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EDITOR Peace. Love. Hope.

3 Board of Directors General Manager

Those are the three words that come into my mind when I think of the month February. And although people generally think of Valentine ’ s Day during this month, I have another celebration in mind. During this month, Random Acts of Kindness week takes place on the third week. So, make sure to give someone a smile or a wave hello. You can even ask the person beside you how they are doing this week. The simplest act of kindness we can do for one another during these times is to wear a mask around each other and follow any guidelines to make each other feel safe. Although this is one week of celebration during the month of February, I hope we all continue doing random acts of kindness every day, every week, every month, and every year. To embrace this celebration, I leave you with this quote: Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. - Jackson Brown, Jr

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Annual Election Dates Chapel

Finance Safety & Security


Architecture & Aesthetics 0 Planning 00 Ukulele 0 Golf 0 Health & Fitness 0 Tennis 0 Pickleball 0 Lifestyle & Events 0 The Food Experience

Abby Lomeli Communications Coordinator





BOARD OF DIRECTORS Three years ago, I decided to run for the Board. I did that because I thought the Board could use someone else on it that had a financial background. I hoped at the time, that I would be considered for the Treasurer ’ s position. That didn ’ t happen. In the second year of my term I was nominated and selected as the President. That was not a position that I anticipated or even desired, but I accepted, as there were no other nominees that had accepted nomination. I knew that being on the Board would not be a walk in the park and being President was going to be challenging. That job was made more difficult when Susan, our long time Board Secretary retired. Replacing Susan with someone of equal qualifications turned out to be unsuccessful. Thankfully, with the hard work of Ed and Jennifer, we have been able to fill the gap. Soon afterwards, Clint Atherton, our then GM, accepted a job outside of ORPS. We were fortu- nate enough to find an amazing replacement in Ed. Then we were hit with COVID - 19. The complexity of trying to adapt to the everchanging State mandated rules was daunting to say the least. We had multiple executive sessions and regular Board meetings every month during the summer in order to keep up with the changes. When I was elected President, I set my own personal goals. One of those goals was to eliminate the animosi- ty amongst owners. To improve the social climate as stated in our Vision Statement. The other was to solve the issues around the Pickleball amenity. We hired an expert in Pickleball sound measuring and sound mitigation. The Board approved the Monarch Pickleball for use until 4PM daily. And we are now looking for solutions that will allow the Monarch ball to be used until evening without a negative impact to the surrounding lots. We need to solve this issue once and for all if we are going to achieve the social climate we desire. I have to say it has been a challenge, but one I took on because I felt I could make some positive achievements in the resort. I believe that, while I have kept the wheels on the bus, I have not completely achieved my goals. And frankly, it is time for me to step down. Therefore, as of the January meeting as President, I have turned over the gavel to the Vice President, Don Renoe.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel?!

In late January, as I drove through the San Gorgonio Pass to the Resort, it was in a drizzly rain with snow mixed in . . . indeed there was snow accumulation on the freeway. Shortly after returning to my office in the afternoon, I got a report that a “ mini ” funnel cloud had hit the El Saguaro Complex, complete with chairs being blown into the pools and tree branches/fronds being thrown about. I thought, “ How much worse can this get? ” Then, upon afternoon clearing, I saw the magnificent snow - capped mountain peaks dominate the skyline, and I had hope that things would brighten. I ’ ve had the same feeling about the constant presence of the pandemic for the last 11 months and I ’ ve thought, “ How much worse can this be? ” Today I looked at the stats for California and saw precipitous drop in new infections, even deaths have decreased. Later in the day, the Governor lifted the “ Stay at Home Order, ” which had dominated business decisions for months and I have high hopes that the worst has passed. While it may take a while for the Covid sky to completely brighten, lets ’ start thinking optimistically. Amenities open for complete and unfettered use . . . No more accusing fingers of mask - wearing or not . . . Being able to really see smiles and hear people clearly . . . No more plexiglass shields . . . No more decals on the floor telling us where to stand for proper “ social distancing. ” We ’ ll get there, I ’ m sure . . . and sooner rather than later. Yes, I ’ m a half full kind of guy! One last comment before I end. On this same page, I read of President Farmer ’ s resignation and the finality hit home. No one . . . no one can know the impact he has had on my arrival to ORPS. Taking over in very difficult circumstances, most particularly with four major staff positions newly filled, took all of the administrative chops I had, but running my ideas off Greg, with his quiet observations and support, meant everything. He is one of the best listeners I have ever had the privilege to rub shoulders with and it was an honor serving under his guidance. While we will carry on, and there will be other Presidents with their unique skill set to serve the Resort, his soft, yet firm hand will be personally missed. Indeed, I wish the Board Candidates the best in their endeavors to not only continue the Resort excellence, but to improve it. The sky is clearing . . . let ’ s move forward and I promise that the staff which serves you will continue to believe in “ Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen ”. Hopefully, that goes both ways.

