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A F ather - and -S on T radition THE VALUE OF HEROES

By the time you read this, summer will have officially come to a close. While I won’t miss the sweltering heat and humidity, I’m sad to see another season of blockbuster movies go, especially after the cliffhanger ending of “Avengers: Infinity War.” While that film ended on a sour note, I’ve loved

Well, fast-forward to 2008 and the release of “Iron Man.” I thought it was a pretty cool action film, but my 5-year-old son, Daniel, was hooked. In the years since, we’ve seen every single Marvel movie together. These films have become a great father-and-son tradition these past 10 years, and while I’ll always

help us relate to one another. Daniel is 15 years old now, and anyone who has raised a teenager will tell you how hard it can be to connect with them. Most boys Daniel’s age don’t think of their fathers as being “cool” enough to hang out with on a regular basis. Reaching out to them can be a struggle. Sometimes you need to call in the Avengers. When Daniel and I go to the theater, those larger-than-life heroes break down the barriers between us. We’re caught up in the action and drama, and when we leave the theater, it’s all we can talk about. On the drive home, we laugh, slap the dashboard, and recount our favorite scenes. These moments are small but powerful. We’re not just connecting as father and son but as honest-to-goodness superhero fans, and I love every minute of it.

“The real power in these films isn’t in the way they help us relate to the characters on the screen; it’s how they help us relate to one another.”

the past decade of superhero movies by and large. Not only can these films provide us with role models larger than ourselves, they also provide an opportunity for family members of all ages to find common ground and connect with one another. When I was growing up, I loved Batman. This was back in the Michael Keaton days, with the muscular suit and Jack Nicholson’s suave, conniving Joker. I wasn’t the world’s biggest comic book fan while growing up in rural Alabama, but I certainly understood the divide between DC and Marvel comics and thought of myself as siding with the former. How can you do better than Batman and Superman, right?

enjoy the Batman films of my youth, I have to say that Captain America is my new favorite hero. That’s the great part about the huge cast of superhero movies that have come out: everyone can find a hero they can relate to or aspire to be. Daniel has always been a fan of Iron Man’s blend of charm and smarts, while I prefer Captain America’s integrity and moral compass. It’s awesome that our modern heroes come in all shapes and sizes so every one of us can find a character we connect with and strive to become. But the real power in these films isn’t in the way they help us relate to the characters on the screen; it’s how they

Here’s to the hero in all of us,



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Cooking Oils Declassified

Which Resolution Company Should I Choose?

Specialized Service Solutions

A tax resolution (or tax relief) company is a service company that offers financial and legal assistance to private and corporate taxpayers who are looking to resolve complicated tax issues. In recent years, the tax relief industry has improved tax compliance in the U.S. Unfortunately, there has also been an emergence of deceitful companies. This has created a bad reputation in the industry, and people are wary of companies marketing themselves as a quick and easy solution to taxpayer debt. Here are three things you should look for to make sure a tax firm is the real deal. A tax resolution company is only as good as the staff it employs. Each employee must be able to legally represent you in front of the IRS or contribute to the process during your case. That’s why a quality team of representatives must include these professionals: • Certified public accountants (CPA): Accountants trained to help taxpayers with their records • Enrolled agents: Tax specialists authorized at a federal level to represent taxpayers • Tax attorneys: Lawyers who specialize in legal tax matters A Team of Skilled Professionals

Professional tax resolution services offer guidance on many tax- related issues, including tax-related bankruptcy, payroll problems, wage garnishments, liens, collection appeals, and audits. All of these services protect your rights as a taxpayer. This diversity is also a sign of quality. A company that provides advanced, tax-specific services is specialized enough to represent clients on both legal and accountancy matters. Facing the proverbial tax wall of the IRS as a taxpayer, can be incredibly nerve-wracking. In those situations, it’s tough to establish trust with tax resolution specialists, even ones with outstanding reputations. Remember that you hold the keys to your tax relief, so take your time. Explore all the options available until you find the one that’s right for you. If you require more advice or want to learn more about our track record, contact us at Golden Tax Relief, and let’s find a solution together. Ratings and Referrals

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AN IMPORTANT LESSON Life Is Always Worth More Than Tax Debt

