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shall fail to provide Syngenta with Products of sufficient quantity and/ or quality for Delivery to the Buyer, or (ii) at any time total demand for Products shall for any reason exceeds Syngenta’s total available supply through its normal sourcing arrangements, Syngenta shall not be under an obligation to deliver the quantity ordered by the Buyer and the Products to be supplied under the Contract shall be such quantity as Syngenta shall in its sole discretion allocate to be supplied under the Contract, and Syngenta shall not be in breach of the Contract, negligent or otherwise liable to the Buyer (and the Buyer shall not be entitled to any damages) if such quantity is less than the quantity ordered by the Buyer. 3.10 Young plants and ornamental plants are delivered in a special (design copyrighted) tray(s) and, depending on the quantity, loaded on a pallet(s) which shall both remain Syngenta’s property. The Buyer acknowledges that Syngenta holds all design and property rights related to the tray(s) and undertakes to act in compliance with these rights. The Buyer shall take due care of these tray(s) and pallet(s) until they are collected by Syngenta. The Parties shall make agreements with regard to the frequency with which the tray(s) and/or pallet(s) are collected by Syngenta. If these tray(s) and/ or pallet(s) are lost or damaged whilst in the Buyer’s possession or control, the Buyer shall be liable to pay to Syngenta an amount of € 5 per tray and € 12.50 per pallet. The Buyer shall store the tray(s) and/or pallet(s) in such manner that Syngenta can collect them in a normal manner. The Buyer shall ensure that the tray(s) and/or pallet(s) are clean. In order to guarantee Syngenta’s property rights the trays are individually numbered and registered by means of a barcode. The Buyer will not remove or otherwise render illegible this barcode and should the Buyer do so the Buyer shall pay to Syngenta an amount of € 1 per tray, without prejudice to Syngenta’s right to claim a higher amount in damages from the Buyer. 3.11 The Buyer is not permitted to continue to use the tray(s) and/or pallet(s), or to let them be used by third parties, unless explicitly agreed otherwise by Syngenta in writing. 3.12 If no agreements have been made between the Buyer and Syngenta about shipment, Syngenta shall have the right to ship the consignment in the manner it deems best. The shipment is entirely for the Buyer’s risk. Any additional costs as a consequence of the Buyer’s special transport and/or packaging requirements shall be charged to the Buyer’s account. 4. Price and Payment 4.1 The price of the Products shall be Syngenta’s quoted price, or when no price has been quoted (or a quoted price is no longer valid), the price set out in Syngenta’s most current published price list at the date of Delivery. Syngenta reserves the right to modify its prices periodically and in the interim. Each new price listing shall cancel the previous price with regard to orders placed after such new price listing. 4.2 The price of the Products is exclusive of any value added tax or any other applicable tax (which the Buyer shall pay in addition when it is due to pay for the Products) and further costs to be paid by the Buyer, including amongst others, packaging cost, quality assurance costs and/or phytosanitary inspections, import duties, government and other regulatory levies, and any other fees. Prices are expressed in Euros and shall be paid in Euros, unless otherwise indicated in the invoice. 4.3 Syngenta shall invoice the Buyer for the price of the Products. Syngenta shall determine the date of issuing such invoice in compliance with relevant local regulations. 4.4 Each invoice for the price of the Products will be paid within 30 days after the invoice date at Syngenta’s offices or by deposit or transfer into a bank account indicated by Syngenta. 4.5 The Buyer shall make all payments due under the Contract without any deduction whether by way of set-off, counterclaim or otherwise unless the Buyer has a valid court order requiring an amount equal to such deduction to be paid by Syngenta to the Buyer.

date (without any prejudice to its other rights or remedies), the Buyer is in default. In the event of late payment for deliveries made in the Netherlands, the Buyer shall pay 1% of the interest per month or per part of a month on the invoice amount as of the time at which the Buyer is in default. In the event of late payment for deliveries outside the Netherlands, the Buyer shall pay 1.5 % per month or per part of a month on the invoice amount as of the time at which the Buyer is in default. In the event of the Buyer’s defaults, Syngenta has the right to charge any exchange rate loss incurred as a result to the Buyer’s account. 4.7 If payment in instalments has been agreed, the entire remaining amount shall be immediately payable, in the event of late payment of an instalment. The stipulations of Condition 4.6, shall apply by analogy. 4.8 Without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, Syngenta shall have the right to immediately cancel any orders accepted by Syngenta, or to delay the delivery of Products ordered therein, if the Buyer’s account with the Syngenta Group shows that the Buyer is overdue in paying any Syngenta invoices. 4.9 If the Buyer is in default with regard to one or more of its obligations, all extra judicial collection costs incurred to obtain payment as well as judicial costs shall be for the Buyer’s account, with a minimum of the invoice amount. 4.10 Syngenta reserves the right to not carry out, or no longer carry out, orders or agreements if previous deliveries have not been paid for by the Buyer or the Buyer has not fulfilled or it’s at risk of not fulfilling his obligations to Syngenta. The Buyer is required to pay the damage suffered by Syngenta due to this. Syngenta is not responsible for any damage suffered by the Buyer as a result of not carrying out orders. 4.11 If there is any doubt at Syngenta’s discretion regarding the ability of the Buyer to pay, Syngenta will be entitled to defer performances until the Buyer has provided surety for the payment. If the Buyer has not provided surety for the payment within fourteen (14) days after being requested to do so, Syngenta is entitled to terminate the agreement by cancellation. In this case the Buyer will be liable for expenses incurred by Syngenta. 5. Property and Risk 5.1 Ownership of the Products shall only be transferred to the Buyer once they have been fully paid for and the Buyer has fulfilled all of its other obligations towards Syngenta. Payment refers to the full payment of the invoiced price, including value added tax, applicable interest and any other costs as stated in Condition 4.2. The above stipulation shall apply irrespective of the manner in which the delivered Products or the Products resulting from them have been planted and/or connected to a medium and/or substrate. 5.2 Products delivered by Syngenta, covered by the retention of title pursuant to Condition 5.1, can only be resold or used in the framework of ordinary business operations. In the event that the Products are resold by the Buyer, the Buyer shall require from its buyers a retention of title and, to ensure by means of a perpetual clause to be imposed, that third parties undertake to immediately send Syngenta the records of consignment numbers of the Products, so that all the delivered Products can be traced to third parties. 5.3 The risk of damage to or loss of the Products shall be borne exclusively by the Buyer as from their Delivery. 5.4 For Products which have been supplied but not yet paid-for, the Buyer shall hold the Products on Syngenta’s behalf and shall keep the Products separate from those of the Buyer and third parties, shall sufficiently insure the Products against loss and/or damage and shall identify the Products as Syngenta’s property. At Syngenta’s request, the Buyer shall provide proof that it has subscribed to an insurance policy. Until the Buyer has paid for the Products in full, the Buyer undertakes to take all necessary measures in order to preserve the integrity and quality of the Products. The Buyer is not permitted to encumber the Products or to vest any other rights in them. 5.5 The Buyer’s right to possession of Products belonging to Syngenta will cease immediately if an Insolvency Event occurs in relation to the Buyer. Where the Buyer’s right to possession has terminated, the Buyer grants Syngenta, its agents, employees and Affiliates irrevocable permission at any time to enter any premises where the Products are or may be stored to recover them. This Condition 5.5 will survive termination of the Contract

4.6 If the Buyer fails to make any payment under the Contract on the due


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