I will stay on the Board until my term expires. During that time, I will work to provide as much support to Don as he wants. I would like to end by saying it has been my pleasure working with Ed. We are truly lucky to have him as our General Manager. I appreciate every member of the Board and can honestly say that I know they all want to do what is best for the Resort. Greg Farmer Board President

Ed Vitrano General Manager




Candidate John Boudin

Candidate Don Allen “ Common Sense ”

My wife Cheri and I have been owners here at Outdoor Resort Palm Springs (ORPS) for four years, after renting for one season. I have been a member of the board for the past three years and I am running for a second

Hi! My name is Don Allen, candidate for the Board of Directors here at Outdoor Resort Palm Springs. My wife, Marlene, and I purchased our lot in ORPS in 2013, and have been spending our winters here ever since. Although I

term. Before I was elected, I served on the Safety and Security Committee and was Vice - chair of the Pickleball Committee. Cheri and I have been married for 37 years and have two grown daughters and one granddaughter. I am the eldest son in a large family with three brothers and four sisters. My parents instilled in us the importance of hard work, honesty, cooperation, and working as a team. These values have been the cornerstone of everything I have done in my life. I am a veteran of the US Navy where I served as a construction electrician with the Seabees. For over 35 years, I worked as an electrician and electrical foreman. Along with supervising and scheduling crews of craftsmen, I was a project manager on many large jobs. I have extensive experience managing and budgeting construction and remodeling projects. In the past I have been a volunteer fireman, a 30 - year USSSA softball umpire, a volunteer coach for various youth athletics, and a member of the Kiwanis. I have been an active and forward thinking ORPS board member and most recently, I was instrumental in the board ’ s decision to bring the Oracle back in printed form, enhancing its use as a marketing tool paid for with business ads. Another project that I introduced was the installation of the televisions in the clubhouses and the main laundry. These provide our renters and owners with continuous updates about events and activities within the resort, with the costs being paid for by third party advertising. Once the costs of installation have been recouped, the positive cash flow will help offset HOA increases for owners. I have been responsible for the regular midweek entertainment for the past three seasons at the ES Clubhouse until the California Stay at Home Order suspended all activities. During my first year on the board, I assisted the Lifestyle and Events directors in contacting and scheduling live bands to entertain and perform in the resort. These events were enjoyed by hundreds and once again, there were no costs borne by ORPS. In fact, revenues from the 19 th Hole bar not only covered entertainment costs but provided additional funds for the resort. I have diligently supported ORPS in numerous capacities as I believe both board members and owners have a responsibility to promote our resort. This has been an exceedingly difficult year for Americans and Canadians alike. I have worked with other board members and the General Manager to help keep our resort safe during this battle with the Covid - 19 virus. I believe, as a world - class RV resort, that we are heading in the right direction and the increase in property values reflects this. If reelected, I pledge to complete the full three - year term. I ask for your support so I may continue to serve ORPS and contribute to its development and future growth.

grew up in Southern California, we spent our last 18 years in Liberty Lake, WA, and are now full - time RVers. During the past 5 summers, we have stayed and worked in Glacier National Park, MT. I am a tour driver, aka: “ Jammer, ” of the historic 1938 Red Buses and I love it. I drive 17 guests up and over the “ Going to the Sun Road ” viewing majestic glaciers, beautiful waterfalls, stunning hikes and wild animals including grizzly bears. This has always been on my “ Bucket List ”. My goals and objectives for the Board of Directors are to bring the Resort to a 5 - Star level, focus on improvements, increase property values, avoid wasteful spending, build Resort loyalty and pride, and settle Hot Button Issues. I want to find ways to lower the HOA Fees and never waste money on projects that don ’ t fulfill the Mission Statement of the resort. I owned a variety of successful businesses including an electronic semiconductor business until my current partial retirement. It is my sales and marketing talent for seeing a need and having the courage to act on it that makes me a good candidate for the Board of Directors at ORPS. I have the ability to sincerely talk with people, make a plan to solve issues, provide a quality product or service solution, then follow up with superior customer service. I have the ability to turn foes into friends. I know how to market using social media and advertising and I have sold several businesses and flipped several homes. The Outdoor Resort Board of Directors deals with many voices and needs of members in our Resort. I feel I can help the board by using my best talent, “ Common Sense ”, to help raise our Resort from a 4 - Star rating, as listed on Yelp and TripAdvisor, to a 5 - Star rating, as stated in our Mission Statement. I have the ability to look at the big picture that best serves the general body of owners and to act on it while treating all owners with respect. We have many wonderful types of clubs and sports within our Resort. Each one is just as important as the next. Each one benefits the Resort in its own way. It ’ s important to cut through the tensions of opposing groups and bring people together. Smart spending on projects that serve the whole Resort community while fulfilling our Mission Statement is “ Common Sense. ” My name is Don Allen, I am all about “ Common Sense ” and I ’ d appreciate your vote!




