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The incoming Year 9 students were welcomed with a day of paintball, games and an insider's tour of the College campus by the Year 13 students. They quickly transitioned into school life and before long were an integral part of the Rolleston House community. Through the first few weeks of term, the boys were actively involved in athletics and swimming heats on the track, in the pool and from the sideline, demonstrating the House values of participation and teamwork. This set a positive tone for the year and the Year 13 leadership and organisation though this time was excellent. In the swimming sports, Rolleston came 6th overall, with 167 points. Noteworthy placings in House events were 2nd in the interhouse medley relay (2.30:43), 2nd in the interhouse sprint relay (2.12:50), 4th in the interhouse 10 relay (2.44:03) and 6th in the interhouse 10 relay (3.12:06). The noise in the pool throughout these events was deafening and the boys supported each other and the House with plenty of spirit. The following boys also made the House proud by qualifying and competing in individual finals: Adrian Chang, Ben Cornell, Max Falvey, Sam Falvey, Joshua Ford, Max Harris, Joshua Hooker and George Lill. The Rolleston boys were out in force on Athletics Day, and both participation and spirits were high. The House finished in 6th place overall with a respectable 310 points, but it was the enthusiasm for and encouragement of Rolleston athletes that made the day one of the highlights of Term 1. Standout moments were the senior 4x100m relay win by George Lill, Robbie

McKeown, George Smith and Yngve Jordan, and the “Rolleston 400” where the whole House supported Thomas Currie in his relay lap when the other runners had finished. This display of teamwork and House spirit, while not quite approved, will go down in history as a prime example of the type of community we have. Also impressive were the boys who stepped up to fill a spot in a relay team or compete in an event when this put them far out of their comfort zone, highlighting the character strengths of teamwork and bravery within Rolleston House. Other individual first place winners included Hunter Adam, Alex Lloyd and George Smith. Term 1 also saw House cricket, tennis and junior volleyball. Liam Barrett, George Brakenridge, Lester Lai and Oliver Walker played exceptionally well in all rounds of the junior House tennis and won the overall competition – a fantastic achievement. In Term 1, Rolleston House celebrated the success of George Gearry, Callum Hackston, Andrew Kwak, Robbie McKeown and Claude Tellick, who were each awarded a Gold Badge in recognition of their 2019 academic achievements, bringing tremendous pride to the House. Tommy Williamson and Mason Ott were awarded their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award and Joshua Hooker performed a musical piece in assembly. The trajectory for the year changed significantly when school came to an abrupt close towards the end of Term 1, due to the evolving Covid-19 situation. In the last few weeks of term, much of the activity around College ground to a halt, with sport,

Housemaster: Dr Briar Wait Deputy Housemaster/Mentor: Carey Prebble Mentors: Sian Evans, Warren Lidstone, Tamara Lerios, Eloise Nevin, Dr Graeme Swanson Head of House: William Koko Deputy Head of House: Ben Cornell The year 2020 will forever go down in history as bringing unexpected change to our personal, work and school life, and it was a chance for the Rolleston House community to come together in a way that reflected our values. The start of the school year saw my appointment as Housemaster and Carey Prebble as the first Deputy Housemaster of Rolleston. Assistant Housemasters included Dr Graeme Swanson, Sian Evans, Tamara Lerios, Eloise Nevin and Warren Lidstone – and their support is appreciated by everyone in the House. Term 1 Alongside Head of House William Koko and Deputy Head of House Ben Cornell, the boys in Rolleston started the school year with enthusiasm and a strong tradition of participation across a wide variety of activities.


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