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The inaugural SMC Cupcake Cup was held over Zoom during lockdown, and College took a glorious victory over the SMC team in the beginning of a long revenge arc following the regional tournament. The departing College debaters look forward to watching this livestreamed contest in future. The student vs staff debate saw the staff obliterated by the students in an entertaining lunchtime event during Arts Week. The annual SMC vs College showcase debate took place at St Margaret’s, with the Alpha males affirming the motion that duels to the death should be brought back in a hard fought and controversially undeserving loss. The team asserts home court bias was a factor in chief adjudicator Maggie Bear’s decision. After lockdown, in which College remained up to scratch with four teams participating in weekly nationwide debating tournaments held via Zoom, we were back into the Thursday night competition. An amazing effort saw the Alpha team


Christ’s College Canterbury

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