Candidate Paul Braconnier

Candidate Ed Gruel

Vote for Paul Braconnier Financially Prudent, retired CA (Canada)

Strong Work Ethic 30+ Years Business Experience

Consensus / Team Builder Common Sense Approach

Living part - time at ORPS is a tremendous privilege, which Sonya and I cherish every day that we are there. Our absence due to Covid - 19 accentuates the point that is a privilege not to be taken for granted! We first came to ORPS in March 2017 when fellow ORPS owners invited us to see this wonderful facility. Having hauled our 5 th wheel down the Mexican Baja to Cabo San Lucas and back to the Coachella Valley, they suggested we see ORPS before deciding where to park our rig next season. As soon as we drove in, we knew we were home! My desire to continue to give back to community, as throughout my career, gave me the impetus to join the ORPS Golf Marshall team even before purchasing our lot. When asked to join the Finance Committee, I was pleased that my financial skills would be put to use in helping to guide the finances of our wonderful resort. Having run a service - based business for twelve years that started as a two - person virtual business and grew to upwards of 100 staff and contractors, I have an acute awareness of the challenges and opportunities associated with running a service - based business. While we have a lot of infrastructure, ORPS is essentially in the service industry. We have a tremendous asset in our General Manager Ed Vitrano, and I feel that my 30+ year career in service businesses, 12 of these as CEO, provide me with a wealth of experience to provide guidance to our great team when requested or needed. I see the Board position as an extension of my roll on the finance committee. I apply my skills to financial issues through the Finance Committee as a retired Chartered Accountant. I am also acutely aware of the need for the three legs of transparency, good governance and stewardship to be present in all organizations in order to be highly functional. Knowledge of the rules and regulations governing our HOA is also essential. If elected I will apply my general business skills as a member of the Board to achieve the ORPS Vision and Mission, uphold its Core Values, and abide by and enforce its governing documents. As with other volunteer Board positions, I pledge to work towards consensus wherever possible, always keeping the needs of the entire ORPS community front and center.

I have been in sales for 40 years, both in business for myself and working for others. My business activities include sales, setup, training, manufacturing, and the financing of equipment.






Love is a wonderful thing, especially when we are blessed to be recipients of it. I love watching Patrick Mahome ’ s win for the Kansas City Chiefs! Agreed that is exciting and fun but a bit frivolous compared to real love. I love my wife Karen with a deep and everlasting love going on 60 years and counting. It is and has been a wonderful Christ filled love. The Bible uses three words for love in the Greek language. EROS, a physical sensual love , erotic, shared by two people who are physically attracted to each other. PHILEO, a brotherly or sisterly friendship or love of a thing or place. I love Chapel as many of you have shared with me also. Praying we have great Chapels next season at ORPS. Phileo love is so strongly demonstrated with fellowship and being together. AGAPE, the love God has for us. Romans 5:8 “ God demonstrated His Love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners He died for us. ” This Love for us is undeserved and given without any guarantee of return. His love brings out the best in a person who has accepted it and patterned this love after His example and life. Jesus love never fails, is patient, kind and is not jealous. That love does not brag and is not arrogant. 1 Corinthians 13 states that there are three things to build our lives on: “ now abideth faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Of the three faith has priority but love has preeminence. Pursue love! Happy Valentines Day. I hope you will watch a video I suggest; love faith and hope will be heard in each of them ….

February 22: Election Package

mailed out to owners. Mail your ballot back as soon as possible.

March 1: 1:00 PM (PT) Candidate Forum held virtually, Zoom link will be sent via email.

Jim Gwinn Chaplain






The most recent meeting of the Finance Committee was January 20.

How to call 911 at ORPS

If there is an emergency in the resort, have one person call 911 and have another person call Security.

