Cohort 10 - Pinning Program Book

Accelerated Second Bachelor of Science in Nursing Class of 2022

Cohort 10 Pinning Ceremony May 21, 2022

Acknowledgements Dr. Karen Ippolito Dr. Donna LeBaron Director of ASBSN Program Ser Vang Rajinder Singh Khera Program Coordinator Michael Tablett Technology Specialist Chelsea Amarillas Shokoufeh Jashnani Simulation Educators CSUS, School of Nursing CSUS, University Extended Education Theory Professors Clinical Instructors Cohort 10 Student Nurses’ Association Cohort 11 Volunteers

Schedule of Events

Florence Nightingale Pledge

Processional of Graduates Welcome Address Karen Ippolito, EdD, RN, FNP-BC, CNE Director of ASBSN Program Faimous Harrison, PhD Dean, CSU Stanislaus Stockton Campus Student Speakers Jasneek Attwal SNA Vice President Presentation of Gifts Cohort 10 SNA Board Faculty Speaker Debra Millar, MSN, RN, APHN Presentation of Pins Donna LeBaron, DNP, FNP-C, CNE Interim Director of ABSSN Program Florence Nightingale Pledge Ciarra dela Cruz SNA President & Student of the Year Closing Remarks Richard L Ogle, PhD Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs

I solemnly pledge myself to the service of humanity and will endeavor to practice my profession with conscience and with dignity. I will maintain, by all means in my power, the honor and noble tradition of my profession. The total health of my patients will be my first consideration. I will hold in confidence all personal matters coming to my knowledge. I will not permit consideration of religion, nationality, race or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient, And I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honor.

Acuna, Brittni

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Human Development ﺑﺴﻢ ﷲ اﻟﺮﺣﻤﻦ اﻟﺮﺣﯿﻢ Aa nl ldpfraavi os er at hnadt tIhhaanvkes aacrhei edvueedt ot hGi so dm, ui tc’ hs os on lfya rt h. Ar ol luogbhsht ai sc lme se ra cr ye mf a tahdeer e; aI swyotuhlrdo ub ge hn oh ti mh i.nIgwt oa dn at yt owtiht ha no ku tmt hy el iorvienlfyi nmi toet hs aecrrai fni cde s . EthveenamifoIugnatvtehtahtetmhetyhheawveordldon, Iewfoorumlden. ot be able to repay them for ﺟﺰاك ﷲ ﺧﯿﺮً Baba Jan and Ma ma da za irnJga ns i. sAt ebr i, gb rt ho at hn ekr ys o, auutnot sm, yu nwcol ensd, earnf du lf rainedn ds ws . eI eatmw iinf edaenbdt tmo y ys ho ouuatlol uf ot rt oy oa ul l rf ac oc unlsttya, nptr souf epspsoorrts a, annddl of evlel .oIwl ocvl ae sysomuaat el lsd. Te ahralnyk. B i g you all for making this such a beautiful and memorable experience. ~Mohammad Previous degree : Bachelor of Science in Psychology I am incredibly thankful for the support system that I had throughout ts hu ips pnour rt s, itnh gi s pj roougr rnaemy !wI fo iut l wd eh raevne’ tb feoernt mh eai dr ec ot ennt i nt iumeeds ahdavridc ee ra. nAdh u g e tahnadn uk nydoeur sgtoaensd oi nugt tf ioa ne ac cé h, Paanbdl oe, vwe rhyo oc no en toi fn tuheedmt o! Tpou smhymi ne ctrherdoi ub gl eh tf oh cous se ol ant es tnuidg yhitns ga. nTdo tmo oykpoavr ee rn tt sh, ows eh oh ohua sveehsohl do wc hn onr eevs esroeIncdoi un lgd sLui spept ot er,t ainnda nRyatuhlifnogr It hc hoos eo srea nt od oamc c ol umnpc lhi sehs ai nn dl i fme .aTl lot rmi pysstihs taetra, l l o w e d ml a we tso, Mh aa vr iea a&bRr eaanku fal no ,df ok re pwt amt cehsi na gn emdyusroi nngdtuhri isnpgrmo gyr ac lmi n. iTc ao l ms aynidn - sr ei ma suol na t fi oo rn si t. Aa lnl ,dmmy ossot ni m, wp eo rs tt aa nr tt el yd ttoh ims yn un rusmi nbge pr roonger ammo twi vhaet no ry ao nu d wl e ec true r3e smwo int thhms oe l ads, aancdo ny os tua ns at tr oe mr mi nodreer ot fot enno ts lgei pv te tuhpr .oIu lgohv ea lyl ot hu o s e gshuayrse! Tt hoismjyoucrlansesymwaittehs., Wtheanmkaydoeuitf!or being an awesome cohort to “It always seems impossible until its done.” – Nelson Mandela Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior Minor in Human Rights This has been such a challenging and rewarding journey I am se ox ctiht ea dn kt fou sl ttaor te vmeyr ynoenxet wj o hu or nheays ahse al preedg ims tee rael od nngutrhs ee wa nady . I ’ m ca on ud l dG ondo. t Thhaavnekr ye oa cuhteodmt hyi sA SpBo Si nNt cwl ai tshsomuat tme sy afna dmfi rl yi e, nf rdi se ,nadl sl , twhiet ha sysoi ug nr mh eelnpt. sT, hpaanp ke ryso, ua nt do ml a tyef na mi g ihl tys, twh eersee opnalsyt p1 o7 sms i ob nl et h s we nocuoludr na go et mh aevnet . bIewe na nptotsos igbi lvee wa i st hp oe cuitayl ot huar nskusp tpoo mr t ya nmdo t h e r . Mf o or mb e, iynogut ahreeatmh ea zmi nogs tmi no st hp ei rri nt hg ant uyrosue ai nr em. Fyi nl iaf el l, yt,htahnakn ky oyuo u God for always loving and being there for me!

