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(i) If the Buyer finds a mutant in the Products, the Buyer shall report this immediately to Syngenta by registered letter, and shall make available to Syngenta materials of the mutant for testing purposes and for any other purposes without charge. Furthermore, if the Buyer maintains the mutant, Syngenta has the right to request from the Buyer, within a period of two (2) years after the detection of the mutant, materials of the mutant for testing purposes and for any other purposes without charge. The Buyer shall ensure that this Condition 9.3(i) also applies to its customers, who shall then exercise their reporting obligation to the Buyer. (ii) The Buyer shall indemnify Syngenta for any damages Syngenta has incurred as a result of any violation by the Buyer of Syngenta’s plant breeder’s rights or other intellectual property rights. (iii) The Buyer undertakes to fully cooperate as desired by Syngenta, including cooperating with the collection of evidence, in the event that Syngenta is engaged in legal proceedings with regard to plant breeder’s rights or other intellectual property rights. (iv) The Buyer shall report all sales of Products as may be required by relevant royalty collecting agencies administering rights in the Products. If the Buyer is a licensee of Syngenta the Buyer shall ensure that its sub-licensees, where relevant, also comply with this Condition 9.3(iv). 10. Statement related to Genetically Modified Organisms All the Products currently sold by Syngenta in Europe, Africa and the Middle East have been bred by conventional plant breeding methods and with parent components that have not been genetically modified, without using genetic modification techniques leading to genetically modified organisms as defined in Directive 2001/18/EC on the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms. The methods and processes used in the development and maintenance of those varieties are aimed to achieve high purity standards and minimizing the risk of off- types or adventitious presence of other plant material, including genetically modified material, as defined by the applicable laws or regulations. Seed production has been carried out in accordance with existing requirements related to marketing of varieties and seed production rules including specified isolation distances. The Buyer acknowledges that, although unlikely, the risk of adventitious presence of genetically modified organisms cannot however be totally excluded. 11. Warranty 11.1 Syngenta shall make its best efforts for the Products to conform to their specifications and labels as much as possible, provided that they are handled by the Buyer with utmost care. No guarantees apply to the product specifications. 11.2 The Buyer shall check upon Delivery of the Products the condition of the Products and absence of visible defects of the Products, and shall bear the expenses and assume the risks related to such inspection. 11.3 Any claim or reservation regarding visible defects (such as but not limited to differences in weight, defective packaging, errors in the numbers of parcels or packages, exterior appearance), shall be made on the carrier’s receipt and confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to Syngenta within five(5) working days as from the Delivery of the Products, with the exception of seed trays and young plants for which claims shall be submitted within forty eight (48) hours of their Delivery. The Buyer shall specify and justify the nature of its claim or reservation, and identify the defective Products by their batch number. 11.4 Any claim regarding invisible defects as of the time of Delivery (such as but not limited to moisture content, specific purity, seed coating and grading, germination rate, trueness to type) shall be made by Buyer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within five (5) working days from the discovery of such invisible defect and/or from the time at which the Buyer could reasonably have discovered the defect, but in no event no more than one (1) year from Delivery, after which Buyer shall be barred from asserting such a claim, and Syngenta may no longer be held liable for, defective Products. 11.5 Syngenta shall not be held liable for any defect under Conditions 11.3 or 11.4 unless (i) Buyer has notified Syngenta following the relevant conditions set forth in this Condition 11, and (ii) Buyer has provided Syngenta after receipt of the notice with a reasonable opportunity to examine the Products. In all cases, Syngenta shall not be held liable under the abovementioned conditions if (i) the Buyer has not used the Products in the ordinary course of business (in accordance with Condition 6 above), (ii) has modified them in any way whatsoever, (iii) has not stored, kept and handled them so as to ensure that they remain in a good state of conservation and/or (iv) if the defects did not exist at the time of Delivery. 11.6 If the Products have been delivered showing visible defects and (i) the Buyer has notified Syngenta following the relevant conditions set forth in

for any reason.