We continue to closely monitor ORPS financial results for the impact COVID - 19 has on our income and expenses. For December our revenue was $31,500 below budget and our expenses were $24,200 below budget (due primarily to wage savings), for a net loss of $7,300. The Board asked us to update our forecast end - of - year (June 30, 2021) results; assuming that the remainder of the year is similar to October through December we expect a shortfall for the year of around $198,000. The budget for this fiscal year includes a $142,000 expense contingency which the Board approved due to COVID uncertainties last spring. Since we have some surplus from prior years it continues to look like we can get through this year without too much financial difficulty. Our 30 - year forecast of Reserve expenses (what we spend to repair and replace everything we own) has three or four significant spikes throughout the 2030’ s, mostly for roads. In order to smooth out the cost, pay for things as we wear them out, and avoid any special assessments, the Committee has recommended that the Board budget an increase in the Reserves contribution of 2.97% next year ($2.19 per lot each month), as recom- mended by our outside consulting firm. Management has just started work on next year ’ s budget, we hope that increase will fit within an overall increase of $13, to $419 per lot per month. We ’ ll know more when we get the proposed budget. We ’ re awaiting contractor bids for road repair and maintenance and also a proposal from the Planning Committee for pickleball sound mitigation, so there ’ s nothing new to report about those. Finally, the Committee has recommended that the Board create an ad - hoc Committee to look into repairing, upgrading and potentially reserving for our underground infrastructure (water lines, sewer lines and electricity). Currently repairs and improvements are paid from the annual operating budget as things break, which is becoming more frequent as the resort ages. Our next Committee meeting will be Wednesday, February 17 at 3:00 by Zoom. All Owners are welcome to attend.

When calling 911: • Give the address of the resort - 69411 Ramon Rd and the lot number • If not at a lot, provide your location and if possible a nearby lot #. It is very important to provide landmarks and the closest lot number. Examples: 1. Back 9 little golf course hole #6 Tee Box, near Lot 1092 2. El Saguaro Club house, near lot 751 3. Main Tennis courts at La Palma Club house, near lot 334 4. Satellite F in the south east corner of the resort, near lot 918 (if you don ’ t know north, south, east, west don ’ t give that info) 5. Pickleball courts next to El Saguaro Clubhouse, near lot 1132 6. Fitness Center at La Palma Clubhouse by the pool, near lot 346 The Fire Department maps don ’ t label all the areas of the resort, BUT they do show every LOT Number!! Providing the closest Lot number will give them the best chance of finding the emergency quickly.

When calling Security: • Call 760 - 770 - 0065 •

Notify Security of the location of the incident and tell them emergency responders are on the way.

This is so the security staff can assist the emergency responders in finding the emergency. If the security staff at the front gate knows the location of the emergency before the Fire Department arrives, we have a much better chance of assisting the Fire Department in locating the emergency. The Security staff will never stop the responding

emergency vehicles, but if they are ready for their arrival this will speed up the response.

Tobi Perkins Safety and Security Chair

Doug German, Finance Chair




Your local chapter ORPS FMCA Executive Board met over Zoom January 7. We will plan a virtual rally. The internet - based chat boards will bring Rally friends to- gether with a schedule of

February 2021 ORPS Chapter, Family Motor Coach Association

When it seems like every event you normally participate in is cancelled, you think, “ so let ’ s host an event ”. We organized a rally at our property in New York. Many “ invited friends ” who

events during the rally. Give us ideas you would like to see over the two days and evening. Whatever we do, we will have fun and do it safely. There are quite a few FMCA families already here at ORPS and it is a joy to see them. Sports are happening safely with common sense; Golf, Pickleball, Tennis, bicycling and lots of people are walking. I have heard from some of our Canadian families with their pictures and stories. I will continue to include them on our newsletter and in the Oracle. Please send your moments along so we can share the fun. Here is a great sunset from Patrick Kierans from Ontario, Canada. Next month I will highlight his Remote - Control Airplane hobby.

attended, appreciated the first opportunity they had, to get out, socialize and travel.

My point is, adapt, compromise and overcome. Life is too short; get out, travel. Be safe, abide by the guidelines. Cherish friends, new and old. And most of all travel, enjoy all the natural beauty and magnificent State, Regional and National parks. Most of all return to Outdoor Resorts as soon as you are able. Our first time to Yosemite National Park from the coach window. We could only traverse the park, not stop or “ recreate ” as they put it.

The Tiffin Bus in Death Valley, 124 degrees F, two 9,000 ascent and decent for this day.

From the Chapter President: I just tallied up our travels in 2020. We drove more than 18,000 miles in our RV. We explored 26 states. Another 7 National Parks were added to our United States National Park Passport logbook. Along the way we were able to visit friends and family. Now this is what I call making lemonade out of lemons. This 2020 - year trips were all done safely and with total regard to the local, state and national guidelines that existed as we traveled. One of the sports I enjoy is long distance road bicycling. All of the Century (100 mile) rides that I usually participate in were cancelled in 2020. How do you adapt? You take the time to ride in every state from Washington State to New York State.