Afghani, Mohammad

Attwal, Jasneek

Ubryanova, Olga

Bath, Raihanah

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management Thanks a million to my family for supporting and encouraging ma ned t ph or opus gf ho ro ua tl wt haiysscbhrailnl egni nggi nmg ep rmoyg rf aa mv o. rTi thea snnkaycok us , taonmd yl umn cohm tt oo kb er ienpg mmee gmo iyn bg a. Td go emoyr spias pt eerrss fIowr wa saakliwn ga yuspf ob rr gi geht tt i an ng d. Leoavrel y you guys mucho! Shout out to those who let me spend countless hours practicing mg r ya theef ua ll t tho abses es st as mr t ienngt st hoins tj oh ue mr n. eIya. pI 'pmr egcl iaadt eI ywoaus gaubyl es . tBo emy oe ne td snuucrhsianmg asczhinogols.ouls. It's so bittersweet to finally be graduating Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry – Molecular Biology To my loving partner, I appreciate you like no other as you are my bc lri ema bt hmoyf fwr easyht ha irro iung thh tehci sh apor so gt hr aa mt s ca hn od oi lt i ni sgbceaanu bt ief u. Yl ot ou sheeel pt he ed vmi eew uh pa vheearlewaasyms by eceanr eme ry ims noot iwv aitno rs itgohkt .eTeop mg oyi nf agma ni l dy ahna dv ef rrieemn di ns d, yeodum e tahnadt st uh pe peonrdt wt harso ui ng hr eoaucthm. Ayf tl ief re ,rIe ac me i vni no gwurnewa dayv et or i nr egcci po rmo pc aa tses itohni s, lcoavree, into the world. “When a person decides to become a nurse, they make the most important decision of their lives. They choose to dedicate themselves to the care of others”. - Margaret Harvey Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Health Science Alhamdulillah. I have prayed for this day for as long as I can ra enmd emmybgerre, aatneds tAslul aphp (osrwt st )y smt eamd e, ni to pn oe sos fi bt lhei .s Twoomu lyd bheaavuet ibf ue le nf a m i l y ff eo ar stihbel ee wn di tl he sosu pt reaayc ehr as n, ydoeuvrecroy nosnt ae notf ryeoaus sbuyr amnyc essi d, ae n. Id atmh egdr aa it leyf u l ea nl wc oa uy sr atgheemr ee, nI tafmr owmheearcehI oafmy ot oud. aAyb. uI j iwaanndt Mt ootmh a, nb ke cyaouus ef oyroyuowu re r e uc onuc no nt l de istsi osna ac rl isf ei cl felse sysonue sbso, tyhohuar vuenmwaadv ee rt ihnagt shuapvpe oorpt ,eannedd tthhee s e dy oo uo rbsoftohr tmo et ht aonf kl ofuorri. sIhoawn ed ys ou uc cteheedw. Tohr li ds .j oMuormn e, yy oi su ohnaev et hiants It ihl laevde imn ymoewan f pe aa rt hl e isns nt he sesma ne dd i ca apl eprrsoi sf et es snicoent ahna dt hi na st hpius swh eodr l md . eF troo mp ayvoeu , I lheeal rpneeddmc oe mt op raesas ci ohnma yn db iegmg epsatt mh yi -l eesat oc hn eo fy we t h, ai cshs ihs taivneg ut hl toi ms ea ti ne l ny e e d tohwr no usguhp et hr he esrcoi e, nmcye baingdg easrtt ionfs np ui rrasti inogn. , Tahnadnmk yy of ou rfeovrebr ef ianvgo rmi tye v e r y nurse. This one is for us.

Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Thank you to all of my family & friends for their support and encouragement!

Wilkins, Bradley

Bert, Brandon

Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing From this hour I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary G Li o s i t n e l g n i n i w n e g h s , e t r oeoIt hl ies tr,sm, cyo no swi dnemr i ansgt ewretlol twa lhaant dt haebys soal uy ,t e , PGaeunst liyn,gb, us et awr ci thhi nugn, dreenc ei ai vbilne gw, ci lol ,ndt ei vme sptliantgi nmg ,y s e l f o f t h e h o l d s I T i h n e h e a th a le s a t t g a r w n e o a d u t t l d h d r e a h w u o g l e d h s t t m s a e o r . e f s mpiancee,,and the north and the south are mine. I am larger, better than I thought, I did not know I held so much goodness. All seems beautiful to me, I can repeat over to men and women You have done such good I w i l lt or emc reuIi twf ooruml d ydsoe ltfhaensdaymoeu taosyIoguo, , II ww ii ll ll st oc as st t ae rn me wy sgel laf danme os sn ag nmd erno ua ng hd nwe os smaemn oans gI tghoe, m , WW hh oo ee vv ee rr da cecneipe st smmeei thsehoarl lsnhoetsthraolul bblee bml ees, s e d a n d sh a l l b l e ss me. - Walt Whitman – Song of the Open Road, 5

Casillas, Alyssa

Chacon, Maria

Tamura, Masami

Previous degree : Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology All the success that I have experienced in life so far is the result of thhaev es uf ap mp oi lryt as ny sdt ef rmi e In hd as vwe hboe hh ianvde me nec. oI uarma gi endc raenddi bsluy pgproa rt teef ud l mt oe i n tAhder ipaunras, uai nt do fLma uyr de nr e, at hmasn. kT oy omu yf ogrr al enaddmi nogt ht he re, wC aaryo al ,nadn idn ss pi sitrei nr sg, mt e ea ctho i np gu rms ue et ha ec av ra el ue er ionf nh ua rr ds i nwgo. rTkoamn dy smh oo mw ,i nBge tmh e, tthhaant kI yc oa nu f o r aTcycl oe rm, pt hl iasnhkaynoyut hf ionrgl ot hvai nt gI aa mn d ws ui l pl i pn og rttoi nwg omr ke feovre. rTyos mi n yg lfei adnacyé. , I cinany’otuwrafiutttuoremeanrrdyeayvoour!sT! o my fellow peers, I wish you all success

Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts in English Literature If aammi lsi eost, harni ldl ef dr i et on dbse thoecr eel we bi rt ha tael lo mu rygcroahdouratt imo ne mt obdearys ,. oY ue sr , t o b e hHoonweesvt ,etrh, eI cl aosutl d1 7n omt ohnatvhes swu er rv ei vveedr wy si tthr eo sustf ua ll l atnhde cs hu ap lpl eonr tg if nr og m. mg rya tleofvuel dt hoanteIs ,wf raise an dms e, mf a cbue lrt yo,f acnodh oc rl at s1s0m. aWt eesk. eMpot reenocvoeur r, aI gaimn gs o amnadd me iot tti hv ai st ifnagr . eIaacmh optrhoeurdt ho rf omu yg sheol uf ta nt hde apl lr oo fg ruasm. I , caanndnwo tewa al li t t o slotavretymouy nalelw! endeavor as an RN. Thank you so much again, and I

