Beaumont Family Dentistry November 2019

MEET SARA OUR BEAUMONT FAMILY ADMINISTRATOR The dentists and team members who make up each team at Beaumont Family Dentistry’s four locations are kind-hearted and dedicated individuals. They always ensure that every patient who comes through our doors is comfortable, relaxed, and cared for. No one expresses this more than our office administrator, Sara. Since she joined our team a little over a decade ago, Sara has shown time and time again the care and enthusiasm that Beaumont Family Dentistry thrives on. Although she first started with our office as a Treatment Coordinator, Sara showed that she was a fantastic individual and expressed leadership traits we value. She was soon elected as the business team lead. “I was very excited,” Sara says, remembering. “Both of my parents were entrepreneurs when I was growing up, and I helped run a business with my husband for the past 19 years. I’ve always loved this line of work.” Sara has been involved in the dentistry field for over 20 years and has enjoyed every moment. “I love having the chance to talk with the patients,” she says. “One of the best things I do is talk with them to see what their goals are for coming into the office that day, whether that’s just a regular cleaning or working toward a better smile. I love having those real heart-to-heart conversations.” As a caring leader, one of Sara’s top priorities is talking to patients about their treatment plans. “This is especially important when they might not like going to the dentist,” Sara explains. “I talk them through the treatment. Instead of looking at the whole picture, I’ll focus on the first step of the treatment and take baby steps through the rest. I tell them that we’ll reach the finish line together — they definitely don’t have to face this alone.”


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To play gratitude-themed Guess Who?, have each participant write down their name and something they’re thankful for on a slip of paper and put it in a bowl. Then, at the dinner table, have each person draw a random slip and read what it says without saying the name while everyone else tries to guess who wrote it. While Pictionary may get your kids talking about what they are thankful for, Guess Who? will tune them into what others around them are thankful for too. Like regular pick-up sticks, the goal is to remove a stick from a haphazard pile without disturbing the others. However, by using colored sticks that represent different kinds of thankfulness — such as places, people, or food — you can make players think outside the box. This will ensure you get a wide range of creative, thoughtful answers whenever the kids pick up a stick. These modified games are great for helping your kids realize how much they have to be thankful for. Use these to spend some fun, educational, quality time with your family this Thanksgiving. PICK-UP STICKS

Our aim is to have our patients leave with a smile, and Sara’s care mirrors the team’s efforts to ensure our patients are taken care of. “It’s part of what we do here at Beaumont Family Dentistry, and I’m so happy to be a part of this team that helps so many people. Having someone come in feeling self-conscious of their teeth and then leaving with this bright smile is an amazing progression to watch and be a part of.”


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