“ Semper - Gumby ” means “ Always - Flexible ” Jeff Buchman, Chapter President, FMCA ORPS

Riding in Seneca Falls with Jeff ’ s brother from Annapolis MD on their 22 nd Annual Ride for Life 100 miles in two days. The weather did not cooperate on the second day. Ned ’ s Golden was the dog theme this year.




ARCHITECTURE & AESTHETICS Permits are Required for Lot Improvements

Most lot improvements, except for routine trimming and weeding require a permit. Some permits, are free, such as repair of a lot light, repair of 5 th wheel enclosures, repair of stairs and removal of trees and hedges. A $25 fee is required for all other permits. In either case, pick up a permit application in the front office. Julia, our Community Standards Coordinator will help you prepare and submit your application. Plot plans are available for your lot either in the front office or by logging in at www.orpshoa.com. Always post the red permit on the palm tree before the work starts and leave the red permit on the tree until the A&A Committee makes a final inspection and approves the quality of the work performed by your contractor. Get Some Friendly Advice Many owners get practical advice on lot improvement projects from one of our many experienced contractors or landscapers. Others ask our Community Standards Coordinator to arrange a consultation with members of the A&A committee. Getting advice is an easy way to avoid violating one of the A&A rules. Brick Border Problems Brick boarders are required around planters and fences. Bricks must be cemented in place. Otherwise, routine lawn mowing by Vintage will dislodge the brick borders and a violation notice will be issued to the owner. Volunteers R Us A&A volunteers take pride in helping owners upgrade their lots. Often, practical advice is given that will help assure the success of your project. And then the committee ’ s final inspection will help you guarantee that your contractor has performed the work properly. If you would like to join the committee, contact myself or any member of the committee for information. Permits for Summer Work Please file you permit requests by April 1 for summer - time projects so that approval can be issued while our A&A volunteers are in the resort. This will avoid delays in your approval. Charlie Leahy A&A Chair

Captain Jeff Buchman on San Francisco Bay training for next career. Probably February 2020




2020 – 2021 Vice President Susanne Strauss and the board are making plans for the scaled back “ Virtual ” Chapter Rally. Your ideas are always wel- come. We encourage you to suggest anything we can do virtually or

responsibly as a small group. National Rally Plans are still being made for a National Rally in Gillette Wyoming. Please keep checking the FMCA website for the status of this event. So, who can be a National and Chapter member of the FMCA? Go onto the National website, www.fmca.com to join the FMCA. For the local chapter, it is any ORPS owner or ORPS “ long - time renter ” with a Motor Coach, towable RV or 5th wheel . You must be a member of the national FMCA organization first. You will find chapter membership applications near the mailroom in El Saguro and La Palma. National FMCA Benefits include Emergency Medical Assistance as needed, mail forwarding, travel assistance in the event of an issue, discount wireless hotspot, discount tires for your RV or car and a great magazine, just to name a few. The FMCA National parent club dues are $85.00 first year; $75.00 thereafter. Annual local dues are $25.00. New ORPS Chapter members will also need to purchase a name tag, $10 each. Your FMCA ORPS Officers Jeff Buchman , President – (202) - 577 - 6478 - Lot 835 Susanne Strauss , Vice President – (518) 368 - 8084 Lot 632 Vicki Hilmer , Treasurer – (253) - 312 - 0193 - Lot 1082 Ken Hearn , Secretary – (610) - 573 - 3747 - Lot 835 email: kenhearn59@gmail.com Doug Hibl , ORPS FMCA Nat ’ l Director – (209) - 480 - 8971 Lot 99 For any questions, please contact Ken Hearn Fmca Orps Chapter Secretary