Collins, Zarah Belle

Torregosa, Nino Mico

Previous degree : Bachelor of Science in Public Health Accelerated nursing school + pandemic = The worst anxiety in my life. Ever. “What was I even thinking, ahhh” . It’s been a whirlwind year and a half. But let me take that back, because I can definitely point some fingers to sc oo mu l ed bniogt rbeea shoenr se ww hi tyh oI ’ umt aa bl l l tehteo pgeroapdlueawt ehtoo da raey .hMe rye ctloa ds samy , awt east cahnidn gI u s cprroosusdt hoifshsotwagme. uI’cmh hwoen’ voer egdr otwo ngrtaodgueat ht eerw. i t h Co h or t 1 0 , an d I’ m so Here’s to my family, my boyfriend and his family, friends, and my cpluasshs mi nagt me se. Tahl oensge, agraev tehseuppepoopr ltewwhheor e’ vIe nseeeednemd ei t a, at nmdyowf f oe rr es td b u t k e p t emnyc os turreasgs e, ma nedn et vt oe rgye st i mn gel eb ag cr ki e uv pa n. Tc eo Ie’ vv ee reyvoenr ev we rhboa ldi zeeadl t –wI i tahmms yo as no gr rs yt , for all that. Thanks for investing in me  Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Psychology MP ayt rhi ec iaar t– i Is dj ue setp fl iyl l ae pd pwr ei tchi astoe my ouuc hf ogr ryaot iut ur duen. wDaavde Pr ianugl saunpdpMo ratm. Ma y sbuoct che. sTso i smnyoht ums bi naen da l, oPnaet rbi cukt , ol uo rv ewohfoml eyf al imf ei layn’ sd at sh ew we liln. Id l bo ev ne eyaot uh mt h ye ws ai cnrgi sf i, cIeas my ogur ’avtee fhual dt ot oy omua tkheef omr oms te. It ot hgaent kt oy owuh seor emI uacmh . f Io lroaolkl ft oh rewma, rbdi gt oa nc rdesamt i na lgl , mwoi trhe ov ui crt ol or vi eesd wo int ehs y. oI uh aavned dceedl ei cbartaetdi ntgh iasl l o f ef onrd ee va evroyrt ht oi nygo. uA na nd do of uc or us rosne, - PaJ , hwu hg oe ti sh amn yk ryeoaus ot on Ca nS Ud iSnt sa pn ii rs al at iuosn’ At oS Bl i fSeNf of ar cmu let .yI aanmd tsht ar fi lf l we dh toohf ai nvael lmy abdeeg itnh ims yw no un rdsei rnfgu lc ca ar el lei nr .g c o m e Cheers!

Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Ts hhaarnekd yaosumt oi l et hwoist eh wmheoosnu tphpi os rj ot eudr ,ngeuyi. dNe ud r, seinncgo sucrhaogoe ldw, aans da n iCnSvUalSutaabnl’es ecoxpheorrite1n0ce:), and I am proud to say I graduated with

Dela Cruz, Ciarra Leanne

Torres, Jorge

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences Me tomo mucha paciencia y dedicación, pero lo logre, lo lmo ga mr aám, oh si j. oA, lIcramnac,eymeil mr eesttao. dGer amc ii afsa ma ui l si at e, dg reas c, ima si . f Ga mr aicl ii aa .s Ppaoprá , cGrreaecri aesn, Dmi oí sy , spi oe mr spi re emappr oe yaal rummeb er anr mmi si caavme ni nt uo r. aI ts .t oL oo ks aa ml oot. o f pmayt igeonac le. Ta nh da ndkesdti oc ayt oi oun, ,mbyu tf aI mmi layd. eDiat d, w, me omma ,dseo int ,. II rrme aac, ha endd tahned raelswt aoyf sms yu pf apmo ri tl yi n, gt hma ne ki ny omuy. Ta hd av ne nk tyuor ue sf. oIrl ob ve el i eyvoiun.gTihnamn ke you, God, for always lighting my way.

Schultz, Rachel

Difabio, Christina

Previous degree : Bachelor of Science in Health Science What a whirlwind of a year and a half! Thank you so much to all ti nh corseedwi bhl eo hh ua vs be asnudp, pDour st et idn ,mt he adnukr iynogu t fhoer pe rnocgoruarma g. Ti nog mmye e a c h sc taemp eohf at hn ed wi nahy aanndd wd iet ahl innugr ws i int gh sacl hl tohoel . sTt roeMs soamn,dDl aadt e, anni gdhAt sl ytshsaat tchoaunnkt l ye os su ef sosraaylsw. Ta yoseovfef reyr i cnoghao lrits tme enmi nbg eeraarnadn df a pc ur ol toyf, rIeaamd i ns og mg l ay d tmo yhcaavree he ra di nt ho en ccohlaongcyeatnodl ewairsnh fer vo emr yyoonue. Is ul ococ ke sfso ri nwtahr edi rt on se twa r t i n g careers as RNs!

Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education I am so grateful to be graduating from nursing school today. I want tpor ot hv ai dnekd esvuepr py oo rnte awn dh ou hn edlepresdt amn de i anlgo, nbgr itlhl iea nwt apyr: omf eys sc ol arssswmha ot e s w h o be ne lcioeuv readgiinn gmteh, raonudg hmoyu tl otvhiins gwfha mo l iel yp rwohc oe sws .aNs uprastiinegn ts cahnodo l cwhi at hl loe un tg et hdema ew iens os om me saunpy pwo ar ty so fa Cn od hI ocrot u1l 0d . nI 'omt hs ao veex mc i taedde tiot tshereo u g h wjuhstertheewbeeaglilnennindgu!p as we enter the world as new nurses! This is

Solis, Jovana

Filice, Jason

Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Congratulations to each of my colleagues and thank you to mt h yi s f tarmu li yl y wa inl dd jf or iuernndesy w. Wh oh ahta bv ee t st eu rp pwoaryt et do cmoemt mh reomu og rhaotue t this moment than a vacation in Costa Rica.

Previous Degree: Bachelor of Science in Statistics With the love and support of my family, all of this has been pmoys seidbul ec .aTt iho annaknydocuo fnotri ni nu septior iwn go rmk et oawn da redn mc oyu lriaf eg 'i sn gd rme ae mt os .f uT rhtahnekr yf oorut thoe ms ayc wr i fi if cee, Yaonsde hl i anr, df owr ot ar kk i ynog ut hhiasvter isph toowNnotrhCi as l l awsitt h1 7mme oa nn tdh s tgarkoiwn gi ncgaor eu ro ff aums .i lIy’ mt olgoeotkhienrg tfhoirswyaeradr . tCo obneggriantnuilnagt i omnys cCaor he oe rr ta1n0d. I t hs uarsrboeuennd ae dn hb yo nsourc ht oa bseu pa ppoarrtti voef tghriosugpr oouf ps t. uI dheanvtes nwehv oe rt rbueleync a r e d about each other’s successes. Good luck in your journeys!

Gaxiola, Kathryn

Sy, Stephanie Anne

Previous Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies & Minor in Spanish Marco, gracias por estar ahí para mi cuando necesitaba un hombro pa ña roas lml oársa rd iyf í cc ei lleesb rdaer mmi i vs i vdiac tyo lroi also. gErsatme oa sñ. oS op ya sma duoy fauf eo rut nu on addeal od se tl oe ng rear rt emeins umei ñvoi ddae, ms eer he na sf edr amdeor al ayptoes ei bs itlai dr éa de tdeer npaemr seengtuei r y agradecida. ¡Te amo mi amor! To my mom, my brother, and sister, I can’t begin to describe how my ouucrhl oy voeu ha al ls mc aerarni etdo mmee . t Yh or ouuhgahv seoaml we aoyf st hb ee erno ut hg ehrees tf ot irmme es , i ann d mT hyalni fke .yIo nu efvoer rawl l ot hu al dt yhoauv e’ v me da od ne ei tf owri tmh oe .uIt aymo ufro lroevvee ra ng rdast ue fpupl !o r t .

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry I would like to thank my family, friends, the instructors, preceptors, and spcahs ot of el wa dmmoi nn itshtsr ahtaovres bf oere na l al twh eh isrul wp pi nodr to, fl oevme oatni odnesn, ceos pu er ac gi aelml y ebnet c. aTuhsees e oa nf gt he irs, ap na dn doevme ri cc a. Wm ee ae dx pv ee rr si ei tnyc. eI dwl oo susl d, set sr up ge gc il ae ldl yt hl irkoeu tgoh t shaadnnke ms syamn do m , tahl we aeypsi tpoumseh ionfgams ter ot on gd owmo my ebne,s at , fei gv he nt edr ,uarni ndgat hs ue rtvi mi v eosr .wThheann kI wy oaun tf ot ro sa tl wu baby os rpnul yt t ji un sgt uppl awy igt ha mmeys .a Tt thi taundke yaonud f wo roar lkl i tnhge t si raec lrei sf iscl ey at on dc rseuapt pe oar t , lcoovhi onrgt ef on rv itrhoen fmr ieenntdfsohri pms e, l taou gl ehatrenr , aanndd gwr oi swd. oTmh at nh rkoyuoguh ot ou tmt yh ifse jl ol ouwr n e y . IC fOeVe Il Dh oWn aorrreido rasn. dI cporuoluddn 'ttohhaavveedboeneen t ph ai sr twoi ft ht ho eu tAaSlBl So Nf ycoouh. o r t 1 0 , t h e "The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do." - Bill Phillips

Gengler, Bridget

Pulido, Bianca

Previous degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Siempre hay belleza en la lucha. “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her.” Luke 1:45

