February 2021 Oracle

It is February already?? Usually, February is the month of the year where we spread the love. It is in our human nature to give hugs and kisses to the ones we love, but we all know COVID - 19 has restricted us from doing so. COVID - 19

has tested us to use our minds in more creative ways. This February, I would like to encourage everyone to spread the love by sending a Valentine Gram to your loved ones. Let me remind you … “ Loved ones ” does not have to stop with family. Friends, neighbors, and teammates can also be considered family. Starting February 1 st , drop by the Lifestyle Office and fill out a Valentine Gram for someone you love. Aside from that, we have many other events being add- ed to our Daily Planner for the Lifestyle Department. Please make sure you are signed up so you can receive the latest news. You can find all kinds of information about things going on in the resort, as well as helpful links to help you navigate around the resort. Have you ever taken the wrong turn coming back from visiting with a friend and ended up lost? The Daily Planner has something that can help with all of that. At the bottom of every email, there is a “ Quick links ” Section that offers access to the Resort Map, information about Committee Meetings, and the digital copy of the Oracle. I want to remind you that this year has been hard on all of us, and it is important to remember to take care of ourselves during these hard times. I have recently be- gun to go on more walks, and I have realized how re- freshing it feels to be outside, under the sun, breathing fresh air. I would like to challenge you to keep finding ways to keep your mind and body active, it is little things that count. I ’ ll leave you with a quote that has inspired me to wake up and face the day, “ Faith makes all things possible; love makes all things easy; hope makes all things work, and family and friends make life worth living. ” Alyssa Torres Lifestyle Director

“ It’s a Lifestyle!”

Heart at Clara Burgess Trail

ORPS Hiking Group




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