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going for a run, cooking a meal for the family, doing the beep test, giving unwanted items away to charity, or recreating a photo of one (or both) of their parents at around the same age. This last challenge was hilarious, with some very clever recreations. My personal favourite was Kynan and Rheon Salt’s effort in trying to look like their parents on their wedding day. The sight of Kynan in his mother’s wedding dress, drinking a glass of champagne with brother Rheon next to him dressed exactly like his father all those years ago is one which I will not quickly forget. Some of the trick shot videos were absolutely superb also – very clever, and obviously involved a great deal of patience and practice. Well done to those boys who participated, and to those parents who helped. After a great deal of consultation in 2019, Julius House introduced the new House points system in 2020. Early feedback from the boys and some parents indicate this has largely been a success, although we do need to tweak the administrative and recording side of things a little. Effectively, this meant several things. First, all boys who finish in Year 12

and 13 now receive a Julius House tie to keep as they leave. Previously, only those who had achieved a large number of points did so, meaning that boys who were not active in sport struggled to receive a tie, despite contributing to the House in other ways. Secondly, we added a service component. Boys now need to complete a certain number of hours of community service to move up a level. This was also successful, as plenty of boys went out of their way to help others in the community in order to attain their next level. Thirdly, we added a range of new ways in which boys could get points, such as community service, “clean sheet” IPG scores, and Character Awards. The Julius House points system is now fairer and more challenging, and awards points for those character attributes we wish to reward. Well done to those boys who were able to achieve an increase in their levels this year. For next year we have changed the student leadership structure somewhat, to spread the load and to make the most of the talent we have available. I am delighted to confirm that Hanjun Kim is Head of House

for 2021, with Freddie Sudell, Monty Rookes and Joshua Erasmus as deputies. This is a formidable team, and along with a great deal of talent and ability in the rest of the Year 13 common room, we are looking forward to seeing what these boys can do. I would also like to congratulate Julius House prize winners on their success. One of the most difficult tasks we have to do is to decide who will receive the prizes each year. I am proud of all the boys in the House for their efforts in this most unusual of years, and I wish I could award everyone a prize. I would like to finish by thanking all of our parents for trusting us with their sons, and for supporting the House so strongly. Hopefully, we will get back to having more parent functions in 2021, and we get to touch base socially more frequently.

Dr Mike Field Housemaster, Julius House


Christ’s College Canterbury

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