Holland & Usry January 2018

This’ll Be the Year ... THAT’LL BE THE DAY!

t this time of year, everybody and their mama wants to talk about New Year’s resolutions. They would be a wonderful

values. These are the raw materials from which you’ll build your mission statement.


tradition if they worked. Too often, though, a resolution ends up taking the form of “I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow.” Can’t we do a little better than that? Maybe we just need to scrap the whole idea of resolutions, or at least how we think about them.

Once you have that mission, it’s easy to align your goals with it. Not to paint in too broad of strokes, but I truly believe that everything you do in life will either work toward your mission or against it. Your mission gives you direction. It inspires commitment, resolve, and dedication. With a clearly defined, personal mission statement, you won’t end up asking why you created your resolutions in the first place. As an added bonus, they probably won’t get thrown in the garbage by the end of March. It’s actually demotivating to make goals that are sure to fall by the wayside. As with anything else in your life, there’s no point in taking half measures. Paying lip service to a resolution is about as useful as pretending that you’ll climb Mount Everest before 2018 ends. Guess what? It just ain’t happening. I hope you’re able to approach 2018 with a mission statement that encourages you to improve and achieve. Nobody accomplishes everything they set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. If they did, I’d probably have a Heisman Trophy Nobel Peace Prize sitting on my shelf next to my copy of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” However, we can all set ourselves up for success this year, and the first way to do that is to make resolutions that matter to you. Figure out your mission in life. After all, you can’t get where you need to go if you don’t know what you’re looking for. All of us at Holland & Usry wish grace, peace, and joy to you and yours this year. I thank you for thinking about this with me, and I hope I see you soon.

I can’t pretend that I’m an expert on goal-setting, but I’ve read a book or two on the topic. Instead of telling you I have come up with a revolutionary method of structuring your goals. I’m going to defer to a system I encountered in Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” He suggests that, instead of creating a laundry list of resolutions that have nothing to do with one another, you create a personal mission statement. A wide-ranging mission statement that reflects your values allows you to create a set of goals that work together. You can’t build a solid house without a well-defined blueprint. Similarly, you can’t create relevant resolutions without first pinning down what matters in your life. Ask yourself who you are, who you want to be, and which parts of your life are most important. From these basic questions, you’ll start to get a clear idea of your

–Rob Usry


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