PLANNING The Planning Committee for the 2020 - 2021 season held its first Zoom meeting on Thursday, November 12. At this meeting interim officers were selected by the committee. Michael Curley is the interim Chair. Debbie Smith is the interim Vice Chair and Brenda King is the interim Secretary. There was no other business at this meeting. The next Planning Committee's meeting was held on Thursday, December 3. The committee discussed project proposals that had been presented to the Board of Directors at the end of season 2020. One project, was the new Outdoor Tennis Center. While most project plans were completed as planned by the committee in coordination with an architect and resort landscape personnel. There were a couple of changes noted. The committee also discussed the overall "foliage" in the resort. A discussion of... it seems to be a reduction of color and a move to more desert landscape is taking place. Members of the committee will be working with GM Vitrano and Facilities Manager Jessie. The next Planning Committee's meeting was Thursday, January 7. The main topic of interest was the new pickleball sound barrier for noise reduction, but first there were two short reports. First on the resort's Ad Hoc Facilities Planning Committee and a report regarding the Resort's Strategic Plan. The Board of Directors in a motion sent to the Planning Committee was, "To refer to the Planning Committee a request for a review of available noise absorption technologies, selection of a preferred technology and supplier, and for preliminary cost of materials and labor for the Noise Absorption Project." The Planning Committee's Charter says, " The Committee's role is ad- visory to the Board and is to present recommendations on improvements related to the ORPS infrastructure and amenities such as buildings, recreational facilities, equipment, system, etc...The committee based some discussion on priorities that could help in some decision making: Cost, Functionality, Aesthetics, Durability/ Maintenance, Quality of Life for surrounding lots and Benefit for the entire Association. The committee is actively seeking interested association members inter- ested in serving their community to contact one of the officer's listed above. Openings are available. Look in the ORPS Daily Planner for how to access the meeting.

Jeff Evans and Glenn Seligman of the McMahon Group introduced and led a discussion on a first draft of possibilities for both the La Palma clubhouse and the El Saguaro clubhouse, arising from the survey completed by owners in March/April 2020 and Board of Directors input. The committee members – John Boudin, Kathy McCune, Evon Haarklau, Shauna Riely, Maryellen Muir, Allen Gayken, Mike Curley, Bob Livingston & Bob Craven, along with board president Greg Farmer and GM Ed Vitrano – all weighed in with their comments, observations and suggestions on the proposals put forth by the McMahon Group. Bill McMahon and Glen Seligman toured the resort in person on Monday, January 11, 2021, prior to finalizing a second draft. The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Monday, February 8, 2021. The committee will review and discuss this second draft. Don Renoe Planning Committee Board Liaison

Planning Away, Michael Curley Interim Chair


4 10



plastic. You can be a musician for as cheap as $29. 6. ORPS Ukulele Players can play this. Jason Mraz ’ s 2008 single “ I ’ m Yours ” is the best - selling ukulele song of all time. After spending 76 weeks on Bill- board ’ s Hot 100 chart, it broke a record for the number of consecutive weeks spent on the chart. 7. From the UK to the CV. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain was formed in the 1960s and is still hugely popular. They regularly perform worldwide to great critical acclaim and performed at the McCallum Theater in 2019. Watch their entertaining videos on YouTube. 8. To infinity and beyond! The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, loved to play the ukulele. In fact, after visiting the moon he spent several weeks in quarantine strumming his ukulele, as scientists at the time feared he may have picked up strange bacteria while in space. 9. Encore! Encore! While you've probably known this tiny four - stringed instrument as a you - ka - lay - lee, that's an anglicized version of a Hawaiian word. The

UKULELE CLUB February 2, 2021 is National Ukulele Day when ukulele players from around the country and even at ORPS will strum their favorite tunes to celebrate. To get non - ukers up to speed, here ’ s some fun facts about that happy musical instrument. Happy is so true; just try to say ukulele without smiling. 1. The ukulele is not a Hawaiian invention. The birth of the ukulele dates back to 1879 with the landing of Portuguese sailors on Hawaii. The instrument descended from an instrument called a machete brought to the islands. The most common assumption is that “ uku ” and “ lele ” mean “ jumping flea ” because when the Portugese sailors arrived in Hawaii, the Hawaiians saw the players ’ fingers jumping over the fretboard so quickly. According to historians, Queen Lili ’ uokalani (who wrote Aloha`Oe) gave the word a poetic twist by using the other meanings of “ uku ” and “ lele ”: “ gift ” and “ come ”. This made it signify “ a gift that came to us from far away ”. 2. 2. The ukulele overtook the guitar several times almost. In the 1920s, the traditional manufacturer C. F. Martin Guitar, among others, sold as many ukuleles as guitars. During this economic time, the affordable ukulele enabled many manufacturers to survive the difficult years. At the beginning of the 1950s, a plastic ukulele series was manufactured. In the 1960s the ukulele began to be used in schools for music education in Canada. 3. No Beatles, No Uke. We are currently experiencing the third wave of success of the ukulele, which is significantly reinforced by the Internet. This euphoria began in the mid - 1990s, with an ABC documentary about The Beatles in which George Harrison and Paul McCartney come out as ukulele fans. The ukulele rapidly regained popularity. George Harrison is one of the most important characters in the story of the ukulele. He always advocated this instrument. Before he passed away, he collected hundreds of ukuleles and was often seen strumming them or giving them away to friends. 4. Tip Toe Through the Tulips Over the Rainbow. The ukulele made it to the top of the music charts in 1968 with Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through the Tulips. ” The ukulele anthem par excellence is “ Somewhere Over the Rainbow ” by Israel Kamakawiwo ’ ole. Did you know that the “ gentle giant ”, as he was called, died unfortunately in 1997. 5. Pick and strum. Early ukulele strings were made from cat or sheep gut. Most modern ukulele strings are now made of nylon, but you can still find gut strings at specialty shops. Ukuleles most commonly have four strings. The tuning of a four string ukulele is to the notes G, C, E, A. Common ukuleles include the soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes. Traditional and more expensive ukuleles are made of acacia koa wood or mahogany. Cheaper versions are made of laminate or plywood, or even spruce or

