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May 2018


Since Jan. 5, my team and I have been embroiled in a wildly inconvenient expansion and remodel process, as Focus Physical Therapy has taken over the suite next door and combined it into a much larger space. As with any remodel project, it took a lot longer than we ever could have imagined. But finally, just a few weeks back, all the details were wrapped up. The clinic has now almost doubled in physical size, with all kinds of little aesthetic and quality-of-life upgrades, enabling us to serve our patients even better than we could before. We’re thrilled to show off our new facility, which really gives both our clinicians and patients the space they need to stretch out. And to all our wonderful, incredibly “patient” patients who have stuck with us throughout the process, we’d like to offer a sincere thank you for your understanding. Let me tell you, this expansion has been a long time coming. They started work on the new space way back at the beginning of the year, but if you’ve ever facilitated any kind of remodeling or renovation project, you’ll understand that we had no idea just what we were getting into. While the new space was being built, we kept our original office. Then we flip-flopped and shifted over to give the contractors the chance to work on our original space as well. When all that was done, we finally knocked down the dividing wall, creating one big open space.

taped some temporary carpet down to make the place feel at least a little more welcoming and a little less like a CrossFit gym. Slowly but surely, everything came together, and it started to look like a real clinic again. By now, it looks even better than before, with all kinds of fantastic new additions that make it so much better for our patients. Any patient who has visited us before should immediately notice the improvement and added comfort the larger space provides, but it’s also given us an opportunity to offer all kinds of new workshops and services. Chief among these is our new personal training service, where patients can continue to achieve their fitness goals even after they’ve been discharged from treatment — more on that on Page 3 of this newsletter! The extra space will also allow us to run more group classes and educational workshops. In addition, community- centered health initiatives can operate right out of the clinic. And with even more private treatment rooms, we can give patients the privacy they desire. Looking around at the finished product, I have to say I’m excited about the expansion. Though it was an emotional roller coaster at times, it’s clear now that it was well worth it, for my team and the incredible people they serve.

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But we were still far from done. For a while, our brand-new space didn’t have any flooring; it was just a cold, concrete slab while we waited for the guys to get in and set it up. In the meantime, we

Focus Physical Therapy • Call 949.709.8770 • 1 -Julian Manrique

Laser Therapy Relieves Pain and Inflammation Associated With

• Sprains & Strains • Low back pain • Shoulder & knee • Sports injuries

• Sciatica • Tendonitis & Tendonosis • Foot & ankle conditions • And much more!


• Neck pain • Disc issues

SUCCESS STORIES “Physical therapy has been a positive experience here at Focus with Julian and all of the PT assistants. I had my torn rotator cuff repaired in my shoulder, and through many treatments with Julian and the PT assistants, my shoulder has responded positively, with good outcomes in strength and mobility. Everyone who works at Focus has made it such a positive experience.” -Robin Faris

“It’s comforting to find a physical therapy group that takes the time to learn and understand the patient’s history and problems. I came to Focus with a neck problem that was causing much pain and discomfort. “After giving my history, a treatment plan was developed. After 10 sessions and three laser treatments, the pain was considerably alleviated. Also, I was given a series of daily exercises to do at home.

“All of the staff members provide a very friendly and professional atmosphere. I would highly recommend Focus.”

Robin and Julian

-Colleen Barnes


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Personal Training Centered Around Your Specific Needs The Newest Program at Focus Physical Therapy

You don’t have to be a past patient of Focus Physical Therapy

At Focus Physical Therapy, we’re dedicated to helping our patients return to doing the things they love. But we know that physical therapy doesn’t always end once the patient is pain-free. Some patients still have fitness goals they want to achieve, or they may need guidance for maintaining functional movement and overall health. Others may not need physical therapy at all — but they may be interested in seeking out a trainer who can help them reach their specific fitness goals with an eye toward avoiding injury. That’s why the team at Focus Physical Therapy is excited to announce our new personal training service ! Our fitness experts are well-versed in the details of human movement and can help you reach new heights of health and well-being. They can also teach you to focus on the day-to-day functions of your musculoskeletal system to help you achieve your goals. For years, we’ve received requests for personal training in our clinic, but we lacked the space. Now, with our recent expansion, we have ample room to stretch out and guide our patients to achieve functional, full-body fitnes outside of physical therapy treatment.

to get the incredible benefits our personal trainers offer. Whether you’re looking to feel better, move better, or look better, we can break down your goals and create a personalized exercise plan that will get you there. Unlike other personal training programs, ours are built around years of education and experience in the principles of AFS, or applied functional science, and administered by a skilled physical therapist aide. This means that, no matter your level of fitness or goal, we can tailor an evolving set of exercises for you that accommodates your precise needs. We’ll never push you harder than you need, providing a safe, comfortable environment to transform your fitness and overall well-being. If you’re interested in trying out our personal training services and restoring your body to peak function, give Focus Physical Therapy a call at 949.709.8770. We’ll set up an initial consultation to determine the best path forward and get you geared up for success!



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Growth Comes to Focus

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Success Stories Focus Physical Therapy Now Offers Personal Training!

Sautéed Zucchini and Squash With Feta


Meet Andrina Ramsey!

The PT Aide Behind Our New Personal Training Program

Andrina loves the work she does with the team at Focus, but for her, it’s all about the patients. “I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction when my patients tell me, ‘Look what I can do now!’ when they’re able to do what they love again, free of pain.” This month, Andrina is most excited about spearheading our new personal training program ! Now, in addition to her duties as a PT aide, she’ll be helping clients and previous patients achieve new levels of fitness and functional mobility after they exit physical therapy. “I’m certainly thrilled at the prospect of seeing some of my favorite patients again,” she says. “But really, I love using my brain to figure out the puzzle of each person’s particular needs, to determine what types of exercises will benefit them most while still keeping it enjoyable and fun.” When she’s not at the clinic, you can usually find Andrina traveling around the world, exploring nature, reading, or visiting eclectic museums. She’s an incredibly friendly, compassionate person with a wide range of interests and talents, and we’re excited to see how she applies her 20-plus years of personal training to our brand-new program!

Soon after Andrina Ramsey had her second child and made a pact with herself to finally get fit, she found herself obsessed with her new pursuit. “Whatever it was just clicked with me,” she says, “I got super hooked. I became a gym rat, an exercise maniac — it was a new thing in my life.” Almost immediately, she began to realize the amazing benefits of health and exercise. As she learned more, she developed a desire to share her knowledge and experience with others who, like her, had always wanted to get in shape but had previously struggled to do so. Within three years, she was working as a certified personal trainer in a local gym. After a few years as a traditional personal trainer, she wanted to do even more to help the people she served. “I started to develop more of an interest in the clinical side of things, helping people recover from injuries rather than just steering already-healthy clients toward their aesthetic goals.”

Andrina has now been a physical therapy aide coordinator at Focus Physical Therapy for over seven years and counting.


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