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ARCHITECTURE & AESTHETICS Permits are Required for Lot Improvements

Most lot improvements, except for routine trimming and weeding require a permit. Some permits, are free, such as repair of a lot light, repair of 5 th wheel enclosures, repair of stairs and removal of trees and hedges. A $25 fee is required for all other permits. In either case, pick up a permit application in the front office. Julia, our Community Standards Coordinator will help you prepare and submit your application. Plot plans are available for your lot either in the front office or by logging in at www.orpshoa.com. Always post the red permit on the palm tree before the work starts and leave the red permit on the tree until the A&A Committee makes a final inspection and approves the quality of the work performed by your contractor. Get Some Friendly Advice Many owners get practical advice on lot improvement projects from one of our many experienced contractors or landscapers. Others ask our Community Standards Coordinator to arrange a consultation with members of the A&A committee. Getting advice is an easy way to avoid violating one of the A&A rules. Brick Border Problems Brick boarders are required around planters and fences. Bricks must be cemented in place. Otherwise, routine lawn mowing by Vintage will dislodge the brick borders and a violation notice will be issued to the owner. Volunteers R Us A&A volunteers take pride in helping owners upgrade their lots. Often, practical advice is given that will help assure the success of your project. And then the committee ’ s final inspection will help you guarantee that your contractor has performed the work properly. If you would like to join the committee, contact myself or any member of the committee for information. Permits for Summer Work Please file you permit requests by April 1 for summer - time projects so that approval can be issued while our A&A volunteers are in the resort. This will avoid delays in your approval. Charlie Leahy A&A Chair

Captain Jeff Buchman on San Francisco Bay training for next career. Probably February 2020




2020 – 2021 Vice President Susanne Strauss and the board are making plans for the scaled back “ Virtual ” Chapter Rally. Your ideas are always wel- come. We encourage you to suggest anything we can do virtually or

responsibly as a small group. National Rally Plans are still being made for a National Rally in Gillette Wyoming. Please keep checking the FMCA website for the status of this event. So, who can be a National and Chapter member of the FMCA? Go onto the National website, www.fmca.com to join the FMCA. For the local chapter, it is any ORPS owner or ORPS “ long - time renter ” with a Motor Coach, towable RV or 5th wheel . You must be a member of the national FMCA organization first. You will find chapter membership applications near the mailroom in El Saguro and La Palma. National FMCA Benefits include Emergency Medical Assistance as needed, mail forwarding, travel assistance in the event of an issue, discount wireless hotspot, discount tires for your RV or car and a great magazine, just to name a few. The FMCA National parent club dues are $85.00 first year; $75.00 thereafter. Annual local dues are $25.00. New ORPS Chapter members will also need to purchase a name tag, $10 each. Your FMCA ORPS Officers Jeff Buchman , President – (202) - 577 - 6478 - Lot 835 Susanne Strauss , Vice President – (518) 368 - 8084 Lot 632 Vicki Hilmer , Treasurer – (253) - 312 - 0193 - Lot 1082 Ken Hearn , Secretary – (610) - 573 - 3747 - Lot 835 email: kenhearn59@gmail.com Doug Hibl , ORPS FMCA Nat ’ l Director – (209) - 480 - 8971 Lot 99 For any questions, please contact Ken Hearn Fmca Orps Chapter Secretary




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