Hawaiian pronunciation is oo - koo - ley ley. Pronounce it Hawaiian style, and an ukulele sounds just fine.

The ORPS Ukulele Group meets Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2:00 - 4:00. Returning strummers are welcome to join us this season. Those who already play ukulele and/or guitar, and interested beginners, can start their ukulele journey next season. Contact Marilyn for more information at marilyn.sabens@gmail.com Happy National Ukulele Day! Aloha.

Marilyn Sabens Ukulele Club Director




Remington Post, PGA Director of Golf


Thank you to all golfers who have participated in our tournament this season. We appreciate everyone for

following the current guidelines, in the safest environ- ment possible, while still having fun. Our full field 2020 - 2021 season results are available online at www.tournascore.com/outdoor. Signups for tourna- ments are available through the events tab in ForeTees or through the Starter Shack. Calendars are available, on a monthly basis, at the Lifestyles Office or online at orps.com under the Golf tab. Please email rpost@orps.com with any questions and we will look forward to the rest of the season! Starter Shack Hours: 8 am— 2 pm Daily

1.10.21 Mike Delaney Hole #3 01.12.21 Jane McMeekin Hole #17 01.16.21 Cindy Rosa Hole #11 1.19.21 Jack Scardina Hole #17

01.03.21 Michelle Moore Hole #17

01.08.21 Andy Huck Hole #8 01.08.21 John Mogel Hole #15

Bastiaan DeHaas Two Hole - in - Ones Hole #7 and Hole #12 $50 Pot Winner

Kris McGee Hole #16 $50 Pot Winner






You have a long life ahead of you … Don ’ t let an unhealthy heart get in the way of enjoying your life... You are also less likely to suffer from heart attacks if you follow a heart healthy diet. A nutritious and complete diet promotes a healthy heart. Eating fruits and vegetables may be obvious, but also heart - healthy items include high - fiber foods, whole grains and certain fats (like the fats in olive oil and fish). What other things can you do on a regular basis to feel healthier and increase your longevity? If you are serious about taking care of yourself and reclaiming your health, then you should check out these tips for a healthy Lifestyle.... • Get daily exercise •

Stay away from trans fats, heavy salt, high volumes of alcohol Practice good dental hygiene, specially brushing and flossing teeth daily to avoid gum disease

• Getting enough sleep is essential in keeping a healthy heart • Avoid sitting for long periods of time • Avoid second hand smoke.

Studies show the risk of heart disease is 30% higher being around smokers. Follow these tips and you will be doing your heart a favor. You will feel better and be able to stay active with a heart healthy lifestyle.

*February is American Heart Month

Chavalla Lopez - Bassham Health and Fitness Chair

Water Aerobics

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upper floors. If needed, parents can easily get back and forth to see their children after their procedures. The aluminum lids from the tennis cans are recycled and the money is used for various needs of the House. Committee Corner In this month ’ s Committee Corner I am featuring Kathy Kingsley, who has been the Secretary for the Tennis Committee for the past two years. Kathy ’ s term is up at the end of this season. Her happy smiling face will be missed by the Committee members.


Even though COVID has caused many of our organized tennis events to be delayed and or cancelled so far this season, we are finally up and running with some of our usual and new organized play. Men ’ s Top Gun kicked off on 1/20 with five courts and will run weekly through 03/03. Women ’ s Top Gun started on 1/21 with five courts and will run weekly through 03/04. The format is changed a bit this year but not the competitive spirit of the participants. The Internal Doubles League which is new this year, kicked off on 1/22 with four teams. End date TBD. Definitely a way for some of us to get the competition we are missing from the cancellation of interleague play this year.

The Mixed Ladders started on 1/24 with end date TBD.

I ’ m sorry to report that there are no Horse Races or Mixers planned at this time. Checkout the Monthly Tennis Calendar for a complete list of dates and times for all organized tennis play. Did you know February 23, 2021 is National Tennis Day? So get ready to party or maybe just get out there and play!

