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Dominic Edmond

Head Prefect’s Prize and the Ormsby Medal Unsurprisingly, Dominic’s top character strength is leadership. He is a relaxed and approachable leader to whom the boys can relate. He has led the prefect group effectively and demanded high standards of them. He was an excellent role model to the boys in all aspects of his approach to College life, including his respectful treatment of others and his celebration of the positive. He was very effective in assemblies, where his messages to the boys were both inspiring and challenging, as he exhorted them to seek a brotherhood at College, where everyone is valued and respected. He has shown others how a busy and fulfilling life at College, with a balance of sport, culture, academic, spirituality and leadership, can be achieved. Dominic was awarded five scholarships to four universities and has decided to study health sciences at the University of Otago. We thank him for his fine leadership and wish him all the best for the future.

Ben Davis

Somes Prize for Outstanding Overall Contribution to the Arts and General Scholarship The appreciation of beauty and excellence is an appropriate top-five strength for the recipient of this award. Ben has a very good academic record and received a Gold Badge for his NCEA Level 2 results. He has given phenomenal service to the arts in so many ways. He was Head of Big Band, a member of the jazz combo, Deputy Head of the Chapel Choir, Head of Schola Cantorum and a member of the Arts & Culture committee. He has Grade 8 singing with Distinction, and Grade 8 Speech and Drama with Honours. He has been awarded Honours Ties for drama, instrumental music and choral music. He has played a huge role in supporting drama productions, particularly as stage manager for the production of Evita this year. Ben has had various roles in ten productions in his time at College, providing invaluable technical support as well as performance contributions. He has poured his heart into dramatic and musical endeavours. He is generous with his time and talent and has mentored younger students. Who can forget his contributions to House Music, where he displayed his musical talents in so many ways? We thank Ben for his outstanding contribution to the arts at College.

Angad Vraich

Maling Memorial Prize for Outstanding Service to the School One of Angad’s top strengths is social intelligence and this strength has been very evident in his impressive contributions to College life. Angad was Head of International & Round Square this year, after years of dedicated service to Round Square, including a role in the Research Schools International and Harvard Graduate School of Education Round Square research project on character attributes. He has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as to fostering global and bicultural competence among College students. Angad has also been very active in The College Project , the student-run podcast, which has featured an extraordinary range of interviews with high-profile New Zealanders. He was a member of the very successful Senior A debating side and has played basketball for College. He provided other service via involvement in Sony Camp, the Year 11 semi-formal, adjudicating House debating and mentoring junior debaters. Somehow, Angad has also found time to be heavily involved with St John, providing many hours of service to the community. He is an exceptional young man – hardworking, humble, diligent and decent – and we thank him for his selfless service to College and Christchurch.


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