SF1000 Operator Manual | 8.2018

SHELTER INDOOR FURNACE MANUAL MODEL: SF1000 EPA Certified to the NSPS Warm Air Furnace Requirements, for sale through May 2020. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS

Congratulations! You have selected the finest quality wood burning indoor furnace, manufactured with pride in the USA. Please take a few moments to carefully read the owner’s manual. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with your new Shelter Furnace, you will be able to look forward to years of trouble-free, dependable service.

Installation: First: Check local codes. The installation must comply with all local rules and requirements.

Furnace installation is to be performed by a qualified installer. This furnace must not be installed in trailers or mobile homes. Always have a properly installed and functioning smoke detector in your home. To prevent accidental injury, do not allow anyone who is unfamiliar with the furnace to operate it. Spend time familiarizing yourself with your Shelter Furnace, especially the different settings and the effects they have on burn patterns. It is impossible to predict how the furnace will perform due to variations in installation, fuel, and environmental factors. Understanding that furnace performance can be impacted based upon wood species, wood quality, wood length, and wood reloading levels will improve your overall experience. Transportation Damage: Every effort has been made to ensure that your Shelter Furnace will arrive in perfect condition. Any visible damage should be noted on the freight bill at the time of delivery. If upon unpacking your Shelter Furnace you find damage has occurred during transit, notify your dealer immediately. Your dealer will advise you what actions must be taken to address the problem. Disclaimer Notice: The listed BTU rating for your new Shelter Furnace was obtained using laboratory calculations. The actual BTU output you experience may vary somewhat depending on the type, condition and moisture content of the fuel used, chimney type, and other factors. Therefore, the manufacturer disclaims any guarantee as to the BTU output or capacity. Shelter Furnace disclaims any responsibility for the following: installation of a furnace that has been altered or modified in any way; installation of the furnace other than as instructed in this manual; installation and/or use of any component or part not approved by Shelter Furnace for use with this furnace. Be sure to complete and return your warranty card within 30 days of purchase in order to activate warranty coverage on your furnace. Manufacturer’s Notice: Please be advised that we periodically make changes to improve our products, therefore the information in this manual may not be completely applicable to your Shelter Furnace. Please refer to markings on the appliance for additional information.


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