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PEAK PERFORMANCE PHYSICAL THERAPY OKEMOS LOCATION Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body GRAND OPENING !

Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

The Peak Perspective I am overjoyed to see the warm welcome that the whole community has offered to us in Meridian Township. It is a blessing to be able to provide high-quality care to so many wonderful people on the east and west sides of Lansing. We are looking forward to continuing to be a resource for everyone that is injured or in pain in the Lansing community. - Jill Marlan SHOULDER, ELBOW&WRIST PAIN Enjoy Precious Moments Without Fear of Pain!

Common issues that can lead to shoulder, wrist and elbow pain include: • Issues with poor posture • Carpal tunnel syndrome, which can develop from overuse of the wrist and regular, repetitive motions, such as typing • Heavy lifting • Athletic injuries • Muscle sprain and strains • Dislocation or hyperextension of the joints Oneof thebiggestconcernsregardingpain in thewrist,elbowandshoulder is that it is difficult to impossible to actually allow these parts of the body time to rest. Every movement and action requires these body parts — and when the pain develops in both arms, as it often does, treating the pain becomes even more complicated. It is impossible to care for your basic needs without involving your shoulder or wrist, let alone get through a day at the office. This iswhysomany issuesregardingpain in thewrists,elbowsandshoulders typicallybecomechronic.Since it isdifficult toallow thesebodyparts time to properly rest, theycontinuebeingoverusedand thepaincanactuallyworsen.

It’s time to say goodbye to elbow, wrist and shoulder pain once and for all. Identifying the cause of your pain and taking steps to combat ill habits that may be contributing to your discomfort can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Wave goodbye to pain in your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders with targeted techniques from your experienced physical therapists. What is Causing the Pain? Think about the tasks that make up the majority of your day-to-day life. It is often said that life in the 21st century is way easier on the body than life during any other time in human history — and it’s true that there is a fair amount of evidence to support this idea. Rather than spending all of your days working in a factory or on a farm, the vast majority of Americans work indoors, often at a computer for a predetermined number of hours week after week. But this new lifestyle isn’t exactly harmless for the body, either. There are plenty of ways in which the common tasks of 21st-century life put the body under a great deal of stress. Sedentary lifestyles frequently contribute to weight gain, which increases your risk for a long list of obesity-related diseases. This puts additional stress on your body, which could result in pain in crucial joints like your shoulders, elbows and yes, even your wrists. But even aside from that, there are a lot of potential issues that your body can face as a result of sedentary behavior in the workplace — including shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. Elbow, wrist and shoulder injuries are especially common as a result of workplace injury and overuse. While it is sometimes possible to take action to prevent an injury from developing, it is especially important to be able to recognize when an injury develops and to understand ways that you can combat that injury by identifying what may have caused the pain to develop in the first place.

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Addressing the pain early on is the best way to prevent an issue from becoming chronic. Turning to medication and braces for pain management is not a long-term solution and will only push off the inevitable truth — that you need to

find a solution for the problem that is causing you pain. Physical therapy is the ideal tool for support in this regard. Working with a physical therapist will provide you with an opportunity to understand what movements may be causing further discomfort, and can help you to strengthen the surrounding muscles while improving range of motion, which together will likely alleviate some of the pain associated with your injury. Don’t assume that pain in your elbows, wrists or shoulders will go away on its own. It is more common for the pain to worsen, and compensating for the pain by overusing the opposite arm can cause further injury to develop. For support with learning how to manage the pain, and to learn exercises and techniques that can help you overcome the injury and restore proper strength and functionality to your shoulders, wrists and elbows, contact your physical therapist. If you are suffering with shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain, call us today to learn more about how we can relieve your pain, returning you to a more active, pain-free life!

Relieve Wrist Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing wrist pain.

Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Strengthens Hand

PINCH GRIP Pinch tip of finger and thumb together. Hold for 5 seconds repeat 8 times.

Pre Heat oven to 400 degrees. Slice zucchini lengthwise and scoop out seeds. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Place on baking sheet. Using 1/2 of the goat cheese, spread small amount into the zucchini and cover with marinara sauce. Drop dots of remaining cheese over the marinara, bake until cheese is soft and marinara is bubbling (about 20 minutes).

• Four medium-sized zucchinis • One 5oz log of goat cheese • 1-2 cups of marinara sauce • Chopped parsley

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Practice News

Patient Success Spotlight

We held our ribbon cutting for our new Okemos location on September 10th with the help of many members of the local community who were there to offer a warm welcome.

Several members of the Peak Performance Physical Therapy team stopped in to Bigbby’s Okemos location on 2 separate occasions to buy coffee for the first 30 customers to come in that day. We had a great time meeting the local residents and introducing them to our new clinical location!

“What I have enjoyed the most is that I have been challenged and the therapists and staff let me challenge myself. At other offices, they never took me to the place that I would or could recover. But I feel I will recover for the first time in 10+ years.” - V.B. I feel I will recover for the first time in 10+ years.

We welcomed our very first patient at our new clinical location with a gift basket full of Peak gear and a free massage! We are glad to be able to help so many people now on the east side of Lansing and are gracious for the support the community has shown.

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Discover How To Live Pain Free! At Peak Performance PhysicalTherapy, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions.



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