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Tyndale Prizes – Year 11 Jasper Moss Harry Sharr Rev. Bosco Peters HoD Religious Education

NCEA courses. This course proved to be very popular and is a programme we intend to develop and refine in 2021. In the Year 13 NCEA course, the impacts of Covid restrictions were heavily felt. Unfortunately, as a result, we had to cancel the Safety and Risk Management ski camp at the Craigieburn Valley Ski Area. This trip proved hugely popular with students in 2019 and is something we will look to reintroduce again in 2021. During lockdown, the boys took on a new unit called Sociology of Sport, focusing especially on the impact of gaming. Based around the rise in online gaming and professionalism in online gaming, the boys completed studies to investigate whether this was a trend or a new reality in the modern sporting world. The boys linked this to the globalisation and commodification of sport and how this impacts on different societies. 2020 Prize Winners Year 13 NCEA – Zach May Year 13 Sports Leadership – Ben Cornell Year 12 – Tom Clarke

Judaism, and they began to see how the Judeo–Christian traditions influence our contemporary culture and world. Year 10 students built on their Year 9 learning, respectfully examining six world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. We looked at the teachings of Jesus, discussed philosophy, and our values. In Year 11, we explored the Gospels – the history within them, as well as their literary development. We worked our way through 2,000 years of Christian history, going especially deeply into the Reformation. We studied ethics systematically. The referendums this year highlighted the importance of doing our ethical thinking rigorously. At every year level, learning from the world’s great religions meant that students, in a safe, respectful environment, discussed and formed their own values and were provided with frameworks to examine the issues of our day. Religious Education as an academic subject has helped students understand the important role religions have played in shaping our world, cultures, music, and conflicts. Students have been given the opportunity to understand why there are different viewpoints. This is essential in our increasingly diverse country. It is appropriate to thank my colleague Nick Coxon, who continues to share in the teaching of Religious Education in Years 10 and 11.

SCIENCE Biology The year started well with student Matthew Todd being awarded a Biology Scholarship for the 2019 examination. However, it soon became clear that 2020 was going to be a very biological year for other reasons, with the Covid-19 pandemic reminding us all of our long battle with viruses. Whilst this certainly added some interest to our first Year 11 internal assessment on microbes in February, the reality of the developing situation soon took hold, and we began planning for remote learning. As we went into lockdown, the decision to complete internal assessments early in the year took some pressure off and we were able to focus on switching to other topics without too much disruption. On reflection, I was very proud of the way staff managed the remote learning process, and the time we had invested in Schoolbox certainly helped us in this regard. Nevertheless, it was great to be back in class in May, when we were able to return to some normality. As it transpired, the boys had worked quite well, and we were not as far behind as we had expected. In addition, we were able to get back to our Scholarship training sessions early on Wednesday mornings. This group of boys also attended the annual Scholarship Biology field trip to former teacher Graeme Worner’s property in Lincoln – a great tradition well maintained! I have a good feeling they will do well this year and, if not, it has been a privilege to work with such a group of fine young men. Overall, the boys and staff finished in a good place with no standards dropped and everyone feeling positive about another crazy year.

Year 11 – Josh Beaglehole Year 10 – Charlie Poulter Year 9 – Albie Roberts

Thank you to all staff and students who have made this year so successful, albeit within the changing environment and levels related to Covid-19. Henry Smith HoD Physical Education & Health RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Religious Education continues to be a compulsory course offered at Years 9, 10, and 11. In Year 11, it is part of NCEA Level 1. In Year 9, classes studied the life and context of Jesus of Nazareth. They learnt about our school’s Anglican dimension – studying baptism, communion, and all aspects of our services. Each student was given a Bible, and we covered central stories from Abraham through Moses, as well as the creation stories. Through this, the students received a solid introduction to Christianity and

PRIZE WINNERS Balfour Prize Year 11 – Oli Aikawa

Tyndale Prizes – Year 9 Harry Vaughan Angus Whitteker Tyndale Prizes – Year 10 Sean Jang Jack McKeown


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