SF1000 Operator Manual | 8.2018


• The chimney is one of the most important elements of the furnace. If the chimney is not connected properly and installed according to manufacturer’s specification and national and local codes, the unit is not safe and will not burn efficiently. Lack of proper chimney installation will cause unit to produce more smoke and less heat output. See Pages 7-9 of this manual to ensure proper installation. • Proper use of all electrical components is essential: For instance, the wall thermostat must be hooked up to the furnace and the draft blower operation may NOT be altered. This will increase furnace efficiency and produce more heat output. • Wood that is properly cut and stored to dry will produce more BTUs and higher heat output than wood that has a higher moisture content.Wood with higher moisture content will create creosote in the chimney and cause flue fires. • There should be no alteration of the Shelter Furnace in any way, as this will void the UL391 safety listing and affect the operation of the furnace. This will also void the warranty of the unit. • Shelter Furnace makes two types of units, indoor as well as outdoor furnaces. The indoor units are manufactured and tested for indoor applications only. They are not meant to go outside the house but must be placed indoors in a basement or utility room. Any indoor unit placed outside the home in a shed or building will void warranty, violate the safety listing, and will not produce the maximum efficiency possible with this unit. For outdoor applications please use m odel SF4200.

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