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play environments NOT JUST PLAYGROUNDS are our specialty!

Children are more than just little bodies. They have developing minds, growing personalities, and impressionable spirits. That’s why we at Grounds For Play we seek to encourage, inspire and empower children through our play environments. Through our play environments, children at child development centers just like yours will learn through the four important types of play: physical, music and artistic, dramatic, and natural play. Let’s work together to capture the unique spirit, vision, and character of your child development center.

STEP ONE Choose an age-appropriate structure.

STEP TWO Add a dramatic play area by including play vehicles, play houses, or a trike track.

well-rounded environment!

Add different play areas in order to offer different developmental areas for your children.

STEP THREE Add a music area by choosing 4–5 musical play instruments and arranging them so children can play together.

STEP FOUR Add an outdoor classroom area to bring your curriculum outside.


At the Kiddie Academy we installed a play environment that features numerous different types of play — physical, dramatic, nature, and musical. Pre-school aged children can choose to play in multiple areas from the shaded musical area to the trike track and dramatic play area. Children aged 6-23 months have a fenced-in separate area that includes a items such as the Infant Exploratorium and the Step Activity Center.

The Merit School of Quantico Corporate Center STAFFORD, VIRGINA Grounds For Play worked with The Merit School of Quantico Corporate Center to create a new play environment that incorporates their values of education and development. From infants to school-age children, The Merit School provides children of all ages and abilities with age- appropriate play equipment that facilitates learning, growth, and development. This great themed environment showcases our ability to customize your environment.

Lighting and Sound System


The Goddard School is a childcare facility that focuses on education and early childhood development. We provided them an educational outdoor play environment that incorporates nature play, dramatic play, and physical play. For example, Cedar Benches are stationed around a deck that children can use to engage in dramatic play and a Weather Station features a thermometer and interactive knobs that help children learn about the weather.

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