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Welcome to the Law Offices of Paul Levin, Larry Brick!

If you recall the May edition of our newsletter, we referenced how our network of multiple office locations creates a complex we like to call “The Law Buildings.” The elaborate web of offices throughout this matrix creates a hive of information sharing. Lawyers, clerks, private investigators, and other businesses all mingle to learn from each other and grow. That’s why we love to tell people that if we can’t solve your problem in our practice, we definitely know of someone with integrity and ability who can. In some cases, we build such profound relationships based on reciprocity and shared paradigms that friendship just won’t cut it. That’s what happened when we decided to join forces with Lawrence (Larry) Brick. At our firm, we’re always trying to find ways to expand what we offer to better serve our clients. Larry brings a wealth of experience in all things workers’ compensation, so when we were presented with the opportunity to welcome him on board, the decision was easy.

community college, so service to our community is a big part of his entire family’s life. Larry’s knowledge and ability to help clients make him a powerful new weapon in our arsenal, but it’s the breadth of his knowledge and how he applies his expertise to better people’s lives that have us feeling lucky. “I just want to serve clients to the best of my

ability,” says Larry. “Being a part of this team means we have more resources to do everything we can for the clients. That’s what most people don’t understand. Workers’ comp is all about the clients. There are lots of underdogs out there, and they need advocates.” Bringing Larry on board has been a seamless process because we’ve been collaborating for over 20 years and had the wonderful opportunity of learning and growing under his support and guidance on many cases. Rather than simply exchanging pleasantries back and forth, we’re now under one roof and one mission: to get results for our clients. We’re still working toward that objective, but as Larry says, “I’m still learning every day as a lawyer. Working with Paul and Kelly is just another step in that direction.” If Larry isn’t busting cases wide open, you’re sure to find him hanging out with his family and playing with his lovely Maltese, Lexi. Don’t worry; no one is replacing Jack, but it’s nice to have another dog lover on the team. We’re incredibly excited to have Larry assisting our firm, and we know you’ll love him too. If you see Larry hanging around 53 Oak Street in “The Law Buildings,” say hi. If you need his expertise, give him a ring at 860-521-5720.


According to Larry, he was drawn to the stability of the firm. “I’ve worked very hard to be where I am in my career, and I don’t want to waste my decades of experience,” says Larry. “Paul, Kelly and the team at the Law Offices of Paul Levin are amazing. They’ve supported my professional effort while we all work to serve the people of Connecticut better.” Larry has been practicing law here for 40 years, helping countless people throughout the state of Connecticut. His passion for our state spills into all facets of his work. His wife was a school teacher for 33 years at Buckley High School in Hartford, where she served as chairperson of the school board, and currently teaches at a local

–Paul Levin & Kelly Kasheta

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