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Philanthropic Annual report


Our mission

Exclusion can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity. A set of unfortunate circumstances and a lack of support can lead to shattered hopes and dreams. Education and career development programs have become more accessible than ever through technology. Yet, many don’t have access to these technologies, nor the basic necessary skills to succeed professionally. We aim to open the doors to opportunities to all, helping people live up to their fullest potential. We empower young people through training on digital literacy and the social and emotional skills needed to find their place in the professional world. “ 600 million children and adolescents don’t have access to basic skill training ” UNESCO “ 2/3 of youth in developing economies are without work, not studying, or engaged in irregular/informal employment” Life Project 4 Youth « 70% of jobs today need knowledge in basic digital skills » European Commission Why we are taking action

These recent years have been unprecedented times for education around the world. While the educational community has made concerted efforts to maintain learning continuity during this period, the necessary digitalization wasn’t accessible to all. Young people needed to rely more on their own resources to continue learning remotely.

Education plays a vital role in inclusion and in improving the lives of children and adults around the world. Think Human Foundation leverages the skills of young people to increase their ability to learn and their social connections to pave the way for a better future.

Olivier Duha CEO and co-founder of Webhelp Group

2000 2016

Creation of Webhelp

Our sustainable development focus

Webhelp Shared Foundation (now renamed to Share, Think Human) was created under the sponsorship of Fondation de France to support education and inclusion Think Human Foundation was founded by Webhelp and co-Founder Olivier Duha, to support education and inclusion Philanthropy becomes part of Webhelp's Environment Social Governance (ESG) strategy as one of the 4 strategic pillars 11 projects supported in 11 countries reaching nearly 1500 young people.

Think Human Foundation adheres to five of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals




Our impact across the world

Sweden: Hej Framling! Health program to empower young immigrant women through self-awareness and body-awareness. The program focuses on social-emotional learning to empower the less fortunate groups’ intercultural relations and integration into Swedish society. #Young people: 175 women in 7 different sites France: Duo for a job Participation in the opening of Lille offices and support for 32 mentorships between migrants and senior managers to reduce the distance to the labor market. #Young people: 32 France: Article 1 Workshops & mentorships to enable young people with limited opportunities to continue in their studies & increase their employability. #Young people: 360 Netherlands: Stichting Mano Reading stories to young children at risk of a language barrier to, increase their Dutch skills and favor the creation of strong social links. #Young people : 230 young children Spain: Foto colectania Creating opportunities for underprivileged students by improving their communication skills through photography. #Young people: 15 Portugal: Cerci Braga Create jobs for people who are excluded from the labor market. #Young people: 35

Greece: International Rescue Committee Create and deliver digital classes for refugees. #young people: 24

Morocco: Amsekroud Access to digital connections and devices in a school in isolated rural areas. #Young people: 157 Morocco & Algeria: Education for employment Create job Europe opportunities for underprivileged students through job readiness programs. #young people: 192 The Philipines: Life Project 4 Youth Digital classes and social emotional coaching for 6 months. #Young people: 234 Madagascar: Colorie Ma Vie Full renovation of the housing where the children live, eat and support for their access to schools. #Young people : 40 children between the ages 2-20 years old

2021 Projects

Early 2022 Projects

Focus How education facilitates inclusion

"As APAC's Regional Ambassador I gathered 32 colleagues from 3 countries who gave 147 volunteer hours to the young people of LP4Y in the Philippines the opportunity of reaching their dreams through professional exposure. We conducted 30 mock interviews, facilitated 12 training sessions, trained 188 youths, had an impact on 5 LP4Y Centers and was awarded the "Best Partner Multipillars".

Life Project 4 Youth focuses on creating decent employment opportunities for all young people from extreme poverty and exclusionary backgrounds in the Philippines. Without any reference point, the youth fall outside of school systems, lack specific qualifications, and struggle to find jobs. Life Project 4 Youth is building a strong community system to develop digital skills in a committed ecosystem and favor inclusion in the job market. 890 young people will be accompanied per year by this organization in the Philippines and Egypt.

