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Chemical Processing Services Ltd

The King’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious awards for UK businesses and are designed to recognise outstanding achievements. Chemical Processing Services Ltd (CPS) is delighted and extremely proud to have been recognised and to have received the inaugural King’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category. This award stems from the creation of its newly patented specialist biochemistry that is offered under the Furalkamine brand. These disruptive polymers are derived from sustainable feedstocks, are regulatory compliant, and convey outstanding resilience and longevity to epoxy systems formulated for use in the most hostile environments. Leading the way CPS is an innovative polymer design organisation founded by Paul H. Jones purely to generate disruptive new materials for advanced performance, compliance with global regulatory standards, and to reduced petrochemical reliance. CPS undertakes Horizon scanning in order to identify future market needs, regulatory changes and opportunities to meet sustainable development goals. With increasing pressure to move from oil derived materials and the ever- reducing acceptable threshold levels for chemicals classified as substances of very high concern, the industry requires new types of chemistry. This

initiated a quest to develop such polymers, and the resultant Furalkamine chemistry demonstrates that the ingenuity and innovation that fathered the industrial revolution will help to rectify the anthropogenic damage inflicted on our planet. This patented bio based chemistry, and others being generated by CPS, will help lead the way in regulatory compliant polymers that enable us to move away from petrochemical reliance. Furalkamines can be used in a wide variety of applications and, in keeping with UN initiatives and targeting Sustainable Development Goals, the Furalkamine grades tick a multitude of boxes aside from their green sustainable feedstock and high bio-based carbon content. These materials not only satisfy new regulations, but they also provide exceptional cure response and can operate under adverse conditions. They have been formulated to be robust enough for use in a broad number of climatic conditions and as such allow formulation of systems that can be successfully employed all over the globe.

“Addressing anthropogenic damage and driving towards net zero whilst enhancing product performance and protecting health is the basis of our business. This is what motivates us to continue to design new chemistry like the innovative bio-based regulatory compliant Furalkamine polymers. “Pushing for net zero requires a holistic approach, but we feel privileged to be part of the Scientific community and for the contribution we can make to help address these requirements.” This award completes a trilogy. Paul is also the Managing Director of two other businesses, both currently holding Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the Innovation category for products he invented to combat endocrine disruption in packaging applications, and a further high- performance biopolymer for specialist coatings. Paul also sits in an EU Horizon funded consortium called FOREST [Advanced lightweight materials for energy-efficient structures] with a remit to decarbonise the transport sector in Europe. This project is also utilising some of the technology from Paul’s businesses in order to push to net zero targets. CHEMICAL PROCESSING SERVICES LTD High Moor Manor, High Moor Lane, Appley Bridge, Wigan WN6 9PS Tel: 01257 425512 • company/chemical-processing-services-ltd-cps

Driving towards net zero Paul H. Jones is the founder, Managing Director and formulator of the products. He says: “I am absolutely delighted that CPS has won the King’s Award for Enterprise, especially in the innovation category.

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