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May 2018


Since Jan. 5, my team and I have been embroiled in a wildly inconvenient expansion and remodel process, as Focus Physical Therapy has taken over the suite next door and combined it into a much larger space. As with any remodel project, it took a lot longer than we ever could have imagined. But finally, just a few weeks back, all the details were wrapped up. The clinic has now almost doubled in physical size, with all kinds of little aesthetic and quality-of-life upgrades, enabling us to serve our patients even better than we could before. We’re thrilled to show off our new facility, which really gives both our clinicians and patients the space they need to stretch out. And to all our wonderful, incredibly “patient” patients who have stuck with us throughout the process, we’d like to offer a sincere thank you for your understanding. Let me tell you, this expansion has been a long time coming. They started work on the new space way back at the beginning of the year, but if you’ve ever facilitated any kind of remodeling or renovation project, you’ll understand that we had no idea just what we were getting into. While the new space was being built, we kept our original office. Then we flip-flopped and shifted over to give the contractors the chance to work on our original space as well. When all that was done, we finally knocked down the dividing wall, creating one big open space.

taped some temporary carpet down to make the place feel at least a little more welcoming and a little less like a CrossFit gym. Slowly but surely, everything came together, and it started to look like a real clinic again. By now, it looks even better than before, with all kinds of fantastic new additions that make it so much better for our patients. Any patient who has visited us before should immediately notice the improvement and added comfort the larger space provides, but it’s also given us an opportunity to offer all kinds of new workshops and services. Chief among these is our new personal training service, where patients can continue to achieve their fitness goals even after they’ve been discharged from treatment — more on that on Page 3 of this newsletter! The extra space will also allow us to run more group classes and educational workshops. In addition, community- centered health initiatives can operate right out of the clinic. And with even more private treatment rooms, we can give patients the privacy they desire. Looking around at the finished product, I have to say I’m excited about the expansion. Though it was an emotional roller coaster at times, it’s clear now that it was well worth it, for my team and the incredible people they serve.

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But we were still far from done. For a while, our brand-new space didn’t have any flooring; it was just a cold, concrete slab while we waited for the guys to get in and set it up. In the meantime, we

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