Previous degree: Master of Science in Biology Starting anything new is a daunting task and finishing an aocbcset laecrl ae tse. dJ ups rt oagsrkammydpuar ri ne gn tCsOwVhI Do hhaads ht oa dl i si tt se nf atior ms hea rl ae mo ef n t a b o u t wa srsiet isns gmaennot ttheecrh np iaqpueerso-r t bh ee ymayp gpuairneenat lpy i gd si df no 'rt pkrnaocwt i ct ihnegy hwe ae lrteh i n nc ouhr soirnt g’ s sj cohuor on le wy , iat hn dmteh. aTt hi si sreexf lpeecrt ieedn bc ey we vaesr my oonree itnh aant t ej unsdt amn cye a t oa nu dr pI ianmn i tnhga cnekrfeuml foonr ymt oy df aa my . iWl y ea nn ed efdr ieedn ydos uwahl lo two egreet at ob lteh ti so pkoe ienpt , mi mepmo rotva inntgl yf,oIr awma rpdr toouwd aorfdms yt hfee lel on wd gcol aasl somf ag treasd fuoart iboont.hMsousrtv i v i n g tnhuer sperso. gGroa omd al nu dc kg troo we vi ne rgyionnt oe , caanr di nIg c, at hn onuo gt hwt faui tl , uanntdi l awc ceoamr ep l i s h e d officially licensed! Previous degree: Master of Divinity & Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology I want to thank my wife, Daisy Hoyer, who shared the raec shpi eovnesmi bei lni tt i iens ,apvr ee rs ys urreeasl , wa na dy . aIc cc oo mu l pd l ni sohtmh eanv tes doof nt he itsh i s wH oi tyheoru, tJ eyaonun! e IHaol syoe rw, Fa ni l ti bt eo rtthoaHn ek rbnoatnhdoe fz ,oaunr dp Ma r ae rni tas HBerroncakn d e z ww hi l ol hset el pp pu es dt oi nt at koes tuhpi ps onretxut ss ti enpo fuorr twi ma red oi fn noeuerd l. i vTehsi!s Idaelgsroe we a n t two etrheainmk pTaoc bt eydHboyy tehr i sa nj oduKr na ye lya. HTohyaenrk, oy uo ru ct ho i lodurre nt e, awc hh eo ras l, s o mh aerndteosrt so, cf ot ihmo er st . 1T0h, iasnwd aGs oadn, wo uhtos tgaanvdei nugs et hx pe esrt ri eenncget ,ha inndt hI ea m blessed to have been a part of it.

Riley, Margaux

Hoyer, Nolan

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Mamá y Papá: “Cuando me vean volar recuerden que ustedes me pe xi nptraersoanr lma si ga rl aa st i"t. uUdn psoi mr tpol de oa ge rl ai nd ceoc ni md ii ce inotnoa nl oa peos ysou fqi uc iee ns iteemppa rr ea mu set ehdaens ,dnaod oe spt aa rr aí asde og un idreaedset loayn theo yy , cluo ms apml i ro !mAi smmi ef at ams i. l Si ai ny ap mr i mi g oe rs , dgi raa. cTi oa sEpdog ra rs ,i et hmapnrke ycor ue ef ro re na l mw ia yy ss ee rn cmo ius r faagni ns gd ems ed et oe lb e tchhea sbee ms t yv edrr seiaomn so. fDme syds ee l ef la fnodn fdoor dgei vmi ni gc mo rea zt hó ant GsRmAaCl lI Ap Su ,s lho st o Amo!! To my fellow Cohort 10 Classmates, WE MADE IT! It has been an ahba spoplyu taen pd l pe ar os uurdeotfowhha avte wb ee ehna vp ea ratcoc fo tmh pi sl ias mh eadz itnhgr oCuoghhoor ut .t It ahmi s py or ou gtrhaemb ae ns td atnhda nc ka fnunl of to wr tahi te tnoe swe ef rwi ehnadt sthhi ep sf umt ua rdee h. Ia ws ii ns hs taol lr eo f for us! Previous Degree: Bachelor of Science in Health Science; Conc in Healthcare Administration & Leadership I would like to sincerely thank my family and friends for st ou pg pe ot rwt ihnegr emIe atmh r sotuagnhd itnhgi st oc rdaazyy, wj o iut hr ntehyo! sAe two ht aol souf ps pe ov re tne dy ema res tshp reoc ui agl hl yo ua ct kmn yo wa cl ae dd eg me mi c ys up cacr eesnstes s, ma nydg fraainl udrme sa., Ia wn da nmt yt o bt horyof ur igehnoduwt thhoi sh aacvcee sl eurpapt eo dr t pe dr omg rea fmi n. aTnhcai na lkl yy ao nu df oermborti inogni anlgl ym e dn ienendeerd, di totihneg mmoyslta. uI nr de mr ye, ma nbde rl i ds taeyn oi nnge toof mn uyrms i enlgt ds oc hwonosl ,wI hheand I mc l ayslsa. pStoo pt hparnokpypoeud, oS nt eavne ni r foonr i np gu rbcohaarsdi nt go taht et edneds km tyh fai tr sI twZoo uo lmd lI awt eorupl da snsoat l bl emsyt aenx da mi nsg ohne!r We tiot hdoa uy .t Imaymasmo agzri antge sf uulptpooer vt esryysot enme , wDIhDoIpTl!ayed a part in my success! CONGRATS TO ALL OF US! WE

