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Ederick He

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service Ederick has given exemplary service to the school as Chapel Prefect, leader of the orchestra, member of the Chapel Choir and Schola Cantorum, and member of the Big Band. He was particularly effective in his role as College’s student representative at Synod, where he showed great maturity. In all of these, he has been totally reliable and dedicated, as well as respectful of others. He gave many hours of his time to the orchestra for Evita. He has also given service to his House, particularly through music, as well as to the community. Ederick has managed the many demands on his time with excellent judgement and self-regulation. He helps others willingly and selflessly. We thank him for his cheerful and positive service to the school.

Jamie Yee

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service Jamie’s top strengths include humour and the appreciation of beauty and excellence, and these have been evident in his service to the school. He loves to have fun and wants others to enjoy themselves too. This was evident in his organisation of Arts Week, in his capacity as Head of Arts & Culture, and in his entertaining addresses about cultural events at our weekly assemblies. He was a skilful and passionate member of the Senior A debating side and helped juniors to improve their debating skills. He has been heavily involved in drama productions, including Evita this year. He was involved in the Bicultural Committee and has given service to the community via the 2020 Shave for a Cure head shave, as well as Sony Camp. He has made a superb contribution to the life of the school.

Dominic Edmond

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service It is unusual for a Head Prefect to receive a service award, since service to the school is an integral part of his role. Dominic has gone above and beyond in his leadership role this year, however, and has made a huge contribution to the life of the school. During Covid disruptions his role was made more challenging, but he kept students connected by leading with ideas such as the Quarantine Cribs videos and virtual weekly assemblies. He advocated strongly for students and their ideas for improvement, many of which came from the Student Senate. He provided great service and enjoyment through his vocal efforts in contemporary and choral music, and he will be remembered for his outstanding drama contributions, including a scintillating performance as Ché in Evita this year. He has remained positive and optimistic at all times, in keeping with his strengths of hope and zest.


Christ’s College Canterbury

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