Jacqueline Liwanag Cuadro, Global Initiatives Ass. Manager

Education for Employment is a leading youth education and employment network across the Middle East and North Africa. It empowers young women and men with skills in demand that lead to employment, dignity and hope. Through training in soft technical skills, employability, digital skills and entrepreneurship, it aims at improving the economic situation of 600 youth in the north of Algeria (180) and in Fes/Meknes/Marrakech Morocco (420). It will also directly impact their families as it will enable these young people to become autonomous and break isolation or exclusion.

In Spain, Foto Colectania promotes social, digital and labor inclusion of young people using photography as a guiding arrow over the course of 3 years, 15 students will learn about teamwork, responsibility, and how to become a professional photographer.

Focus Raising social and self-awareness

Skill Philanthropy

Professional integration and long studies ARTICLE 1 supports young adults with limited opportunities or from difficult backgrounds, to increase their chances to pursue long post-bac studies and enter the labor market with confidence. nine of our colleagues in France participated as mentors in individual coaching or workshops in 2021.

175 foreign-born young women have benefited from the support of Hej främling! in 7 different cities in Sweden. The program focuses on life skills, developing self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills to teach these young women, mostly born outside of the EU, how to remain in good psychological and physical health. Social and emotional learning through a health program

"I am the mentor of a student with ARTICLE 1 . My mentee is following a Master 2 in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Dauphine University. We have worked for more than a year on the preparation for his exams, the choice on his subjects of dissertations, and internships. It is a mentorship program that opens our eyes to the fact that some students do not have access to the codes or the functioning of the labor market. I share my experience with him to help him navigate the meanders of this world and we discuss the possible consequences of the opportunities that open up before him." Yan Noblot Group CTO

At the beginning of 2022, new projects will be launched in Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Egypt, Peru, Italy, Romania and India. Early 2022

Stichting Mano supports the people of Rotterdam to actively participate in society. They create the conditions for people to discover, develop and use their qualities. Participants are empowered to find their place, take control of their lives and grow into active citizens. By reading stories to 450 children from disadvantaged backgrounds, the volunteers help close language gaps for both Dutch and migrant famililies, facilitate societal integration, and play educational games while strengthening the links with the local services and facilities. Reading stories to create social links

Our stakeholders talk about empowerment Digital literacys a window to the world

‘We have 40 children in our household. We want them to flourish and go to school but we also want to help them f eel fulfilled pe rsonally and smile.» - Maeva , head of Colorie Ma Vie House in Madagascar Social and emotional support

“Now I can use the things that I've learned. It is really helpful that I can access the asylum services and get all the information I need. I can also apply for jobs online! I wish to continue computer lessons.” - Roowaila, a 26-year-old Afghan who benefited from International Rescue Committee support in Greece

Young people trained. Now open to new opportunities 1494

“ LP4Y also teaches us about professionalism. We had to create a micro economic initiative. Mine was about sport advocacy. Now I am con fide nt to use computers and speak in English. In fact, I just got hired and I am starting next week!” - Angelina Gurnot in Payatas Increase my job readiness

« Thanks to ARTICLE 1, I was able to bene fit from moral support from my mentor, help in my studies and valuable advice from professionals. All this in order to build myself, gain con fiden ce and believe in my professional project » - A mentee student in France Mentorship to bring self con fiden ce

I made a donation on

« I need to give more meaning to my work. Thanks to the foundation, Webhelp allows me to both do a job that fascinates me but also to participate a little to fig ht against inequalities and improve the daily life of those who need it more than me. » - Julie

Think Human Foundation team

Webhelp ESG Strategy

Webhelp has set a built-to-last strategy, in which all functions and processes need to embed Environmental, Social and Governance components. The ESG strategy is dedicated to creating a More inclusive and sustainable growth based on 4 pillars: Planet, Progress and Philanthropy. In the Philanthropic Pillar, Think Human Foundation focuses on education and opening doors to opportunities for all, empowering young people in their social, emotional and digital skills.