Sanchez, Alexa

Huey, Justin

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology; Conc in Physiology Te nhcaonukr ya og ue mt oe nmt .y Tf ha ma ni lky yaonud t for ime nydpsafroern yt so uf or ri mf uml l ye ns us ep ps uo pr tpi no rgt ma ny d ct hhaoni cke ytooubteo amnyu rg si rel farni ednhde, lMp ianggg ime ,ef oi nr ma l yw na uy sr sbi ne ign jgo ut hr enreey .f oFri nma lel y , awnodudl drni v’ ti nhga vbea cbke eann dp of osrstihb lteowkietehpo umt ea nc oymo fpya onuy .. G r a d u a t i o n

Koo, Michelle

Padilla, Juana

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology I would like to thank my family and friends for their ub ne ec no nadbi ti itot enrasl wl oeveet jaonudr ns ue yp pa os rwt tehwr oeungt ht oh ur ot ut hg ihs npur rosgi rnagm . I t ’ s sCcohnogorladt uulraitni og nt sh ee vpearnydoenme !i c , b u t w e f i n a l l y m a d e i t !

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Bf reocmo mmi ankgi na ng iRt Na wr eaasl ijtuys. tTah idsr ee xa pme, rai enndcteo wd aays Inaomt h ionnge l iskt ee pI ahwa da y immaangyi nt ee da r, si t, hwaads mb ea ynoynsdl eoevpel re ws sh ne il gmhi tnsg, aanndd fcehl ta ll li ek ne ggi invgi n. Ig suhpe do n ne mu mo tei roonuasl oa nc cdafsi inoannsc. iIacl os uu lpdpho ar vt ef r no emv emr yd mo noet hi te wr , iftahtohue tr ,t ha ne d bn oe vy ef rri el entdm. Tehgainv ke uy op u, pt roaaylel dmfyo rf ammei,l ya nwdhhoeal pl we da yt sh rboeul igehv et hd i isn m e , cVhi ragpetne rdien Sma ny Jl ui f ae n, t ph oe ry gaur ei amr my mi s optai vs oa ts i, opno. rDnouyngcraa ac ibaasnad oDni oa sr my el ay pc aomr si ni eommpur ye dl aarrgmo ey l da i ff oí cri tl apl ee zr ao pt oa dr ao se el gs ua icrr iaf di cei loa nv tael i. óF luae puenn a porque al fin lo logramos! I am truly blessed! Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Health Science To my Perez family, I want to say thank you for your support and ewnocuoludr na go et mh aevnet . bWe ei tnh po ou st syi ob ul er. hWe ol pr dasn cdasna’ tc rei xf ipcreess, st ht hi se pi umrms uei nt s e feelings of gratitude I hold. To the friends and faculty, I’ve met along the way, thank you for ywoiuthr sfruicehndtaslheinpt,ehdelppe,oapnlde.guidance. It’s been an honor to work Finally, thank you God for this opportunity and the lessons & blessings that came with it.

Lee, Katie

Perez Jr., Pedro

Previous Degree: Bachelor of Science in Public Health I would not have survived nursing school without my wonderful cml aysms mo amt easn, ds uapupnot rftoi vr es uf rpi pe no dr tsi ,nagnmd el ofvi ni nagn cbioa yl lfyr itehnrdo.uSgpheocui at lt ht hea n k s t o pe xr coigt ri na gm1. I7 -ammosnot hg rj oa tuerfnuel yf o! !rI ecvaenrnyootnwe at hi tattoI sheaev we hmeerte awl oen ag l lt heinsd u p in the next few years! "Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear." --The Baron, 'The Cat Returns', 2002

Liu, Amy

Portugal, Lawrence

Previous Degree : Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design Thank you to my family for supporting me throughout this challenging jaonudr nr eeays. sI uwr ao nu cl de , neos tp he ca ivael l my aa td tei mi t ews i wt hhoeunt Iy owuars wo ov er dr csoomf ee nwc iotuh rda og ue mb te. n t Ti nhsaunr kmyoouun tf oa br lpeums hoiunngt ma i ne , teharcohu ga hn dwehvaetrsyetei mm ee d! t o b e a n Twoi t mh ay l cl oo hf oy rotu–. TI thhi sa hs abse be ne eann ahno un no frotrog ec ot tna qb ul ee rj oeuarcnhe ay nadn de vI earmy sgt rr autgegf ul el teondh!ave made friends along the way. Congratulations, we made it to the

