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SPORT Sport is an integral part of College life and of the life of young men. Although the boys of Richards House come from different backgrounds, they all participate, striving towards doing their best – and this is the key to personal success. The boys of Richards House have been involved in a wide variety of sports, both in their regular sports commitments and for the House competition. It has been great to see the level of participation. This year the senior boys claimed the House volleyball competition win for the second year running, the table tennis team made amends for their close second last year and won the final, but with the cancellation of the Winter Sports Festival, we were unable to improve on previous years good results. Swimming Although swimming is not one of our stronger sports, we made definite improvements this year. The boys took to the water in excellent spirits, throwing everything and everyone

into the relays, with our best results being in the House 10s, where we recorded 5th place.

Robert Kidd – 12th discus Thornton Reid – 3rd 3000m Albie Roberts – 7th high jump Jack Slater – 2nd 3000m Junior William Simpson – 6th high jump Intermediate Oliver Blackburn – 9th 800m, 5th 1500m, 9th 3000m Timothy Hanson – 12th javelin Reilly Reed – 13th high jump Hendrix Taylor – 1st discus, 1st shotput, 2nd hammer, 4th javelin, 8th high jump, 14th long jump, 4th overall in intermediate grade Daniel Wei – 5th 400m, 15th 1500m, 10th javelin, 10th high jump Senior Alberto Benito Santisteban – 8th discus Archie Hayman – 3rd 3000m Fiti Sa – 1st shotput, 13th javelin Relays 100m – U14 5th, Junior 9th, Intermediate 6th, Senior 9th 400m – Junior 9th, Intermediate 4th, Senior 8th CULTURAL The success of our involvement in House Plays and House Music are all dependent on the boys and the leadership they show. This is an opportunity for boys to step up, step out of their comfort zone and explore a different side to what College is about. Richards House has a very positive approach towards planning and practising for these events. With boys from all years not only participating but leading. Unfortunately, this year's difficulties did not provide the opportunities that the boys flocked to in the past, and some of the boys were disappointed they could not partake in the performances, but are already looking forward to the opportunities 2021 holds.

Individual results of note were:

Guy Roadley – 9th 50m breaststroke, 6th 100m freestyle Jack Slater – 9th 50m backstroke, 10th 100m freestyle, 8th 50m freestyle, 7th 50m butterfly, 8th 100m individual medley Athletics We had varied success in athletics, however our placing on the scoreboard was not a reflection of the effort the boys put in and improvements over recent years. A great team feeling and House spirit was evident, as the boys organised teams and individuals to participate to the best of their ability. With encouragement, there was a Richards House boy in each event.

Notable results were:

U14 Charlie Blackburn – 17th 800m, 6th 1500m


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