February 2021 Oracle

Candidate John Boudin

Candidate Don Allen “ Common Sense ”

My wife Cheri and I have been owners here at Outdoor Resort Palm Springs (ORPS) for four years, after renting for one season. I have been a member of the board for the past three years and I am running for a second

Hi! My name is Don Allen, candidate for the Board of Directors here at Outdoor Resort Palm Springs. My wife, Marlene, and I purchased our lot in ORPS in 2013, and have been spending our winters here ever since. Although I

term. Before I was elected, I served on the Safety and Security Committee and was Vice - chair of the Pickleball Committee. Cheri and I have been married for 37 years and have two grown daughters and one granddaughter. I am the eldest son in a large family with three brothers and four sisters. My parents instilled in us the importance of hard work, honesty, cooperation, and working as a team. These values have been the cornerstone of everything I have done in my life. I am a veteran of the US Navy where I served as a construction electrician with the Seabees. For over 35 years, I worked as an electrician and electrical foreman. Along with supervising and scheduling crews of craftsmen, I was a project manager on many large jobs. I have extensive experience managing and budgeting construction and remodeling projects. In the past I have been a volunteer fireman, a 30 - year USSSA softball umpire, a volunteer coach for various youth athletics, and a member of the Kiwanis. I have been an active and forward thinking ORPS board member and most recently, I was instrumental in the board ’ s decision to bring the Oracle back in printed form, enhancing its use as a marketing tool paid for with business ads. Another project that I introduced was the installation of the televisions in the clubhouses and the main laundry. These provide our renters and owners with continuous updates about events and activities within the resort, with the costs being paid for by third party advertising. Once the costs of installation have been recouped, the positive cash flow will help offset HOA increases for owners. I have been responsible for the regular midweek entertainment for the past three seasons at the ES Clubhouse until the California Stay at Home Order suspended all activities. During my first year on the board, I assisted the Lifestyle and Events directors in contacting and scheduling live bands to entertain and perform in the resort. These events were enjoyed by hundreds and once again, there were no costs borne by ORPS. In fact, revenues from the 19 th Hole bar not only covered entertainment costs but provided additional funds for the resort. I have diligently supported ORPS in numerous capacities as I believe both board members and owners have a responsibility to promote our resort. This has been an exceedingly difficult year for Americans and Canadians alike. I have worked with other board members and the General Manager to help keep our resort safe during this battle with the Covid - 19 virus. I believe, as a world - class RV resort, that we are heading in the right direction and the increase in property values reflects this. If reelected, I pledge to complete the full three - year term. I ask for your support so I may continue to serve ORPS and contribute to its development and future growth.

grew up in Southern California, we spent our last 18 years in Liberty Lake, WA, and are now full - time RVers. During the past 5 summers, we have stayed and worked in Glacier National Park, MT. I am a tour driver, aka: “ Jammer, ” of the historic 1938 Red Buses and I love it. I drive 17 guests up and over the “ Going to the Sun Road ” viewing majestic glaciers, beautiful waterfalls, stunning hikes and wild animals including grizzly bears. This has always been on my “ Bucket List ”. My goals and objectives for the Board of Directors are to bring the Resort to a 5 - Star level, focus on improvements, increase property values, avoid wasteful spending, build Resort loyalty and pride, and settle Hot Button Issues. I want to find ways to lower the HOA Fees and never waste money on projects that don ’ t fulfill the Mission Statement of the resort. I owned a variety of successful businesses including an electronic semiconductor business until my current partial retirement. It is my sales and marketing talent for seeing a need and having the courage to act on it that makes me a good candidate for the Board of Directors at ORPS. I have the ability to sincerely talk with people, make a plan to solve issues, provide a quality product or service solution, then follow up with superior customer service. I have the ability to turn foes into friends. I know how to market using social media and advertising and I have sold several businesses and flipped several homes. The Outdoor Resort Board of Directors deals with many voices and needs of members in our Resort. I feel I can help the board by using my best talent, “ Common Sense ”, to help raise our Resort from a 4 - Star rating, as listed on Yelp and TripAdvisor, to a 5 - Star rating, as stated in our Mission Statement. I have the ability to look at the big picture that best serves the general body of owners and to act on it while treating all owners with respect. We have many wonderful types of clubs and sports within our Resort. Each one is just as important as the next. Each one benefits the Resort in its own way. It ’ s important to cut through the tensions of opposing groups and bring people together. Smart spending on projects that serve the whole Resort community while fulfilling our Mission Statement is “ Common Sense. ” My name is Don Allen, I am all about “ Common Sense ” and I ’ d appreciate your vote!




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