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Many thanks to my family, friends, classmates, professors, cdlui nr ii nc ag l ci lni ns ti rc ua lcst of or sr , aAl lS yBoS uNr ps ruopgproa rmt isnt at hf f i, sa ancdc os tma fpf l Ii smh me t e n t ao np dp of or truenni tryi cthoi npgr omvyi deedcuocma tpi oa ns s. iIo' mn agt er actaerf ue lt of otrhtohsee i n n e e d .

Makaju Shrestha, Melissa

Munguia, Kimberly

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy This nursing program was a rollercoaster ride for me. I would laink de teon ct ho aunr akgme my ef anmt ti hl yr oe us pg ehcoiua tl l tyhme yp rhougsrbaamn.dI fcooruhl di sn s’ tuhpapvoer t done it without him.

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go ilnostoqtuhieerwoomrludchanod! do good.” —MM Gracias mamá y papá,

Medina, Alyssa

Nguyen, Peter

Previous degree : Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences To my family, thank you for always loving and supporting me. Mom as un cdc De eadd ,byuot ua gl saov tehme ef r aelel dt oh me t tooo fl isn, dg umi dya on wc en, apnadt hl,oavnedI In' lel ef do re edvteor b e gT roa At edf ruila. nI t, tf he ea lns kg yo oo ud ftoor bael wh ea ryes , baenidn gI ht hoepree Ia' vned mmaadkei nygo um ae l lf eperl ol ui kde. I cnoe uwl df rai ec cnodms pf rloi smh aa nn yatmh ianzgi ni ng ct ho eh omr ot , mI ' emn tsso Igflealdt ltiok eh agvi vei ng og nuep t. hTroo mu gyh tshc hi sowo li tdhu yr oi nug gau py as .nIdtehmi ni ck cwoeu lbdo hnadveed mi na ad ewhaayptpheant . oYnol yu na ul l rasri ne gg o i n g to be wonderful nurses!

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training It is hard to believe we are graduating today because it feels as tahnodusgthr uwg eg ljeuss, ti ts taal rl twe de nytebs tyetrodoa yf a. sDt e. sI paimt e tahlal nokf ftuhlef ot rri bhuo lwa t i o n s mf a mu ci hl yI ahnadv ef r gi er no dwsnetnhoruoguhg,heosuptetchi ai sl l py rfoogr rtahmo s. eI cwa hn on odte tahl ta nwki tmh y mf a cyual nt yx ioeft yC,SsUt rSetsasn, iasnl aduhs awn hg roydme voomt eedn ttsh. eTi rh at inmk eyaonudt oe faf ol lrot sf . tIh e wm oe u. Tl dhne'rt ebies wh ohne re es tIl ya mn oi fwi at ywfaosrnm' t ef otro tphaoys ee vwehr yoosnuep pb oa cr kt e, db u t I he xocpi et eedv teor ysoe ne ewkhneorwe st hheo fwu tmu ruec hw Ii l al pt apkr ee cailal toe f tuhse ma s. II aa mm confident everyone will land where they belong.

Nguyen, Tu

Montoya, Leslie

Previous degree : Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry It is going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible. Every new day is another chance to change your life.

Previous degree: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition No puedo expresar con palabras lo feliz que estoy de ft irna ablamj aern ct eo me sot aern uf enr mp aesroa .mE ás st ocye rect ae rdnea mc uemn pt el i ar gmr ai ds eu ceiñdoa dc oe n leos st ep pr or of egsroarme sa qpua er ah ba rni nt rdaabranj oa sd oa amr ids ucaommepnat ñe ear ol os lya rag mo íd ee l cPoe nr oo cmi má si einmt op onret caenst aer, iqoupi earroa ac go rnavdeer ct ierrn ao smei nf aemn fi el irampeorro s . cdruerearnst ei e mmiptrrea ey ne cmt oí ryi abarci na dd aé mr mi ceaepl aarpaolyoog rqaure enset oc e. Is iwt éa n t t o tt hr aainnkma yl l colfa tshs me sattaefsf awnhdo mweo trok ebde caor md ueonuus rl ys et so. tTehaicshi sa n d hwoitnheosutltyyaoduraelal.mThcaonmkeytoruu!e, and I could not have done it

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