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How to Avoid Google Penalizing YOUR WEBSITE IN 2017

Marketing ADVICE

By Kristyn O’Connell, Vice President, Administration

Let’s start with the homepage. When you type in the URL, how long does it take the page to load? Many websites struggle to load quickly on wireless networks and mobile Wi-Fi. Because, these sites are not designed to be mobile responsive. A professional web designer knows how to structure your website’s content so that it loads properly and fast. Similarly, a web developer will use the right code to speed up the website on mobile. Have you ever used a regular phone charging cord? Compare that to when you use a lightening charging cable—the one that charges in a fraction of the time. That difference in speed is what it means to have a website that is mobile responsive.

Whether it is checking emails, social media, websites or apps, people are constantly on their phones. An average adult spends 177 minutes per day on their smartphone (that’s just shy of 3 hours a day). Think about it this way—almost every time you look around there is at least one other person using their phone. Now, imagine that one person is visiting your practice’s website. Is the site mobile responsive? Does the design and content fit a smartphone user’s expectations? Does it load quickly and function well?

Each new year brings new changes in technology and in Google’s case, changes in 2017 could mean big penalties for your website.

Google has always preferred mobile responsive websites over stagnant, desktop versions, but next year they’ll take this mobile- friendly algorithm to the next level. In the coming months, Google will begin penalizing websites that are not designed first with mobile usage in mind, making it nearly impossible for these websites to rank high on Google. The number one test to determine if your PT practice’s website is mobile responsive is this: you shouldn’t even notice that you are on a mobile device. The website should function just as well, if not better, than its desktop counterpart. Next, your website’s content, specifically the text and images, needs to be designed and arranged in a way that presents well on mobile. Text and images should scale to fit the device. For example, on desktop the headlines and images should be considerably larger than they appear on mobile to properly adjust to the difference between the size of a laptop screen versus an iPhone screen. Images also need to be compressed to load quickly on a mobile network. The user experience when not all the text is visible and it takes 10 more seconds for the image to load is not mobile responsive. Ultimately, if you start with a mobile responsive website, you will almost automatically have a superior quality desktop site too. It’s easier to scale up to desktop than to scale down to mobile. Get a FREE Website Analysis and Report! Visit to get yours today!


THE BEST TAX DEDUCTION FOR YOUR PRACTICE How to Save and Make Money at the Same Time...

Have you planned out your tax reduction strategy yet? Now is the time to start thinking about reducing your tax liability for this year and how to maximize your ability to grow next year. The best tax deduction in any business is one that is 100% tax deductible while creating new revenue the following year. That is why marketing is your best investment, it is 100% tax deductible and generates you income. Investing in your physical therapy marketing during the 4th quarter saves you on this year’s tax liabilities while setting you up for success next year. This is the time of year when practices will invest in upgrading their website, updating their print materials and buying advertising to start in the next year. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you would like to pay Uncle Sam your profit, or re-invest that revenue back into your business to generate more income the following year. Many practice owners miss out on this important time of year, where they can easily invest in their practice growth for the 1st quarter of the next year.

• Buy next years advertising up front to get big discounts • Buy signage for the clinic • Purchase new posters and advertising for in clinic use • Send out mailings to patient lists to hit the beginning of January capitalizing on the new years resolution fever It’s not about just buying marketing stuff, but looking ahead at your marketing and expansion goals for 2017. Then investing in the marketing products and tools that are going to attract the new patients to your practice and help you achieve your goals. If you have been on the fence about implementing online or print marketing tools into your practice, then now is the time to talk to a Practice Promotions specialist. Schedule a product webinar today to see how we can help your practice attract more new customers in 2017.

Here are some great marketing ideas to invest in now for 2017

• Pay for updates to your website • Purchase online marketing platforms such as reputation management, social media, etc • Buy new practice brochures, patient educational and collateral materials

CONNECT With Neil Trickett, PT

Practice Promotions

Practice Promotions Physical Therapy Marketing


Having a powerful online presence in today’s world can make or break your practice. You can be inches away from ultimate success, having more financial stability, success and freedom at your practice. With the right tools you can leverage the power of social media and the internet to attract a growing volume of new patients into your practice. A PT Performance Website automatically connects each of the 3 key social media sites you need to attract more new patients from accross the web including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

1. Blogging and Email Newsletters We provide done for you email newsletters and blog articles published every two weeks centered around popular physical therapy topics to draw more people to your website.

