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for his technical and backstage work across the entire week. It was great for College to celebrate the diverse talents of the boys as we gathered in the Christchurch Town Hall for the first time since the Canterbury earthquakes for House Music. The evening was opened by the Big Band, with Ben Davis leading the band with a saxophone solo. Our young men did a great job singing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”. Daniel Qi on piano and Ben Davis on the harmonica played beautifully. Charlie Hanson unleashed his inner Robert Aburn conducting the House choir, which delivered a brilliant performance. For the first time in 11 years, School House also entered a small group, singing a fantastic

a cappella version of Lennon and McCartney’s “Blackbird”. I thank the Year 13 group for their help, but particular mention must go to Ben Davis, Daniel Qi, Charlie Hanson and Sam Averill for their direction and commitment. The small group consisting of Ben Davis, Charlie Hanson, Kit Lamb, Ollie Biggs, Max Charteris, Harry Hanson, Junewon Kang and Will Studholme also need a special mention for what they delivered on the night. At the end of Term 3 we held a special Year 13 School House prefects’ breakfast. This was an opportunity to recognise the work the Year 13 students have done in their roles as prefects and mentor leaders within the House. Following breakfast the rest of the House joined us as the Year 13 students

each received their School House Prefect tie and tie pin. We also handed out the Year 13 School House Man awards. It was a great occasion and an opportunity for the House to celebrate with the School House prefects and their parents. This year we continued to develop the four mentor groups. Each group – composed of a spread of boys across Years 9–13 – would meet with their mentor weekly to discuss academic progress and goal planning. We continued the inter- mentor group competition with a number of new challenges this year, including a lip sync battle, inter-mentor group isolation video challenge, the duct tape challenge and the “My Toastie Rules” challenge, which was inspired by the creations the boys can cook up on the toasted


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