Hometown: Port Alberni, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Occupation: Insurance Underwriter for 36 years. Happily retired for the past 10 years.

How ORPS Tennis supports Ronald McDonald House Charities Ever wonder what these boxes you see on the courts are for?

Started Playing Tennis: Started in 2010, my first year at ORPS. Didn ’ t even have a racquet. Been having a blast playing ever since. Other Hobbies: We have a beautiful cabin on Upper Campbell Lake and enjoy boating and water sports in the summer. When we are home in the winter we have some fantastic mountain meadows we snowmobile on. We also have two small grandchildren that are a big part of our world. What advice would you give to someone new to ORPS/ Tennis: Try a little of everything ORPS has to offer. You never know what might catch your interest. Go for a

The ORPS Tennis commu- nity has been collecting tennis can lids for over five seasons with the assistance of Chris Garber. Chris places the collection boxes on the tennis courts, empties them during the season and then takes them to Orange County for the ORPS donation to the

Ronald McDonald House charity.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities plays a very important role with the many issues dealing with children at Children ’ s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). The Victorian Ronald McDonald House in Orange provides every possible need for the parents with their children at CHOC. The full kitchen, family room, study and the laundry room available 24 hours a day as well as a beautiful backyard. The 16 rooms fill the

walk around the resort, you will meet friendly people who often have handy bits of info to pass along.

Dawn Williams Tennis Communications




MONARCH BALL USE ORPS Pickleball club members are most disappointed in the Board ’ s recent decision not to continue the trial of the monarch ball [4:00 PM - 7:00 PM] to the January board meeting, as requested. We hope that this issue can be revisited by the board in a timely manner. PICKLEBALL LESSONS AND DRILLS As of January 7, 2021, lessons are back for beginners and drills for the more experienced player! Come on out from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays to join instructors John Boudin, Karen Schaper, Gary Odekerk and David Crosswhite. Let ’ s hone those skills! HAWAIIAN TOURNAMENT A GREAT SUCCESS This fun tournament format, which saw pickleball partners randomly drawn from a deck of cards, was hugely popular!

NEW YEARS PICKLEBALL FUN!!! ORPS pickleball players welcomed 2021 with a New Year ’ s Eve pickleball tournament and celebration!!!!! GREAT fun was had by all! Round robin winners took home mini - champagne bottles while the winners received a specialty New Year ’ s Eve champagne!!!


Please register through Track - It - Hub.

Thank you to the following amazing people for their contributions on New Year ’ s Eve: Music by DJ Johnny D; great pizzas by Maria and Richard at Bella Roma ’ s; and two One - Shot paddles donated by Dean Tarrabochia and won by Ava Felt!

Lynn Barry Pickleball Public Relations




It is February already?? Usually, February is the month of the year where we spread the love. It is in our human nature to give hugs and kisses to the ones we love, but we all know COVID - 19 has restricted us from doing so. COVID - 19

has tested us to use our minds in more creative ways. This February, I would like to encourage everyone to spread the love by sending a Valentine Gram to your loved ones. Let me remind you … “ Loved ones ” does not have to stop with family. Friends, neighbors, and teammates can also be considered family. Starting February 1 st , drop by the Lifestyle Office and fill out a Valentine Gram for someone you love. Aside from that, we have many other events being add- ed to our Daily Planner for the Lifestyle Department. Please make sure you are signed up so you can receive the latest news. You can find all kinds of information about things going on in the resort, as well as helpful links to help you navigate around the resort. Have you ever taken the wrong turn coming back from visiting with a friend and ended up lost? The Daily Planner has something that can help with all of that. At the bottom of every email, there is a “ Quick links ” Section that offers access to the Resort Map, information about Committee Meetings, and the digital copy of the Oracle. I want to remind you that this year has been hard on all of us, and it is important to remember to take care of ourselves during these hard times. I have recently be- gun to go on more walks, and I have realized how re- freshing it feels to be outside, under the sun, breathing fresh air. I would like to challenge you to keep finding ways to keep your mind and body active, it is little things that count. I ’ ll leave you with a quote that has inspired me to wake up and face the day, “ Faith makes all things possible; love makes all things easy; hope makes all things work, and family and friends make life worth living. ” Alyssa Torres Lifestyle Director

“ It’s a Lifestyle!”

Heart at Clara Burgess Trail

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Aguirre's Propane On Site Fill (760) 342 - 1645

RoundTablePizza.com for online ordering use ' ORPS ' for a 15% discount off of the regular menu price for all orders, cannot be combined with other discounts/promotions. Round Table Pizza #0858

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