6. Terms of use of the Products and usage 6.1 Instructions setting forth the restrictions of use of the Products by the Buyer and subsequent buyers may be included in the Products’ packaging and/or labelling. By using the Products, the Buyer or further buyers confirm his/their commitment(s) to comply with these restrictions. The Products are exclusively intended for the growing of crops for human or animal usage and/or consumption. The Products and the packaging are proprietary to Syngenta Group or its licensors and are protected by intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Buyer’s use of the Products is limited to production of a single commercial crop, whether of fresh produce, forage, fiber, grain or any other crop. In the preceding sentence, “production” shall exclude producing seeds for replanting or vegetative reproduction. Unless expressly permitted by law, use of the seed, including the parental lines that may be unintentionally contained therein, for research, breeding or molecular or genetic characterization is strictly prohibited. Buyer has and shall acquire no rights in relation to parental lines that may be unintentionally contained therein. In the case of the Products being ornamental plant culture products for which plant breeder’s rights have been applied for and/or granted, only non-recurring flower or plant production is allowed. Violations shall result in an immediately payable penalty of € 1.00 per reproduced flower or plant. Besides the penalty Syngenta shall retain its right as a licence holder to recover the actually incurred damage from the violating party. Buyer further agrees not to remove the bag-tag and/or labelling from the Products’ packages and or labelling. 6.2 The Buyer shall impose no less stringent restrictions than the restrictions mentioned in this Condition 6 upon its own buyers. 7. Access to premises The Buyer shall, if requested, give Syngenta, its agents, employees and Affiliates access to its premises where the Products are located at any time to enable Syngenta to inspect the usage of such Products. Syngenta shall notify the Buyer of its visit in a timely manner.

8. Packaging and traceability of Products; use of trademarks, signs and other indications

8.1 Use of trademarks, signs and other indications. All of the trademarks, service marks and logos displayed on the Products, in the Contract and/ or in any document or website referenced by them (the “Trademarks”) are registered and unregistered trademarks of the Syngenta Group, or third parties who have licensed their trademarks to the Syngenta Group. Buyer shall not reproduce, display or otherwise use any Trademarks without Syngenta’s prior written permission. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the Buyer is not permitted to use Trademarks, signs and other marks used by Syngenta, for its own products or services, nor to suggest a (direct or indirect) commercial connection with the Syngenta Group, with the exception of trading the Products in their original packaging on which Trademarks, signs and other marks have been applied by Syngenta. If the delivered Products are resold, this restriction shall also be imposed upon the Buyer’s own buyer and to any subsequent buyers. 8.2 Packaging . The Buyer shall not change or remove the Trademarks (including, without limitation, corporate or trade names and labels, any bag tag, or any indication of any intellectual property right of any nature whatsoever belonging to Syngenta), from the packaging of the Products, unless with prior written permission by Syngenta. 8.3 Traceability . The Buyer hereby acknowledges that any marketing of a Product on which any of the label, batch number, bag tag or sell-by date have been removed, erased or altered, represents a serious breach of these Conditions and of the Contract. Such breach shall entitle Syngenta in its sole discretion to terminate the Contract immediately without any compensation whatsoever in Buyer’s favor . In such a case, the Buyer shall bear all the legal, financial and judicial consequences which may arise therefrom, at its sole expense and risk. 9. Plant Breeders’ rights and other intellectual property rights 9.1 The Buyer shall comply with the restrictions and limitations imposed on the Products by the UPOV Convention and its national implementations which are hereby incorporated by reference, and when applicable Council Regulation No 2100/94 of 27 July 1994 on Community plant variety rights, which are also hereby incorporated by reference. 9.2 Products protected by a breeder’s right applied for or granted in the Netherlands or any other country or by a contractual transfer provision may not be used to further reproduce the variety. 9.3 Buyer shall comply with these additional obligations:


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