Ellis: Determining The Origins Of Pain


• Consider exactly where the pain occurs in your body, and research what the different parts of the body are called so that you can have an accurate and helpful conversation about your pain. For example, back pain has a lot of different differentiations, and lumbar pain (which is in the lower back) is frequently caused by factors different from what would cause upper-back or neck pain. • How does the pain feel when it develops? Is it a lingering ache? Is it a sharp stab? Is it more of a tingling feeling? Each of these sensations are actuallyassociatedwithdifferenttypesofproblems,sodescribingyourpain appropriately may be helpful in determining the best treatment methods for your body’s needs. •Whatdoyouthinkmaybecausingthepain?Ofcourse, ithappensthatapain willdevelop,andyouaredumbfoundedas towhy,butmoreoften thannot, there issomething thatyou thinkcouldbe influencing it. If thepainstarted around the same time as a change in environment or life circumstances, then it is worth telling your physical therapist about the association. Another thing to consider about your pain is whether or not it develops at particular times of the day or year. There are plenty of situations when someonebegins toexperiencepainwhen theweatherstarts tochange,and it turns out that the pain is a result of arthritis and inflammation. There are othersituations inwhich thepainwilldevelopasa resultofprolongedsitting or the opposite — such as when things get crazy at home or at work, and you find that you are not getting as much sleep as usual. Considering any changes in your daily habits or environmental factors can be very helpful in determining what is causing your pain. Regardless of where your pain is, how long you’ve been dealing with it, or how intense the pain feels, the smart thing to do when pain develops is to

speak with a physical therapist. Working with a physical therapist can help you finally get a step ahead of your pain, finding treatment options that are designed toprovideyouwith long-termrelief insteadof temporaryrelieffrom medication. For more information about physical therapy for overcoming bodily pain, contact us.

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Exercise Essentials Flexibility, strength, and stability are needed to keep you loose and pain-free... Not all exercises are appropriate for every person. Please consult with a healthcare provider before starting.

SUPERMAN Lie on your stomach as shown. Lift your arms and legs off the floor slightly at the same time. Repeat 5 times. Strengthens Core

Strengthens Knees KNEE SQUEEZE

Stand with good posture, and a foam roll or pillow between knees. Reach overhead, engage core, squeeze foam roll or pillow. Bend forward at the hips, reaching toward toes. Repeat 3 times.




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