Watchbird January 2022



May 2022 bring you a year of peace, health and prosperity. May we all work together to protect a future with birds. AFA is starting an exciting new endeavor. We will introduce AFA to Congress! For years, Congress has only heard the agenda of animal rights groups. It is time they hear from avicultural professionals. Congress needs to learn the importance of breed- ers and the importance of being able to transfer birds across state lines. Congress needs to know that thousands of bird - lovers vote. It is time that we speak up about what bills we want passed or killed. We are planning a series of information handouts to be given to our legislatures with the true facts about aviculture. We will have printing costs and distribution costs. AFA needs your tax - deductible donations (at or use the QR code) to make this happen. Thank you for any help you can give.

Mary Ellen LePage President American Federation of Aviculture

AFA Watchbird 3

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