December Newsletter 2016


Having a powerful online presence in today’s world can make or break your practice. You can be inches away from ultimate success, having more financial stability, success and freedom at your practice. With the right tools you can leverage the power of social media and the internet to attract a growing volume of new patients into your practice. A PT Performance Website automatically connects each of the 3 key social media sites you need to attract more new patients from accross the web including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

1. Blogging and Email Newsletters We provide done for you email newsletters and blog articles published every two weeks centered around popular physical therapy topics to draw more people to your website.

2. Coordinated Social Media Posts Your blog is connected to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin allowing you to share your posts with all these social media outlets at one time,

3. We teach you how to use Facebook to Reach a large audience Leverage the power of social media by targeting your PT marketing to people with specific interests within a certain radius around your practice and capturing their information with your website.

Rank High in Google We pack your website with SEO, Google analytics, social media and more technology to allow potential patients to easily find you on the internet. 93%of our PT Performance Website clients rank at the top of Google.

Educate New & Past Patients

Secure More Referrals Make your practice easily found by referring physicians and impress them with a one of kind physical therapy website design.

Use your website as a powerful platform to position your practice as the experts to turn too. Excite visitors about the solutions you provide to their problems.

$250 Gift Card Towards Website Development When You Schedule Your Product Webinar

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