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this Condition 11 and (ii) the Buyer has provided Syngenta after receipt of the notice with a reasonable opportunity to examine the Products, Syngenta shall be entitled at its option to either replace the Products (or the defective part) free of charge or, if the Products have already been paid for, refund the price of such Products (or a proportionate part thereof) by issuing a credit note at the pro-rata Contract rate. 11.7 In the event of a lasting dispute between the parties with regard to the germination capacity, the pedigree, the purity of the race and/ or the technical purity, a (re) inspection can be carried out by the NAK Tuinbouw, which has its offices in Roelofsarendsveen, the Netherlands, at the request of one of the Parties, for the account of the Party found to be in error. The results of this (re) inspection shall be binding for both Parties, without prejudice to the parties’ right to submit disputes regarding the consequences of such results to the institutions mentioned in the Condition 17. 12. Exclusion, Limitation of Liability and Indemnification. 12.1 The following provisions of this Condition 12 and Conditions 11 and 3 set out the entire liability of Syngenta (including any liability for the acts or omissions of its employees, agents and sub-contractors) to the Buyer in respect of: (i) any breach of these General Conditions of Sale; and (ii) any representation, statement, tortious act or omission, or negligence, arising under or in connection with the Contract. 12.2 The Buyer shall mitigate any and all loss and damage in relation to which the Buyer lodges a claim against Syngenta under the Contract. 12.3 All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or law are excluded from the Contract as far as legally possible. 12.4 Subject to maximum extent permitted under applicable law: (i) Syngenta’s total liability in contract, tort (including negligence and breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation or otherwise, arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of the Contract shall be limited to the Contract value (net of value added tax); and (ii) Syngenta shall not be liable to the Buyer by reason of any representation or any implied warranty, condition or other term or any duty at law or under the express terms of the Contract for any indirect, consequential, incidental or special loss or damage, costs, expenses (whether or not Syngenta has been advised of the possibility of such loss, damages, costs or expenses), or any claims for consequential compensation, howsoever caused (including without limitation caused by the negligence of Syngenta or its employees, Affiliates, agents or sub-contractors), which arise out of or in connection with the Contract; (iii) Syngenta shall not be liable to the Buyer for any loss of profit, loss of business, loss of business opportunity, loss of revenue, depletion of goodwill howsoever caused (including without limitation caused by the negligence of Syngenta or its employees, Affiliates, agents or sub-contractors), which arises out of or in connection with the Contract. 12.5 The Buyer shall hold harmless and indemnify Syngenta against any and all claims of third parties for damages which have been caused by or are otherwise connected with any Products delivered by Syngenta, including, without limitation, claims made against Syngenta in its capacity as producer of the Products pursuant to product liability, unless such damage is caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of Syngenta. The Buyer undertakes to subscribe to and maintain an appropriate insurance against claims arising from the indemnification provided for in this Condition 12.5, and an insurance certificate shall be submitted to Syngenta at Syngenta’s first request. 12.6 All information given in Syngenta’s catalogue or otherwise provided by Syngenta, or by any agent or representative on Syngenta’s behalf, relating to the Products, including but not limited to varieties, varietal characteristics or periods of maturity or otherwise relating to the performance of the Products and cultivation advice, is given for general guidance only. Buyer agrees that any information so given or provided does not constitute a representation or warranty by Syngenta as to any matter and shall not be relied on as such. The Buyer itself shall assess whether the Products and/or information is suitable for application to the envisaged cultivation respectively under local conditions. 12.8 Each possible claim regarding compensation for damages pursuant the Contract expires, if and as soon as one year has passed since the delivery of the Products in question when the claim has not been submitted to Syngenta in writing.

with the appropriate handling of the Products and to (ii) follow at all times applicable safe use and disposal practices as recommended by Syngenta or international organizations, and (iii) use the Products only for their intended purposes.

14. Compliance with applicable Laws The Buyer confirms that it will at all times comply with applicable local and international laws, sanctions and regulations.

15. Force Majeure 15.1 Syngenta shall not be liable to the Buyer in any manner or deemed in breach of the Contract because of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of Syngenta’s obligations under the Contract if the delay or failure was due, or in response to a Force Majeure event. Force Majeure means any cause beyond Syngenta’s or its contractor’s reasonable control, that could not, or which effects could not have been reasonably prevented. For instance, the total demand for Products exceeding for any reason Syngenta’s total available supply through its normal sourcing arrangements shall be interpreted as a Force Majeure event. 15.2 Syngenta shall notify the Buyer as soon as possible if Syngenta is unable to deliver or unable to deliver in a timely manner due to Force Majeure. 15.3 If the situation of Force Majeure continues for more than two (2) months and the Parties have not agreed on a change to the Contract, both Parties shall have the right to dissolve the Contract. In such instances Syngenta shall not liable to pay any damages. 16. Confidentiality The Buyer shall hold in strict confidence any and all information about the Products, the know-how and trade secrets of Syngenta and its business, irrespective whether the source of such information has been Syngenta or one of its Affiliates or a third party, or whether such information was found, developed, or generated by the Buyer itself. In particular and without limitation to the foregoing, turnover figures (notwithstanding Condition 9.3(iv)) and measures for sales promotion shall not be communicated to third parties. The Buyer shall ensure that its own buyers comply with the obligations set out in this Condition 16. This Condition 16 will not apply to information that is in the public domain except where this is as a result of any breach of this Condition 16. 17. Applicable Law Any Contract between Syngenta and the Buyer shall be governed by law of the Netherlands. The competent Court of Amsterdam or, at Syngenta’s discretion, any other competent court according to applicable law, is exclusively competent. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded from these Conditions. 18. Severability Any provision of the Contract and/or the Conditions which is held by any competent authority to be invalid, void, voidable, unenforceable or unreasonable (in whole or in part) shall to the extent of such invalidity, voidness, voidability, unenforceability or unreasonableness be deemed severable and the other provisions of the Contract and/or the Conditions and the remainder of such provision shall not be affected. Syngenta and the Buyer shall in that case use their best efforts to negotiate valid and enforceable substitute provisions and/or the Conditions for those declared invalid or unenforceable, in order to carry out as far as possible the original intent and the purpose of the Contract and/or the Conditions. 19. Protection of personal data In the performance of any offer or agreement between the Parties, each Party will comply with data protection law (“Data Protection Law”), if and to the extent that the processing of personal data plays a role. For the purposes of this Condition, Data Protection Law means laws, provisions, regulations (including but not limited to General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), AVG), and - to the extent that they are generally binding - precedents, rules, standards and other similar instruments, as applicable to a Party’s data processing.

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13. Stewardship The Buyer agrees to (i) engage only properly instructed, qualified personnel


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