Strategic Technology Plan - 2019-2024


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The City of Irvine’s (City) Strategic Technology Plan (STP) highlights the City’s investments in Information  Technology (IT) and provides a five‐year technical and financial forecast. The STP supports the City’s  immediate needs and defines strategic priorities to maintain operational viability, increase efficiency, and  promote innovation. The STP is updated bi‐annually to capture evolving City priorities, reflect the latest  technology trends, and ensure responsiveness to customer needs. The City Council adopts the STP, setting  priorities, and funding for technology initiatives.  STP Focus Areas   Cloud Computing  Cyber Security  Disaster Recovery

 Innovative Solutions  Mobility Solutions  Open Data

The STP helped achieve significant accomplishments in increasing efficiency and enhancing services in  Fiscal Year 2018‐19.   Achievements 

 Access Irvine Mobile Application  Electronic Plan Review System

 Inspector Mobility Systems  Microfiche Digital Conversion  Server Virtualization and Datacenter Consolidation The proposed technology budget of $19,230,800 for FY 2019‐ 20 and $19,088,818 for FY 2020‐21 consists of shared costs,  department projects, and telecommunications.   The FY 2019‐20 budget decreased over the previous year as a  result of completing various projects, consolidation of three  data centers, and implementation of cost saving initiatives.


FY 2019‐21 Adopted Budget 

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