Mary Bonneaud Lagarde Managing Director

Aurore Le Perff Project Manager

Ongezwa Vili Apprentice

The Think Human Foundation team works closely with the ESG team, manages the different philanthropic tools, coordinates the network of ambassadors, and checks the compliance of the associations together with the WPS-WKS team.

ESG Pillars

Think Human Foundation Board - Olivier Duha

As an employer we take concrete actions to foster more inclusion in the workplace People

As an corporate citizen, we do more for the planet and future generations by reducing our carbon footprint Planet

Share, Think Human Board is Think Human Foundation sister organization under the sponsorship of Fondation de France. - Vincent Bernard - Christophe Bronner

- Vincent Bernard - Sandrine Asseraf - Helena Guardans - Dominique Chatelin - James Allen - Violaine Vrinat Duha - Anne Sophie Eymeoud - Evan Jones Investing Committee - Bruno Vaffier - Martin Doyen (GBL)

- Pauline Marion - Sandra Milioto - Carole Rousseau - Thomas Boisserie

- Valérie Jaouen Pretzlaf - Anne-Sophie Eymeoud

Thank you to all the ambassadors


As an philanthropist, we do more for our Local Communities through Think Human Foundation Philanthropy

As an business leader, we do more fo business ethics by raising our

Regional Think Human Foundation Ambassadors

Local Ambassadors

ESG standards for suppliers & clients

- Yassine Aatar – FR region - Andrea Ibarguen, David Cardona Serrano, Paola Restrepa – Americas region - Isil Isik, Inci Candemir – Turkey region - Cathy Kalamaras, Moeneera Adams – UK region - Jacqueline Liwanag Cuadro – APAC region - Lars Olsen, Christian Persson – Nordic region - Paul Ouwehand, Irene Kelder – Netherlands region - Federica Scicchitano – CRIT region - Elke Strache – DACH region - Vanessa Gonzalez, Carla Ferigle, Carolina Trujillo – Spain region

The regional ambassadors receives support of more than 30 Think Human Foundation local ambassadors in Webhelp who are dedicating their skills, commitment, and time to help associations and local communities, on top of their day-to-day tasks.

Details of the projects supported

Budget 2021


Think Human Foundation


Full renovation of the housing where the 40 children live, eat and bene fit f rom social and emotional support


Colorie Ma vie

9 000

Launch of the Duo for A job entity in Lille and support for 32 mentorships between migrants and senior managers


Duo for a job

10 000

Mentorship program to enable young people with limited opportunities to follow their studies at a higher level and increase their employability


Article 1

20 000


International Rescue Committee

5 000

Digital classes for 24 young refugee women


Dar Taliba Amsekroud

8 000

Access to digital connection for 157 young women

Launch of a carwash activity and job readiness program to create jobs for people excluded from the labor market


Cerci Braga

13 000


Foto Colectania

30 000

Integration of 15 young people through photography and communication skills

Health program to empower young immigrant women through self-awareness and body-awareness


Hej Framling

25 000

Reading stories to 450 young children to creat e a fi rst link with f amilies with difficult background, increase their Dutch skills and favor the creation of strong social links


Stichting Mano

10 000

GLOCAL (Morocco & Algeria)

Education for employment

90 000

Job readiness program for young people

Digital classes and social-emotional coaching for 6 months for 234 youth and the opening of the Egyptian o ffi ce

GLOCAL (Philippines & Egypt)

Life Project For Youth

90 000


310 000

© Education For employment, Life Project 4 Youth, Colorie Ma Vie, Foto Colectania, Hope & Homes, Timhadite, Hej Främling, Stichting Mano, International Rescue Committee, ARTICLE 1,

Budget 2021

Share, Think Human



Participation in the renovation of the housing


Colorie Ma vie

7 500

School of The Second chance to facilitate integration of unemployed young people through technical training like hairdressing etc.


Lalla Asma droit des gens

5 400


12 900

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