Strategic Technology Plan - 2019-2024


Strategic technology initiatives include enhancement of core services and high value new projects. Core  IT services include outsourcing contracts, operational services, and recurring maintenance. Strategic  initiatives include accommodating new facility technology needs, replacement of end‐of‐life equipment,  and upgrades to mission‐critical applications.   Department Projects  In addition to the Shared Technology costs, there are other technology costs specific to department  operations which are allocated directly to each department. The departments are investing in recurring  maintenance items specific to their operations and in new technologies that add value and return on  investment. Projects targeted in the STP as department projects include the permitting software (Eden)  for Community Development and replacement of the Public Safety Record Management and Computer  Aided Dispatch systems.   Telecommunications  The Telecommunications Fund supports the enhancement and maintenance of the City’s unified  communication systems, including telecommunications service providers, support contracts, hardware,  and City staffing to manage the program.  Telecommunications initiatives continue to support evolving City needs. Basic services for telephone and  data are expanded to support existing and future uses. Expanding fiber optic and broadband connectivity  between sites will improve service levels and security at City facilities.   City facilities with high data capacity requirements will be better served with direct, City‐owned, fiber  optic cabling. Many of these cables are already in place and additional cables continue to be installed  through the City’s development standards.   Duplicating  The Duplicating Fund manages all functions related to the production of printed media.  This includes  contract services, City staffing, equipment and supplies to support office copiers, printers, and scanners.  The copy machine services contract, Duplication Center and requisite staff, and printing supplies and  services are supported by program funds. The fund also supports the Managed Print Services for desktop  and workgroup printers. This program was implemented to centralize all printing services in order to  reduce overall printing costs.   The City’s printing costs are expected to decline as we expand the use of mobile devices and digital forms.  While it is anticipated the City will continue to produce less printed material, a completely paperless  environment is unrealistic at this time. Managed Print Services, will shift use away from inefficient low  volume printers to the large office machines with lower cost per printed page.

6                                                                                                                                               FY 2019‐21 Adopted Budget

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