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The most recent meeting of the Finance Committee was January 20.

How to call 911 at ORPS

If there is an emergency in the resort, have one person call 911 and have another person call Security.

We continue to closely monitor ORPS financial results for the impact COVID - 19 has on our income and expenses. For December our revenue was $31,500 below budget and our expenses were $24,200 below budget (due primarily to wage savings), for a net loss of $7,300. The Board asked us to update our forecast end - of - year (June 30, 2021) results; assuming that the remainder of the year is similar to October through December we expect a shortfall for the year of around $198,000. The budget for this fiscal year includes a $142,000 expense contingency which the Board approved due to COVID uncertainties last spring. Since we have some surplus from prior years it continues to look like we can get through this year without too much financial difficulty. Our 30 - year forecast of Reserve expenses (what we spend to repair and replace everything we own) has three or four significant spikes throughout the 2030’ s, mostly for roads. In order to smooth out the cost, pay for things as we wear them out, and avoid any special assessments, the Committee has recommended that the Board budget an increase in the Reserves contribution of 2.97% next year ($2.19 per lot each month), as recom- mended by our outside consulting firm. Management has just started work on next year ’ s budget, we hope that increase will fit within an overall increase of $13, to $419 per lot per month. We ’ ll know more when we get the proposed budget. We ’ re awaiting contractor bids for road repair and maintenance and also a proposal from the Planning Committee for pickleball sound mitigation, so there ’ s nothing new to report about those. Finally, the Committee has recommended that the Board create an ad - hoc Committee to look into repairing, upgrading and potentially reserving for our underground infrastructure (water lines, sewer lines and electricity). Currently repairs and improvements are paid from the annual operating budget as things break, which is becoming more frequent as the resort ages. Our next Committee meeting will be Wednesday, February 17 at 3:00 by Zoom. All Owners are welcome to attend.

When calling 911: • Give the address of the resort - 69411 Ramon Rd and the lot number • If not at a lot, provide your location and if possible a nearby lot #. It is very important to provide landmarks and the closest lot number. Examples: 1. Back 9 little golf course hole #6 Tee Box, near Lot 1092 2. El Saguaro Club house, near lot 751 3. Main Tennis courts at La Palma Club house, near lot 334 4. Satellite F in the south east corner of the resort, near lot 918 (if you don ’ t know north, south, east, west don ’ t give that info) 5. Pickleball courts next to El Saguaro Clubhouse, near lot 1132 6. Fitness Center at La Palma Clubhouse by the pool, near lot 346 The Fire Department maps don ’ t label all the areas of the resort, BUT they do show every LOT Number!! Providing the closest Lot number will give them the best chance of finding the emergency quickly.

When calling Security: • Call 760 - 770 - 0065 •

Notify Security of the location of the incident and tell them emergency responders are on the way.

This is so the security staff can assist the emergency responders in finding the emergency. If the security staff at the front gate knows the location of the emergency before the Fire Department arrives, we have a much better chance of assisting the Fire Department in locating the emergency. The Security staff will never stop the responding

emergency vehicles, but if they are ready for their arrival this will speed up the response.

Tobi Perkins Safety and Security Chair

Doug German, Finance Chair




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