Strategic Technology Plan - 2019-2024


Disaster Recovery  Disaster Recovery (DR) is the ability to recover predefined systems and infrastructures after a major  disruption.  To ensure service availability, the City is investing in cloud‐based DR services to maintain  high levels of service availability and mitigate risks associated with disasters.   Focus on DR infrastructure includes the following: 

 The City uses cloud‐based DR enabling services and solutions to achieve higher service availability. 

Open Data  Sharing City data with the public increases transparency and improves service. Users experience higher  efficiency levels when searching, analyzing, and sharing information.   Open Data Projects include:   Rich GIS data expands ability to visualize and interpret data to better understand relationships,  patterns, and trends.   Sharing City data utilizing online open data platform services.  Innovative Solutions  In accordance with the City’s mission statement and core values, innovation is a focus of the STP. Every  year the City identifies and invests in solutions to increase operational efficiencies, effectiveness,  capabilities, and sustainability.  Innovation projects include:   Public Safety Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS).   Community Development Permitting System.  

SUPPORTING PROJECTS Financial Analysis Five‐Year Outlook 

The technology budget outlook reflects the anticipated growth of the City and anticipates technology  investments to enhance service levels and business processes. The five‐year outlook includes hardware  and software upgrades to maintain reliable infrastructure and services.  

Shared Technology  The major appropriations for the Shared Technology Fund 579 are shared costs that are spread to all City  departments and the Great Park through internal service costs. These shared costs include contracted  services, recurring maintenance costs, hardware, software, and City personnel to manage IT services.


FY 2019‐21 Adopted Budget 

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