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ON THE COVER North Atlantic Puffin

Volume XLVIX ▪ January 2022


A Message from the President by Mary Ellen LePage


Legislative What You Don ’ t Know - Could be Critical! by Adrianne Mock Understanding Problems with your Parrot ’ s Beak



by Dr. Kimberly Roset, DVM

Frosty Retires at 85!



Papercaft Toys by Constance Woodman, PhD.

Cover Photo by Deb Dial

Mission and Purpose of the AFA The mission and purpose of AFA is to promote the advancement of aviculture through educational programs that enable better husbandry, management, and living conditions for exotic birds; promote avian research and conserva- tion of exotic birds; keep our members aware of legislative issues that affect aviculture and aviculturists and keep legislators aware of the need for fair and equitable regulations. The goal of AFA is to ensure long - term, self sustain- ing populations of exotic birds both in captivity and in the wild.

Cover Story Puffins in Peril Preserving the Clowns of the Sea


by Deb Dial, Assistant Curator National Aquarium

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ParroTrivia Question by Debbie Schweikardt

Everybody Loves Watchbird —Just ask Phoenix Community Education Helping to Save the Scarlet Macaw in Mexico by Rick Jordan et. al.

Looking Back - AFA ’ s Disaster Relief

by Fred Smith

Kakapo Conservation Genome Study by Janice Boyd, PhD.

Yellow - naped Amazon by Simon Kiacz and Donald Brightsmith

Phillipine Cockatoo and Other Parrots by David Waugh

ParroTrivia Answer

(don ’ t peek)

What is the IUCN Redlist?

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