were skogkatts, or Norwegian Forest cats, that were only a little larger than your average house cat. Still, these small felines towed Freya around battlefields as she gathered warriors to send to Valhalla. On top of being the goddess of war, love affairs, and magic, Freya may well have been Midgard’s first cat lady.

headed woman in battle. But, over the course of 2,000 years, Bastet evolved to resemble the domesticated, pointy-eared cats we know and love today. 招き猫 (Maneki-Neko) — Japan Legend has it that in the 17th century, a monk living in a small temple in Edo (now Tokyo) was struggling to survive, but he still split his meals with his cat, Tama. One day, Lord Nakaota li got caught in a rainstorm while hunting and took shelter under a tree near the temple. Nakaota spotted Tama near the temple, and the cat raised its leg, beckoning the noble to come toward him. Curious, Nakaota complied, stepping out from

ancient deities. Majestic, scrupulous, and utterly unpredictable, these fascinating creatures have long captured our imaginations. Even before cat videos took the internet by storm, humans have been idolizing felines, placing them alongside some of their most important mythological figures. Bastet — Egypt Of course, a list of mythical cats has to start with Egypt. While many people know the pharaohs and their followers thought cats were sacred, you may be surprised by how deep the connection goes. The earliest depiction of Bastet, the feline deity of protection, is a lion-


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