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Higginson) applied all of his powers of deduction to decipher the lies and hate that lay behind the claims of innocence. Was it Miss Crimson (a voluptuous Piet van Asch), Butler Jameson (the right proper Oliver Blackburn), Bill Gates (a man of huge stature – William Simpson), the Explorer (a man of intrigue – Peter Bodie-Healy), or Mrs Merryweather herself (the gun-wielding upper class Oscar Gosling)? I wonder. The boys all showed different sides to their character in a very funny play. Unfortunately, more boys were unable to participate in the drama performances this year due to limited opportunities and numbers. Oscar Gosling did, however, join the cast of Evita as part of the vocal ensemble. We look forward

to greater opportunities and participation in the future.

House Music As always, the boys of Richards House were hungry for a win. Circumstances, however, had us literally "Living on a Prayer" when the boys had to change their chosen song a week out from the competition. George Simpson once again took the reins, with Oscar Gosling providing backing on the piano. By the time the night began, the boys had started to sound like they knew the song. Unfortunately, some poor decisions kept us from the prizes. The boys look forward to

redeeming themselves and promise a more memorable performance in 2021.

House Haka This is a proud tradition that the boys fully engage in. Unfortunately, yet again Richards House did not have the opportunity to defend our title, however, it is great to note that the Year 12 boys, led by Hendrix Taylor and Jack Jones, were strong in leading the whole school haka and supporting other Houses in their preparations. Kevin Harris Housemaster, Richards House

House Play Directed by George Simpson,

Murder at Merryweather Mansion was a rollercoaster ride of mystery, hatred and emotions. After a wonderful death scene that saw Michael Merryweather (Scott Gregan) struggle with his last breath of life and then lie still on the floor

amongst the deafening silence of shock, the detective (James


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