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upper floors. If needed, parents can easily get back and forth to see their children after their procedures. The aluminum lids from the tennis cans are recycled and the money is used for various needs of the House. Committee Corner In this month ’ s Committee Corner I am featuring Kathy Kingsley, who has been the Secretary for the Tennis Committee for the past two years. Kathy ’ s term is up at the end of this season. Her happy smiling face will be missed by the Committee members.


Even though COVID has caused many of our organized tennis events to be delayed and or cancelled so far this season, we are finally up and running with some of our usual and new organized play. Men ’ s Top Gun kicked off on 1/20 with five courts and will run weekly through 03/03. Women ’ s Top Gun started on 1/21 with five courts and will run weekly through 03/04. The format is changed a bit this year but not the competitive spirit of the participants. The Internal Doubles League which is new this year, kicked off on 1/22 with four teams. End date TBD. Definitely a way for some of us to get the competition we are missing from the cancellation of interleague play this year.

The Mixed Ladders started on 1/24 with end date TBD.

I ’ m sorry to report that there are no Horse Races or Mixers planned at this time. Checkout the Monthly Tennis Calendar for a complete list of dates and times for all organized tennis play. Did you know February 23, 2021 is National Tennis Day? So get ready to party or maybe just get out there and play!

Hometown: Port Alberni, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Occupation: Insurance Underwriter for 36 years. Happily retired for the past 10 years.

How ORPS Tennis supports Ronald McDonald House Charities Ever wonder what these boxes you see on the courts are for?

Started Playing Tennis: Started in 2010, my first year at ORPS. Didn ’ t even have a racquet. Been having a blast playing ever since. Other Hobbies: We have a beautiful cabin on Upper Campbell Lake and enjoy boating and water sports in the summer. When we are home in the winter we have some fantastic mountain meadows we snowmobile on. We also have two small grandchildren that are a big part of our world. What advice would you give to someone new to ORPS/ Tennis: Try a little of everything ORPS has to offer. You never know what might catch your interest. Go for a

The ORPS Tennis commu- nity has been collecting tennis can lids for over five seasons with the assistance of Chris Garber. Chris places the collection boxes on the tennis courts, empties them during the season and then takes them to Orange County for the ORPS donation to the

Ronald McDonald House charity.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities plays a very important role with the many issues dealing with children at Children ’ s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). The Victorian Ronald McDonald House in Orange provides every possible need for the parents with their children at CHOC. The full kitchen, family room, study and the laundry room available 24 hours a day as well as a beautiful backyard. The 16 rooms fill the

walk around the resort, you will meet friendly people who often have handy bits of info to pass along.

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