2. Coordinated Social Media Posts Your blog is connected to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin allowing you to share your posts with all these social media outlets at one time,

3. We teach you how to use Facebook to Reach a large audience Leverage the power of social media by targeting your PT marketing to people with specific interests within a certain radius around your practice and capturing their information with your website.

Rank High in Google We pack your website with SEO, Google analytics, social media and more technology to allow potential patients to easily find you on the internet. 93%of our PT Performance Website clients rank at the top of Google.

Educate New & Past Patients

Secure More Referrals Make your practice easily found by referring physicians and impress them with a one of kind physical therapy website design.

Use your website as a powerful platform to position your practice as the experts to turn too. Excite visitors about the solutions you provide to their problems.

$250 Gift Card Towards Website Development When You Schedule Your Product Webinar


Are You Frustrated With... 1. Having no predictability where to consistently get new patients? 2. Physicians not seeing the value in your service and referring in network to their own group or hospital?

The Practice Newsletter System consists of high quality, professional patient newsletters and physician referral newsletters sent out for you on a consistent basis that reactivates past patients, booms word-of-mouth referrals and draws attention from hundreds of local physicians. Each month we custom design, print and mail out for you. Backed up by world-class training, support and a heavy focus on getting you results, get ready to watch your new patients soar!

3. Inconsistent new patient numbers?

Then you should be sending a monthly patient and physician newsletter

AttractMorePatientReferrals Use proven PT marketing actions that work to boom word of mouth referrals from current and past patients.

Build Your Relationship With Past Patients

Increase Physician Referrals Be well known and well thought of with lots of local physicians increasing your referrals and strengthing your brand.

Reactivate a growing volume of past patients back for care with top PT marketing strategies.



reaction rehab

ByDeena Fournier, VPof Operations at PracticePromotions Leverage patient reviews IN THE DIGITAL AGE


There is not a one-stop-shop for online reviews. Some popular sites include: Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Local, Yahoo Local, LinkedIn, and many more. We recommended in our Digital Marketing blog posts that you create and maintain business profiles on key sites. By establishing accounts and accepting reviews across multiple sources, you can gain credibility and attract potential new patients from a wider online audience. Online reviews are an essential way of new patients finding you and building instant trust in using your PT services. Leverage these online reviews to their full potential to help build a positive online reputation that gets your website and practice noticed. Did you know? We now help you actively gather positive reviews from your patients and control where they will share their review with our new reputation management platform.

When was the last time you searched for a local service or even a product online? Did online reviews take any part in swaying your decision towards one business or product over another? For the 88% of consumers that say they trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation, reviews play a large part in how they determine the quality of a local business. You may be familiar with gathering patient reviews and testimonials in your office but how is the best way to go about getting those positive reviews online and influencing potential patients searching for local Physical Therapy services? Having a form on your website for patients to submit reviews makes the process quick and easy. Some patients may feel more comfortable submitting online, especially if they weren’t 100% satisfied. This can be a great tool to gain first-hand feedback from patients.

“We have been sending out the newsletters with the Practice Newsletter System for over 2 years with success. We average 30 call-ins from past patients a

month with our different promotions. I really trust the team at Practice Promotions. They really care about us and our patients!” - Ben McCormack, PT CEES Owner, Northern Physical Therapy


This year Practice Promotions added two “mini Rock Stars” to our team!

Senior Designer Nick and his wife Brooke welcomed baby boy Fox on August 7th.


Dr Sharif Tabbah, DPT, CSCS, Physical Therapist opened his practice, Athletix Rehab and Recovery, about a year ago in Miami. Dr. Sharif loves treating professional athletes and active adults. With the power of marketing he’s been able create a brand that attracts the patients he specializes in and grow his practice. Here’s to making 2017 even better!

Marketing Director Shelby and her husband John welcomed baby boy Winston on August 17th.

“I cannot say enough about Practice Promotions and their commitment to ensuring your satisfaction. We have been working with them for nearly a year, and what started as simply a website design turned into mailers, flyers and trifold brochures. The Practice Promotions team has exceeded our expectations, and rose to the challenge of developing a unique and customized marketing platform. We cannot thank them enough!”

7305 Hancock Village Drive, Suite 117 Chesterfield, VA 23832 800-594-7656

• How to Avoid Google Penalizing Your Website in 2017 • The Best Tax Deduction For Your Practice • Leverage Patient Reviews in the Digital Age • Client Results • Welcome New Clients Inside This Issue: Visit our blogs today for marketing articles on:

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