In covering high-profile examples of people landing in hot water with the IRS, our team at Golden Tax Relief is always looking for a teachable lesson. Sometimes that can be as simple as “Not even Al Capone could cheat the tax man” or as uplifting as “Robert Downey Jr. was able to make a plan to pay his debt and turn his life around.” In this edition, we wanted to draw our readers’ attention to a tragic story in the hopes of preventing similar acts in the future. Lowell Hawthorne, founder and CEO of the Golden Krust restaurant chain, took his life last December. The Jamaican-born founder of the popular Caribbean bakery and grill had been an inspiration to many in the business world, growing a single store in the Bronx to a national phenomenon with over 120 restaurants spanning nine states. He was married and had four children. While it is impossible to know Hawthorne’s heart at the time of his tragic suicide, friends and relatives have

pointed to the entrepreneur’s tax debt as being a source of considerable stress. He was facing severe tax liens, including $150,000 in city taxes and an additional $15,000 in state taxes in New York. Hawthorn had also admitted that he feared a federal investigation into his tax debt. Suicide is tragically common among those who find themselves deep in the red with the IRS. We want to make it abundantly clear that you have many options when it comes to settling your debts and getting your life back on track, and taking your own life isn’t one of them. If you’ve had thoughts about hurting yourself, please reach out to loved ones or seek counseling. When it comes to your taxes, there are several avenues tax relief specialists like ourselves can help you use to manage your debts. No matter howmuch you personally owe the IRS, it will never be worth your life.



A take on the classic “devils on horseback” hors d’oeuvres, this recipe requires only three ingredients. These little bundles of flavor are the perfect finger food for your next get-together.


16 very thin slices of pancetta (or cured, unsmoked bacon)

3 ounces manchego cheese, 1/4 inch thick Toothpicks for skewering

2 pink lady apples


1. Core apples and cut each into 8 wedges. Remove rind of manchego cheese and cut into 2-inch sticks. 2. Heat a grill pan or skillet to medium-high. 3. On a cutting board, lay pancetta or bacon slices flat and place an apple wedge and piece of cheese in the center of each. 4. Roll pancetta tightly and skewer with toothpick. 5. Grill until cheese is melted and pancetta or bacon is golden and crispy, about 5 minutes. 6. Drain excess grease on a paper towel and serve hot.

Inspired by Food & Wine magazine






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3 of the Weirdest Cryptids in Pseudoscientific History The Monsters Some Believe Are Real

There are people who would have you believe that monsters live among us all year long. These individuals, referred to as cryptozoologists (or just “wishful thinkers” by their skeptics), believe a hidden animal kingdom exists just beyond the edge of mainstream biological science. Here are three of the weirdest, almost-certainly imaginary “cryptids” to ever capture the human imagination. The Jersey Devil According to legend, the 1.1 million-acre Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey are home to more than just birds and deer. The story goes that when one Jane Leeds gave birth to her 13th child, she was dismayed to add yet another kid to her responsibilities. She cried out, “Oh, let this one be the devil!” Shortly after the child was born, the boy was transmogrified into a twisted creature with the malformed head of a goat, leathery wings, and a

thrashing, forked tail. After slicing the midwife with its ragged claws, the beast flew up the chimney and fled into the trees. Hundreds of years later, the beast is still said to creep the backwoods on its cloven hooves, glowering from the blackness with shining, red eyes. The Bunyip When European settlers began edging into the territory of Aboriginal Australians, they heard whispered, frightened tales of a man-eating “water spirit” that lived in the lakes and rivers of the area. Descriptions of the creature varied wildly. The monster was alternately described as an enormous starfish, an alligator- like creature with the head of an emu, or a massive bulldog-faced beast. But accounts held one thing in common: The monster claimed the lives of any who dared camp near its watery domain.

The Loveland Frog One night, near Loveland, Ohio, a man reportedly beheld a trio of bipedal frog- people slapping their webbed feet along the side of the road. If that wasn’t enough, one even had a magic wand, which shot sparks as the man ran off. Apparently, not all mythical beasts are bloodthirsty monsters; some are a little more Kermit than Cthulhu.


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